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Alexander J.A Cortes - WiFi Money Machine (10.49 GB)

Last Updated Date: 04-19-2022

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Alexander J.A Cortes - WiFi Money Machine
Daily Writer
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79 High-Performing Words For Twitter.xlsx
101 - Introduction.mp4
102 - Our Story.mp4
103 - Meta Skills Of Online Business.mp4
104 - Money Is Energy.ts
105 - The Metaverse - Intro To Online Business.ts
106 - Personal Brand Entrepreneur.ts
106 - Why People Spend Money.ts
107 - Creator Economy.ts
108 - Why Sell Ebooks.ts
109 - The Infinite Market.ts
110 - Content Is King.ts
111 - Content Mindset.ts
201 - Making Money With Ebooks.ts
202 - Choosing the topic of your info-product.ts
203 - How To Generate Ebook Ideas.ts
204 - Choosing your audience.ts
205 - Organic Research.ts
206 - Organic Research Continued.ts
207 - Organizing Your Ebook Ideas.ts
208 - Organizing Your Ebook Ideas Continued.ts
209 - Defining Your Product's Purpose.ts
210 - Crafting A Killer Vision.ts
211 - Ebook Format.ts
212 - What to include in your infoproduct.ts
213 - What Does Not Go In An Ebook.ts
214 - Naming Your Products.ts
215 - Naming Your Products Continued.ts
216 - How Long Should Your Ebook Be.ts
217 - The Mindset Of Pricing Your Ebooks.ts
218 - Lets Talk Numbers.ts
219 - Conversion Rate Is Everything.ts
220 - Strategies To Price Your Products.ts
221 - AJAC Method For Writing Ebooks.ts
222 - Creating Free Content For Your Ebooks.ts
223 - How To Write Effortlessly.ts
224 - Whats Next-.ts
301 - Marketing VS Content.ts
302 - Creating A Market.ts
303 - Mimetic Marketing.ts
304 - Become A Cult Leader.ts
401 - Introduction To Gumroad.ts
402 - Why Gumroad.ts
403 - Reading Your Analytics.ts
404 - Set Up Your Profile.ts
405 - Managing Your Audience And Customers.ts
406 - Creating Posts And Emails.ts
407 - Workflows - Gumroad Email Automation.ts
408 - Add Your First Product To Gumroad.ts
409 - Changing Your Product Links.ts
410 - Edit Your Product Pages.ts
411 - Add Versions To Your Products.ts
412 - Set Up Your Affiliate Links.ts
413 - Advanced Analytics.ts
503 - Tutorial- Using The Irresistible Sales Page Formula.ts
601 - How To Use Your Digital Empire Template.ts
602 - Launch Map - Introduction.ts
603 - Launch Map - To Dos.ts
604 - Launch Map - Resources.ts
605 - Manage Your Affiliate Program.ts
606 - Create Your Waitlist With Gumroad.ts
Anatomy Of Irresistible Sale Pages.pdf
Bonus 5 - Nearly Illegal Sales Tactic To Ethically Make Thousands On Twitter.pdf
Flash Launch Casestudy.ts
Irresistible Sales Page Formula.pdf
Plan Zero- Demystifying market research.ts
Selling Your Services On Twitter.ts
Setup Up Calendly Account.ts
Twitter Money Mastery By Jose Rosado.pdf
Daily Writer
001 - Introduction.mp4
002 - Developing Any Habit.mp4
003 - Mindset - Introduction.ts
004 - Mindset - Excuse #1.ts
005 - Mindset - Excuse #2.ts
006 - Mindset - Excuse #3.ts
007 - Mindset - Excuse #4.ts
008 - Mindset - Excuse #5.ts
009 - Mindset - Excuse #6.ts
010 - Developing The Habit Intro.ts
011 - Developing The Habit - Trigger.ts
012 - Developing The Habit - Routine.ts
013 - Developing The Habit - Reward.ts
014 - Tips - Introduction.ts
015 - Tip 1 - Short Is Good.ts
016 - Tip 2 - Create A Plate To Write.ts
017 - Tip 3 - Win Everyday.ts
018 - Tip 4 - Never Break The Chain.ts
019 - Tip 5 - Take A Risk.ts
020 - Tip 6 - Discover The Best Time To Write.ts
021 - Tip 7 - Remove The Tiniest Of Distractions.ts
022 - Tip 8 - You Don't Actually Have To Write.ts
023 - Tip 9 - Start Staking Ammo.ts
024 - Conclusion.ts
1-1. How to get startedwf1.mp4
2. What is stopping you-.mp4
3. How to pick your idea.ts
4. Picking your niche.ts
1. Introduction personal impre.ts
2. Story.ts
3. Persuasion Game - Exercise.ts
4. Persuasion Game.ts
5. Sales.ts
6. Content Pillars - Exercise.ts
1. Who is Ed Latimore-.ts
2. Should you focus on one specific topic-.ts
3. What to do if you're a complete beginner.ts
4. Doing different things under one umbrella.ts
5. Q&A.ts
5. What makes one personable-.ts
6. How to build your digital brand without it affecting your corpor.ts
7. Am I better off rebranding my original account .ts
1. Dealing with mental obstacles.ts
2. Free vs Paid Content.ts
3. Content Creation Tips + Assignment.ts
Content Creation Q&A.ts
1-Content Creation With Shreya Pattar.ts
2. Why is Content Creation Important.ts
3. 4 Keys for Content Creation.ts
4. Coming up with Ideas.ts
5. Content Creation Tips.ts
7 Figure Visionary Sales Strategy w Willik 29-11-21.mp4
8. Content Creation - How to come up with ideas.ts
9. Dealing with writer's block and imposter syndrome.ts
10. Can one build a successful personal brand despite having .ts
11. What was Ed Latimores source of inspiration in th early days.ts
Audience Questions ed l.ts
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A Money Printing Device (Legal & Limitless) Running For You 24/7
Meet WiFi Money Machine
The proven process leveraged by Alexander Cortes and Jose Rosado to:

Create multiple six-figure sources of cash flow with zero drawbacks, and infinite leverage.
Conceive digital products people are excited about and pay for
Protect your future forever… even during the upcoming Worst Global Meltdown
It’s a kind of time-sensitive offer that could turn your ideas into paychecks.

So, if you’re:

💼 A 9-to-5er…

🙌 An entrepreneur, a coach, a freelancer…

✍️ A content creator, a gym bro, a writer…

Or simply if you want to start to make it online…

This can be your chance to start to get sales notifications morning, noon, and night.

But there’s a little detail.

This page will disappear soon…

Let us explain.

A Huge Financial Collapse Is Coming…
And it’ll be worse than the 2008 crash and the 2020-2021 recession.

Economists say it can explode in the next three months.

Others affirm it’ll happen before the next presidential election.

For some, the crash is already here.

It doesn’t matter when it happens.

According to the analysts, the meltdown will be rough…

People like Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO, said, “Hyperinflation is going to change everything. It’s happening.”

This meltdown will be harsh.

Especially to those who depend on one source of income…

So, on this page, we’re going to talk about the upcoming crash.

And how it threatens your 4 Fs.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Your family

💰 Your finances

🛣 Your freedoms

✈️ Your future

And it doesn’t matter what your country is.

Nevertheless, here you’ll find the 3 keys to prepare.

Even more important, here you’ll find…

3 Keys To Prepare And Prosper During Tough Times
We don’t have the slightest interest in scaring you (that’s what TV is for).

We’re here to share with you the info you can use to protect yourself from the collapse.

Does it sound improbable and pessimistic?

Well, you’ll understand in just a moment.

We want you to see the signs, the keys, and then decide for yourself.

The truth is that if you are interested in having more time, money, freedom… and living without worrying about the future…

This is going to be one of the most important pages you’ll read in a long time.

So, read it carefully until the end.

That way you can make your own conclusions and act accordingly.

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