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Alux - Mind Mastery (2.37 GB)

Last Updated Date: 04-01-2021

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Alux - Mind Mastery
Module 1 Beginner
Module 2 Advanced
Module 3 Master
Module 1 Beginner
0 - The Beginning.mp3
0 - The Beginning.txt
Good to know.mp3
Good to know.txt
How to use this Course.txt
Mind Mastery by - Guidebook.pdf
Module 1 - Before your first session.mp4
The Power of Meditation.mp4
Understanding the WHY.mp4
What is Meditation.mp4
What to Expect.mp4
Your Goal.mp4
Module 2 Advanced
BONUS Meditate with a Pro.mp4
Concept - Befriending the beast.mp4
Concept - Letting go of balloons.mp4
Concept - The Lake in your mind.mp4
Concept - The Lotus.mp4
Concept - The noise in your head.mp4
Concept - The sky above the clouds.mp4
Day 1 - The noise in your head.mp3
Day 1 - The noise in your head.txt
Day 2 - The sky above the clouds.mp3
Day 2 - The sky above the clouds.txt
Day 3 - The Lotus.mp3
Day 3 - The Lotus.txt
Day 4 - Befriending the beast.mp3
Day 4 - Befriending the beast.txt
Day 5 - The lake in your mind.mp3
Day 5 - The lake in your mind.txt
Day 6 - Letting go of balloons.mp3
Day 6 - Letting go of balloons.txt
Module 2 - Introduction.mp4
Module 3 Master
Day 7 - A CHOICE.mp3
Day 7 - A CHOICE.txt
Day 8 - IDEAS.mp3
Day 8 - IDEAS.txt
Day 9 - WEALTH.mp3
Day 9 - WEALTH.txt
Day 10 - LOVE.mp3
Day 10 - LOVE.txt
Day 11 - FAMILY.mp3
Day 11 - FAMILY.txt
Day 12 - HEALTH.mp3
Day 12 - HEALTH.txt
Day 13 - WORK.mp3
Day 13 - WORK.txt
Day 14 - LIFE.mp3
Day 14 - LIFE.txt
Day 15 - HAPPINESS.mp3
Day 15 - HAPPINESS.txt
Day 16 - MONEY.mp3
Day 16 - MONEY.txt
Day 18 - SAD DAYS.mp3
Day 18 - SAD DAYS.txt
Day 19 - I WANNA QUIT DAYS.mp3
Day 19 - I WANNA QUIT DAYS.txt
Day 20 - BULLSHIT DAYS.mp3
Day 20 - BULLSHIT DAYS.txt
Day 21 - A NEW PERSON.mp3
Day 21 - A NEW PERSON.txt
How to get the most value out of the Master Module.txt
Module 3 - BONUS.mp4
Module 3 - Introduction.mp4
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Mind Mastery by

The Mindset & Meditation Course you’ve been waiting for! Guided Meditation for Entrepreneurs & High Achievers 3 Modules created with the Aluxer in mind for a complete experience!

You’re getting all 3 modules in a single course!

  Don’t miss it!

You missed it the first time, don’t make that mistake again!

We will guide you through the entire experience in order to maximize the impact it has on your life. In order to do that, we’re opening the doors for 1 week only. If you want to go through this transformation with us, then this is it! Start and maintain a productive daily meditation practice Take control of your emotions, deal with stress and anxiety and get clarity in your life Have at least one breakthrough moment that changes your life forever



  80% of Successful people use meditation to get ahead in life

Make better decisions, come up with creative solutions to the problems you’re dealing with in your life and follow a clear path of incremental change!



  Who is this for

We’ve designed this entire experience with the Aluxer in mind. The entire course was built from scratch for people like us, those who want to learn valuable skills. No previous experience required. We will teach you the basics in the first module, then in the second one you’ll get the techniques that will allow you to take full advantage of the Master module where the transformation will happen. You’re going to love it!



  Course curriculum

You’re getting a full 21 day transformation!

  Don’t take our word for it!

Hundreds of people went through the Mind Mastery journey. Here’s a snippet of their experience:

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Alux – Mind Mastery Contains: Videos, PDF’s

Alux – Mind Mastery
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