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Last Updated Date: 05-03-2022

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Bastiaan Slot - Six Figure Consulting
6FC - Version 2
6FC - Version 3
Coaching Calls
6FC - Version 2
1. Module 1 - Principles
2. Module 2 - Foundations
3. Module 3 - Content Marketing
4. Module 4 - Messenger
5. Module 5 - Sales
6. Module 6 - Onboarding
7. Module 7 - Delivery
8. Bonus
6FC - Version 3
Module 1 - The Birds Eye View
Module 2 - Foundations
Module 3 - Content Marketing
Module 4 - Traffic
Module 5 - Messenger
Module 6 - Sales
Module 7 - Onboarding
Module 8 - Offer-Delivery
Module 9 - Bonus
Coaching Calls
03-Appointment Setter
05-Peak Performance
06-Systems & Automations
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Start and grow your consulting business to 6-figures within 90 days at 6-figure consultant. We’ve helped 100s of customers successfully to that $10,000 /month mark with their consulting business.

A personalized 90-days roadmap and hands-on guidance on marketing, sales, onboarding, delivery, mindset, and teambuilding.

A full-stacked offer with everything you need in the process of seeing a tangible outcome predictably. ⁣

We have already helped our clients generate over $3,000,000
We’ve helped create ten millionaires in the 6-Figure Consultant Program and 68+ 6-Figure Coaches out of 250 customers.

We help people both from scratch, to existing coaches, to established coaches.

The reason we get our customers such incredible results is because we’re hands-on, practice what we preach and genuinely care for everyone we work together with.

We keep it simple, result focused and pave a clear path uniquely to our customers situation and their goals.

Personalized Expert Mentorship
6-Figure Consultant is a 90-Day Mentorship Program exclusively with Bastiaan and his team.

In this mentorship program, we breakdown your current situation and see in the shortest timeline how we can take you to the desired situation.

You get access to the 6-Figure Consultant Program, our team, systems & processes, a community of winners, events and much more.

Bastiaan and his team provide hands-on mentorship to ensure you can get results with your coaching business.

We provide you with a paved, clear path and a roadmap specifically designed for you.

Bastiaan Slot – Six Figure Consulting
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