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Last Updated Date: 03-07-2021

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BGFX Trading Academy
1. BGFX Trading - Course
2. Wyckoff Bootcamp
3. One Pair MASTERY
1. BGFX Trading - Course
1. Welcome To BGFX Trading Academy.mp4
2. FX Terminology.mp4
3. Brokers.mp4
4. Candlesticks.mp4
5. Fibonacci.mp4
6. Understanding Liquidity & Smart Money.mp4
7. The M Formation.mp4
8. The W Formation.mp4
9. The Mastery Candle Formation.mp4
10. The Wyckoff Theory.mp4
11. Supply _ Demand Part 1.ts
12. Supply _ Demand Part 2 .ts
13. Order Blocks Part 1.ts
14. Order Blocks Part 2.ts
15. GBPJPY Concept.ts
16. Lower Timeframe Precision.ts
17. EURUSD Breakdown.ts
18. AUDNZD Breakdown.ts
19. Candle Re-Prints (Forecast Each Individual Movement Of Price.ts
20. Sessions.ts
21. USDCAD Concepts.ts
22. How To Target Retail Liquidity.ts
23. Market Cycle Breakdown.ts
24. How To Catch The High & Low Of The Day.ts
25. Fibonacci Breakout.ts
26. Risk Management.ts
27. How To Backtest.ts
28. Live Backtesting Part 1 (GBPJPY).ts
29. Live Backtesting Part 2 (Gold).ts
30. Live Backtesting Part 3 (NZDCHF).mp4
31. Trade Breakdown 1.mp4
32. Trade Breakdown 2.mp4
33. Trade Breakdown 3.mp4
35. Psychological Warfare.mp4
36. EURUSD & GBPJPY Market Breakdown.mp4
Ideal Manipulation M_W Structure 1.png
Ideal Manipulation M_W Structure 2.png
Ideal Manipulation M_W Structure 3.png
Ideal Manipulation M_W Structure 4.png
Ideal Manipulation M_W Structure 5.png
2. Wyckoff Bootcamp
1. Wyckoff Bootcamp Part 1.ts
2. Wyckoff Bootcamp Part 2.ts
3. Wyckoff Bootcamp Part 3.ts
4. Wyckoff Bootcamp Part 4.ts
5. Wyckoff Bootcamp Part 5.ts
6. Wyckoff Bootcamp Part 6.ts
7. Wyckoff Bootcamp Part 7.ts
3. One Pair MASTERY
GBPJPY Bootcamp.ts
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