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Billy Gene - All Of Billy Gene (79.44 GB)

Last Updated Date: 04-01-2021

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Billy Gene - All Of Billy Gene
01-Clicks Into Customers 2.0
02-Clicks Into Customers 1.0
03-Sell Like A G.E.N.E.I.U.S
04-Youtube Masterclass
05-How To Sell Lots Of Anything With Webinars
06-Billy Gene's Gene Pool Elite
07-Million Dollar Week Bluepprint Templates
08-The 2017 GENEIUS Workshop LIVE Event
09-VIP Day Mastermind
10-The Geneius Accelerator
11-The Fundamentals Of Live Streaming
01-Clicks Into Customers 2.0
01-Before The G.E.N.E.I.U.S
02-G- Get Information
03- E- Evaluation
04-N- Next Opportunity
05-E- Executing the Plan on Facebook & Instagram
06-E (continued)- Executing the Plan on YouTube
07-I- Information into Automation
08-U- Understanding Metrics
09-S- Scaling Up
10-Bag of Tricks
02-Clicks Into Customers 1.0
01-Join the Facebook Group!
02-Module 1
03-Module 2
04-Module 3
05-Module 4
06-Module 5
07-Module 6
03-Sell Like A G.E.N.E.I.U.S
01-Sell Like A GENEIUS Trainings
04-Youtube Masterclass
01-Download The Workshop Worksheets
02-Training 1- How To Set Up Your YouTube Channel & What
03-Training 2- How To Create Your First YouTube Campaign
04-Training 3- How To Find Your Buyers On YouTube
05-Training 4- How To Create A YouTube Video Ad That Sells Sht
06-Training 5- How To Fix Your YouTube Ads When They Stop Working
07-Training 6- Q&A
05-How To Sell Lots Of Anything With Webinars
01-Live Training Replays
06-Billy Gene's Gene Pool Elite
01-Skill #29-How To Manage A Team
02-Skill #28- How To Write Emails That Sell
03-Skill #27- The New YouTube & Google Ads
04-Skill #26- Understanding Your Metrics and Optimization
05-Skill #25 - Creating Facebook Ads 2.0
06-Skill #24 - Internal Operations
07-Skill #23 - Sales, Negotiations and Contracts
08-Skill #22 - Content Creation 2.0
09-Skill #21 - Retargeting on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram
10-Skill #20 - Dissecting Ads That Donu2019t Work
11-Skill #19 - Advanced Livestream
12-Skill #18 - Video Production For GENEIUSES
13-Skill #17 - Advanced Targeting
14-Skill #16 - How To Write Ad Copy That Sells
15-Skill #15 - Landing Pages
16-Skill # 14 - Lead Generation
17-Skill #13 - Content Creation
18-Skill #12 - Instagram Advertising
19-Skill #11 - Facebook Messenger Ads
20-Skill #10 - The Fundamentals Of Making Money
21-Skill #9 - How To Tell Stories That Sell Sht!
22-Skill # 8 - The Fundamentals Of A Membership Site
23-Skill #7 - The Fundamentals of Prospecting
24-Skill #6 - The Fundamentals Of Live Streaming
25-Skill #5 - The Fundamentals Of Automation
26-Skill #4 - Facebook Advertising Simplified
27-Skill #3 - The Fundamentals Of Effective Selling
28-Skill #2 - The Fundamentals Of Great Video Content
29-Skill # 1 - The Fundamentals Of Persuasive Writing
30-Bonus Training
07-Million Dollar Week Bluepprint Templates
01-Digital Workbook Pages
08-The 2017 GENEIUS Workshop LIVE Event
09-VIP Day Mastermind
01-Introduction with Live Q&A Intro
02-Charles Bronson
03-Christina Nelson - Campaign Christina Nelson
04-Jacinda Thomas
05-Liz Pineda
06-Lloyd McNeely
07-Luke Russell
08-Matt Arroyo
09-Marty Bailey
10-Michelle Hood
10-The Geneius Accelerator
01-Course Materials
02-Before You Click
03-Before The Click
11-The Fundamentals Of Live Streaming
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After a ton of sleepless nights, paralyzing indecision, and maybe even a couple of tears I decided. I’m retiring. But… not before I give you EVERYTHING I’ve ever created for just…

My way of saying thanks: Almost a decade of timeless, brand-new, & unreleased:
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We’ve sent hundreds of millions of emails and tested 1000+ subject lines… To sum it up, we know what works. And now you will too! ALL OF MY WORKSHEETS & CHECKLISTS:

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Our monthly advertising spend went from a month to a month. Our ads have been seen almost 800 million times. We know what works. Literally just copy & customize our library of ads and get to work. ALL OF MY SPEAKING GIGS:

What I used to charge for speaking gigs:. What I charge now: Up to. How much are you gonna pay? Basically nothing.

I’ve keynoted & spoken on countless of stages and recorded most of them. Now they’re yours… ALL OF MY INTERVIEWS:

I’ve had private interviews with some of the smartest, most successful, and influential entrepreneurs, entertainers, and athletes in the world. Now you’ll have access to them too. All my INVITE ONLY private events:

We’ve had people pay anything from to to spend a day at our office. A lot of these days we recorded and never released… Until now. ALL OF MY PROMOTIONS:

I used to have a mobile oil change company. It failed. But my marketing company is pretty good 😉 The difference between the two? Our promotions… which are now yours! All of sales training materials:

Selling tens of millions is cool but selling myself on getting fit is even cooler. My suggestion to you… Do both.

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One Last Thing…

My last decade of entrepreneurship has been a hell of a ride. But my biggest takeaway is that impact will always be greater than income. Over 10 years ago I was sitting at my parents house trying to figure out WTF I was going to do with my life. I stumbled across this Tony Robbins video that lit a fire under me to pursue entrepreneurship. 10 years later I’m accepting an award from him. I know it sounds cliche but anything is possible when you have the right system, support, and skill set. I hope this gift gives you all 3.

Love you,
Billy Gene
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