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Brian Casel - Productize 2020 (3.21 GB)

Last Updated Date: 08-18-2020

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Brian Casel - Productize 2020
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#2192 - 'Using This Course u2022 Productize'.jpg
#2193 - 'Using This Course u2022 Productize'.jpg
#2194 - 'My Productize Journey u2022 Productize'.pdf
#2195 - 'Positioning u2022 Productize'.jpg
#2196 - 'Positioning u2022 Productize'.pdf
#2197 - 'Solve a Problem u2022 Productize'.pdf
#2198 - 'Your Business Model u2022 Productize'.pdf
#2199 - 'Get Your First Clients u2022 Productize'.pdf
#2200 - 'Traction u2022 Productize'.pdf
#2201 - 'Standardization u2022 Productize'.pdf
#2202 - 'Build Your Systems u2022 Productize'.pdf
#2203 - 'Perfect Onboarding u2022 Productize'.pdf
#2204 - 'Hiring Strategy u2022 Productize'.pdf
#2205 - 'Marketing Strategy u2022 Productize'.pdf
#2206 - 'Selling u2022 Productize'.pdf
#2207 - 'Reviewing KPIs u2022 Productize'.pdf
1 Launch
1-Productize- Why, What & How- u2022 Productize.mp4
2-Planning & Execution u2022 Productize.mp4
3-Positioning u2022 Productize.ts
4-Start With Who u2022 Productize.ts
5-Customer Research u2022 Productize.ts
6-Solve a Problem u2022 Productize.ts
7-Design Your Solution u2022 Productize.ts
8-Your Business Model u2022 Productize.ts
9-Pricing & Packages u2022 Productize.mp4
10-Get Your First Clients u2022 Productize.ts
11-Your First Pitch u2022 Productize.ts
12-Traction u2022 Productize.ts
13-Your Website u2022 Productize.ts
14-Get Social Proof u2022 Productize.ts
15-Content Marketing u2022 Productize.ts
Ask for a Testimonial - Email Template.docx
Cold Email Template.docx
Customer Research Interview Questions.docx
Design Your Solution - Worksheet.docx
First Pitch Document.docx
Optimize Your Who - Worksheet.docx
Pitch Research Interview - Email Templates.docx
Warm Email Template.docx
2 Scale
1-Standardization u2022 Productize.mp4
2-Map Your Operation u2022 Productize.ts
3-Productize Your Expertise u2022 Productize.ts
4-Case Studies in Productizing Expertise u2022 Productize.ts
5-Build Your Systems u2022 Productize.ts
6-Phase 1- SOPs u2022 Productize.mp4
7-Phase 2- Detail & Infrastructure u2022 Productize.ts
8-Phase 3- Systems Training u2022 Productize.ts
9-Execution Checklists u2022 Productize.ts
10-Perfect Onboarding u2022 Productize.ts
11-Onboarding Flow u2022 Productize.ts
12-Hiring Strategy u2022 Productize.ts
13-Hiring VAs u2022 Productize.ts
14-Hiring Project Managers u2022 Productize.mp4
15-Your Hiring Funnel u2022 Productize.ts
Job Application Questions.docx
Onboarding Email Update Template .docx
Onboarding SOP Template.docx
Onboarding Sales Check-in Email Template.docx
Preliminary SOP Notes - Example.docx
Preliminary SOP Notes.docx
SOP Template - Example.docx
SOP Template.docx
SOPs Catalog.xlsx
3 Grow
1-Marketing Strategy u2022 Productize.mp4
2-Marketing Ideas u2022 Productize.ts
3-Your Inbound Funnel u2022 Productize.ts
4-Selling u2022 Productize.ts
5-Sales Process u2022 Productize.mp4
6-Reviewing KPIs u2022 Productize.ts
7-Tracking Actions & Results u2022 Productize.ts
8-Business Journal u2022 Productize.ts
9-Evolving Your Role u2022 Productize.ts
10-Productize... And Then What- u2022 Productize.ts
Audience Ops Demo.mp4
Audience Ops Sales Process.docx
Automated Sales Follow up Email Templates.docx
Business Journal Entry Template.docx
KPI Review.xlsx
Manual Sales Follow up Email Templates.docx
Marketing Idea Scoring System.xlsx
Sales Demo Slides Template.pptx
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