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Bridger Pennington - Investment Fund Secrets (87.55 GB)

Last Updated Date: 07-13-2021

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Bridger Pennington - Investment Fund Secrets
01-Welcome to IFS - We Work For You Now
02-The Workbook
03-The Foundation
04-Step 1 - Find the Deal
05-Step 2 - Structure the Deal
06-Step 3 - Raising Capital
07-Step 4 - Compliance & Regulations
08-Fund Management
09-Fund Documents
10-Excel Templates & Other Resources
11-Partnerships & Discounts
12-Fund Accounting
13-Online Marketing (506c Funds)
14-Venture Capital
15-Private Equity & Small Business Acquisitions
16-Forex & Futures
17-Real Estate
18-Hedge Funds
19-Impact & Legacy
20-Best Friday Interviews - Q&A's
21-BONUS - Access To Live House Flip Training Course (12.5 Hours of Real Estate Training)
01-Welcome to IFS - We Work For You Now
01-Welcome To The IFS Mastermind.mp4
02-Important Disclaimer.mp4
03-How Bridger Started His First Fund At Age 22.mp4
04-John Penninton Jr Intro.mp4
05-Sid K Intro.mp4
06-Aaron Wagner Intro.mp4
07-Paul Hutchinson Intro.mp4
08-Adam Campbell Intro.mp4
02-The Workbook
01-IFS Workbook.pdf
01-The Investment Fund Workbook.mp4
02-IFS Book Recommendations.pdf
03-The Foundation
01-Motivational Fuel from Matt Foley (Chris Farley) .pdf
01-[Fast forward to 1 minute 30 seconds] Motivational Fuel from Matt Foley (Chris Farley).mp4
02-Fund Launch Formula.mp4
03-Fund vs Syndication.mp4
04-Basic Fund Structure.mp4
05-How To Structure A Syndication Deal.mp4
06-Crucial Terminology.mp4
07-Capital Stack Explained.mp4
08-Investments 101 - Alternative Assets.mp4
09-Regulation Timeline.mp4
10-Fund Launch Formula 2.0 (Step by Step).mp4
04-Step 1 - Find the Deal
01-Section 1 Intro.mp4
02-The Strategy - Blue Ocean Red Ocean.mp4
03-The Strategy Applied - Blue Ocean Fund Creation.mp4
04-Creating Your Own Blue Ocean - Key to Uncontested Growth.mp4
05-Paul's Rise To Success - Bring ON The Track Record, Put Yourself In Good Situations.mp4
06-Stacking Power Players For Hacked Growth, Crisis Avoidance, and Success.mp4
07-How to Manage Your Time Between Partners and Projects.mp4
08-Team, Investment Committee & Board of Advisers.mp4
09-How to Structure an Investment Committee.mp4
10-Investment Committee Continued - Meritocracy & Incentivizing Employees.mp4
11-Portfolio Strategy, What Model Should I Pick.mp4
05-Step 2 - Structure the Deal
01-Section 2 Intro.mp4
02-Pre-Module Fuel.mp4
03-Pref, Catch-Up, and Carried Interest.mp4
04-Fund Expenses.xlsx
04-Target AUM - Fund Income & Expenses.mp4
04-Target AUM - Fund Income & Expenses.pdf
05-GP LP Structure vs. LLC Structure.mp4
06-Why the GP LP Structure Protects You.mp4
07-Regulation D Funds 506(b) vs 506(c).mp4
08-Intro to Todd & Reg A Funds.mp4
09-Difference between Reg A, Reg A+, Reg D & Reg CF.mp4
10-Compliance for Reg A+ Fund - Can I raise Debt or Equity in a Reg A.mp4
11-How much money can I raise through Reg CF or Reg A+ - TIER 1 vs TIER 2.mp4
12-Other questions about Reg A+.mp4
13-Testing the Waters & Online Marketing.mp4
14-Investor Contribution Limits.mp4
15-Does a Reg A+ scare away family offices or institutional investors.mp4
16-Investment Structure & Secondary Markets for Reg A+.mp4
17-How to get in touch with Todd.mp4
18-Lending Money at 8% and Returning a 15% IRR Part 1.mp4
19-Lending Money at 8% and Returning a 15% IRR Part 2.mp4
20-Broad Funds vs Narrow Funds.mp4
21-American vs European Waterfall.mp4
22-What Licenses Do I Need to Get Started (Part 1).mp4
23-Example Of Framing Out A Fund.mp4
23-Example Of Framing Out A Fund.pdf
23-Fund Checklist.xlsx
23-Mastermind Fund Frame.xlsx
24-Pitch Deck Template.pdf
24-Pitch Deck Template.pptx
24-Pitch Deck Template Video.mp4
06-Step 3 - Raising Capital
01-Section 3 Intro.mp4
02-Lean Into Your Constraints.mp4
03-The 4 Types of Investors.mp4
04-Hack to Close around 100% of Investors.mp4
05-Where are the Wealthy People.mp4
06-How To Get Into The Room + Networking Hacks.mp4
07-Mid-Module Fuel.mp4
08-3-Step Framework for Raising Capital - The Room Test & Breaking the Ice.mp4
09-3-Step Framework for Raising Capital - Edification.mp4
10-3-Step Framework for Raising Capital - Pitch Deck Necessities & The Meeting Itself.mp4
11-Best Way To Go About A Pitch.mp4
12-Institutional vs High Networth Investors.mp4
13-$75 Million in 45 Days - Sid's Fund Raising Strategy.mp4
14-How to Make Someone Never Forget You.mp4
15-Working Vs. Buying Your Way In.mp4
16-5-Step Framework To Pitching Family Offices.mp4
17-Applied - Using the 5-Step Framework.mp4
18-Hidden Responsibility - What Does it Mean to Be Involved with Family Offices.mp4
07-Step 4 - Compliance & Regulations
01-Section 4 Intro.mp4
03-How the SEC Started - Overarching Goals of the SEC.mp4
04-Who do I Have a Fiduciary Responsibility to.mp4
05-Who Can I Pay Commission to for Raising Money.mp4
06-What Licenses Do I Need to Get Started (Part 2).mp4
07-Can I Partner with Someone Who Has Licenses.mp4
08-Registered Investment Advisor vs Investment Advisor.mp4
08-Registered Investment Advisor vs Investment Advisor.pdf
09-Why You CAN'T Charge Accredited Investors Two Fees At The SEC Level.mp4
09-Why You CAN'T Charge Accredited Investors Two Fees At The SEC Level.pdf
10-An Expensive Lesson about Placement Agent Fees.mp4
11-The Difference Between 3c1 vs 3c7.mp4
12-Offshore vs Onshore Funds.mp4
13-ADVANCED - Parallel Funds.mp4
14-ADVANCED - Fund of Funds.mp4
08-Fund Management
01-Measuring Fund Performance - The Lie of Averages.mp4
02-Portfolio Management & Risk Mitigation.mp4
03-Capital Calls & Distribution.mp4
04-The Flow of Capital (Setting up Bank Accounts).mp4
05-Fund Admin Overview.mp4
06-Fund Admin - Intro to Strata.mp4
07-Fund Admin - Audits & Administration - When do I need one.mp4
08-Fund Admin - Who needs one.mp4
09-Fund Admin Tiers.mp4
10-Fund Admin - Verifying Investors.mp4
11-Fund Admin - Software.mp4
12-What are the Costs.mp4
13-Fund Admin - Contact Info.pdf
13-Fund Admin - Contact info.mp4
09-Fund Documents
01-Legal Questionnaire - DO THIS BEFORE CONTACTING A LAWYER.mp4
01-PPM Questionnaire.pdf
02-Private Placement Memorandum - Examples Download.mp4
02-Private Placement Memorandum - Examples Download.pdf
02-Real Estate PPM.pdf
02-SPV Fund PPM doc.docx
02-SPV Fund PPM pdf.pdf
02-VC Fund PPM doc.docx
02-VC Fund PPM pdf.pdf
03-Limited Partnership Agreement - Examples Download.pdf
03-RE Fund LPA.pdf
03-VC Fund LPA doc.docx
03-VC Fund LPA pdf.pdf
04-Operating Agreement For LLC doc.docx
04-Operating Agreement For LLC pdf.pdf
04-Operating Agreements For LLC Examples.mp4
04-Operating Agreements For LLC Examples.pdf
05-Sub Docs doc.docx
05-Sub Docs pdf.pdf
05-Subscription Documents Example.mp4
05-Subscription Documents Example.pdf
06-LLC Fund Construct - Examples Download.pdf
06-LLC Fund LPA doc.docx
06-LLC Fund LPA pdf.pdf
06-LLC Fund PPM doc.docx
06-LLC Fund Questionnaire doc.docx
06-LLC Fund Questionnaire pdf.pdf
06-LLC Fund Subscription Docs doc.docx
06-LLC Fund Subscription Docs pdf.pdf
10-Excel Templates & Other Resources
01-Basic Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Model.mp4
02-Advanced Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Model.mp4
02-Advanced Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Model.pdf
02-DCF Example Dec 2019.xlsx
03-Cap Table and Exit Waterfall Template.xlsx
03-Cap Tables - Option Pools, Convertible Notes, & Share Dilution.mp4
03-Cap Tables - Option Pools, Convertible Notes, & Share Dilution.pdf
04-Advanced Private Equity Excel Model.mp4
04-Advanced Private Equity Excel Model.pdf
04-Complete Private Equity Model.xlsx
05-Share Distribution & Re-balancing Template.mp4
05-Share Distribution & Re-balancing Template.pdf
05-Share Distribution Template 2020.xlsx
06-Pitch Deck Template.pdf
06-Pitch Deck Template.pptx
06-Pitch Deck Template Video.mp4
07-Example Of Opportunity Zone Pitch Deck.mp4
07-Pitch Deck Investment Fund Secrets.pptx
11-Partnerships & Discounts
01-Real Estate Excel Model 20% Discount.mp4
01-Real Estate Excel Model 20% Discount.pdf
02-Fund Admin - 10% Discount @ Strata.mp4
02-Fund Admin - 10% Discount @ Strata.pdf
03-Pitch Deck - 10% Discount @ Sketchdeck.mp4
03-Pitch Deck - 10% Discount @ Sketchdeck.pdf
04-506(c) Fund Syndication Software - 10% Discount @ eVest Technologies.mp4
04-506(c) Fund Syndication Software - 10% Discount @ eVest Technologies.pdf
05-FINRA Licensing - 10% Discount @ Kaplan.pdf
12-Fund Accounting
01-Fund Accounting - 4-Step Framework.mp4
02-In-House Accounting vs 3rd Party Accounting.mp4
03-What If You Don't Call All the Capital.mp4
04-Financial Statement (Balance Sheet).mp4
05-Financial Statements (Statement of Operations).mp4
06-Financial Statements (Partner Capital).mp4
07-Financial Statements (Cashflows).mp4
08-Financial Statements (Schedule of Investments).mp4
09-Why You Need to Know Fund Accounting (and Then You Can Hire).mp4
10-Capital Calls & Distribution.mp4
13-Online Marketing (506c Funds)
01-Intro to Online Marketing.mp4
02-Mental Triggers & Marketing Psychology.mp4
03-Basic Marketing.mp4
03-Basic Marketing.pdf
04-Advanced Marketing - Funnel Strategy.mp4
05-Advanced Marketing - Optimization.mp4
07-Should I Hire Someone To Do This For Me.mp4
14-Venture Capital
01-Venture Capital Overview.mp4
02-Venture Capital Deals & Terms.mp4
03-Venture Capital Strategy Examples.mp4
04-Sid's Rise in the Venture Capital World.mp4
05-What Makes A Perfect Deal.mp4
06-Leveraging Your Fund & Equity Investments.mp4
07-Full Stack VC Format.mp4
08-Do You Ask For Money - If so, How Much.mp4
09-Raising VC Funds with Institutional Investors.mp4
10-How to Get Your Portfolio Founders to Love You.mp4
15-Private Equity & Small Business Acquisitions
01-Private Equity Overview.mp4
02-PE Strategies & Examples.mp4
03-The 3 Types of Leverage.mp4
04-Finding Deals & Managing Deal Flow.mp4
04-Finding Deals & Managing Deal Flow.pdf
05-Cann License LOI Template.docx
05-Making an Offer - LOI's & NDA's.mp4
06-Due Diligence.mp4
07-Financing & Deal Closing.mp4
16-Forex & Futures
00-Important Updates.png
01-Terry's Origin Story.mp4
02-Why Forex.mp4
03-Forex Leverage w Lot Sizes.mp4
05-How You Make & Lose Money In Forex.mp4
06-Who Loses Money When You Win (Zero-Sum).mp4
07-Does More Leverage = More Risk + Scaling For Beginners.mp4
08-International Accounts.mp4
09-#1 Commandment of Forex.mp4
10-Terry Trading LIVE.mp4
11-The Power of an Auto-Trader.mp4
12-When To Get Out Of A Trade.mp4
13-Secret Sauce - Combining Micro & Macro.mp4
14-Where To Learn More.mp4
14-Where To Learn More.pdf
17-Real Estate
01-Intro to Real Estate Module.mp4
02-Real Estate Oceans.mp4
03-Real Estate Markets.mp4
04-Real Estate Approaches.mp4
05-Real Estate Teams.mp4
06-Real Estate 3(c)(5) Exemption.mp4
07-REIT vs Real Estate Funds.mp4
08-Real Estate Excel Model.mp4
08-Real Estate Excel Model.pdf
18-Hedge Funds
01-Intro to Hedge Fund Module.mp4
02-Hedge Fund Strategies.mp4
03-Hedge Fund Structure.mp4
04-Hedge Funds Overview & Increasing Exposure.mp4
05-Licences, Loopholes & Ponzi Schemes.mp4
05-Licences, Loopholes & Ponzi Schemes.pdf
06-Why Hedge Funds are Different.mp4
07-Why Hedge Funds Fail - A Lesson from the Past.mp4
08-Hedge Funds Incubator Concept.mp4
09-Hedge Fund Lawyer Interview.mp4
09-Hedge Fund Lawyer Interview.pdf
19-Impact & Legacy
01-Passing Money Down To Your Offspring (G2).mp4
01-Passing Money Down To Your Offspring (G2).pdf
02-Dealing with Naysayers and Raising Good Kids.mp4
03-Sid's Charities.mp4
04-Paul's Mindset on Charities.mp4
20-Best Friday Interviews - Q&A's
01-Q&A with John Pennington.mp4
02-Q&A with Sid Krommenhoek.mp4
03-Q&A with Adam Campbell.mp4
04-Q&A with Jeff Sekinger - How to utilize 0% credit cards.mp4
05-Q&A with Securities Attorney.mp4
06-Q&A with Aaron Wagner.mp4
07-Q&A with Dan Young.mp4
08-Q&A with Jason Newby - Made over $10mm in Crypto (April 30, 2021).mp4
21-BONUS - Access To Live House Flip Training Course (12.5 Hours of Real Estate Training)
01-Getting Started
02-Bridger's LIVE Wholesale
03-Build Cash Buyer List (Step #1)
04-Find The Deal (Step #2)
05-Value The Home And Submit An Offer (Step #3)
06-Put The House Under Contract (Step #4)
07-Market The House (Step #5)
08-Close The Deal And Make $5,000 (Step #6)
09-Legal Documents
10-Bonus Videos
00-BONUS - Access To Live House Flip Training Course (12.5 Hours of Real Estate Training).mp4
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