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Bystra Legacy International
1. Day 1 - Basic Related To Bystra Setup
2. Day 2 - The Fantastic 5
3. Day 3 - Trade With Market Direction _ Price Confirmation
4. Day 4 - The Top Down Analysis _ Choosing The Right Risk Reward Ratio (RRR)
5. Day 5 - Set Your Mentality Right
6. Bonus Content
7. Webinar
1. Day 1 - Basic Related To Bystra Setup
1. Introduction Video.mp4
2. Beginning Your Transformation.mp4
3. Preparation For Assignment _ Watermark.mp4
4. Market Structure.mp4
5. The Bystra SNR.mp4
6. SnD In Bystra_s Context.mp4
7. Basic Engulfing.mp4
2. Day 2 - The Fantastic 5
1. Introduction to Fantastic 5 Setups.mp4
2. S_R Continuation Type 1 (SNRC1).mp4
3. S_R Continuation Type 2 (SNRC2).mp4
4. Quasimodo Reversal (QMR) - Rev2.mp4
5. Quasimodo Continuation (QMC).mp4
6. Quasimodo Manipulation (QMM).mp4
3. Day 3 - Trade With Market Direction _ Price Confirmation
1. Introduction To Danger Zone S_R.mp4
2. Marking Danger Zone S_R.mp4
3. Confirmation Of Rejection.mp4
4. SOP Of Using Danger Zone S_R.mp4
5. REJECTION - DZ SNR Support.mp4
6. REJECTION - DZ SNR Resistant.mp4
7. BREAKOUT - DZ SNR Support.mp4
8. BREAKOUT - DZ SNR Resistant.mp4
9. Price Momentum _ Lose In Momentum.mp4
4. Day 4 - The Top Down Analysis _ Choosing The Right Risk Reward Ratio (RRR)
1. Introduction To Smart Entry.mp4
2. How To Identify Potential Roadblock.mp4
3. How To Set SL _ TP.mp4
4. Risk _ Reward Entry.mp4
5. Understanding Of Entry Using SOP DZ SNR.mp4
6. Best Method To Trade Gold With #NoraEntry mp4.mp4
5. Day 5 - Set Your Mentality Right
1. Mentality _ Psychology In Trading.mp4
2. Recap - 3COs _ 5Rs.mp4
6. Bonus Content
1. NFP - 03.09.2021.mp4
2. #NoraEntry Gold - 09.09.2021.mp4
3. FOMC - 23.09.2021.mp4
4. NoraEntry - 24.09.2021.mp4
7. Webinar
Webinar - 21.11.2021 - Confirmation of Rejection Bystra Lega-1.mp4
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What’s S.I.A.P System?

A system that created to simplify the complication of the buying and selling enterprise. It stands for
Systematic, Interactive, Correct & Endurance

Hello, we’re
Ho Chiang Seng and Terrence Teh

We’re college students of Bystra wholly owned by Instructor Nora Karim. She had impressed us tremendously in our buying and selling enterprise. Subsequently, along with her blessing, we’re honoured to proceed her legacy for Bystra.

We’re passionate to encourage merchants to enhance their successful charges. We had back-tested and forward-tested the system with a minimum of 10,000 screenshots greater than 14 months.

Credit score to Helmy from LegacyBystra, he had created Good Entry idea which we named Nora Entry. Subsequently, together with your dedication, we may share Bystra’s Setup + Good Entry + Psychology of Mindset and this may enhance your win fee considerably.

Additionally, we’re each enterprise house owners who’re concerned in oil and gasoline trade along with company consultancy in change administration.

Course studying outcomes
• You’ll learn to enhance your win fee.

• You’ll perceive how the S.I.A.P processes along with the unbelievable 5 (5) setups.

• You’ll learn to put together to commerce with the Proper Mindset.

• You’ll develop excessive revenue abilities that may assist you to earn in any a part of the world.

• You’ll be taught totally different strategies to establish the Hazard Zone.

What are the necessities?
• You have to be excited to be taught to commerce with an open thoughts.

• Have utmost respect in direction of group inside your friends.

• Your optimistic angle and mannerism

Who is that this course for?
• Anybody that desires to enhance their consistency in buying and selling.

• Anybody that has already commerce however want to enhance their Danger Reward Ratio with tight Cease Loss.

• Anybody with a ardour for buying and selling that’s excited to simplify the already sophisticated buying and selling.

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