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Chris Do - Stylescapes (3.15 GB)

Last Updated Date: 04-01-2021

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Chris Do - Stylescapes
00. Welcome!
01. Stylescape Course
02. Stylescape Design from Scratch Documented Process
03. Critiquing Your Stylescapes
04. Presenting Your Stylescape - Watch Chris!
05. Critiquing Your Stylescape Presentation
06. Stylescape Workbook
07. Photoshop Tips _ Tricks
08. Bonus
00. Welcome!
1. Stylescapes Course Intro.mp4
2. Stylescape Beta Status Updated April 18, 2019.txt
3. Lecture Information Monday, March 18.txt
4. Critique Submission Information Friday, Mar 22.txt
5. Presentation Critique Information Friday, Mar 29.txt
01. Stylescape Course
1. Stylescape Course Overview.mp4
2. Desired Future State.mp4
2. Image Buckets.mp4
3. Brand Attributes.mp4
4. Empathy Map.mp4
5. Color.mp4
6. Type.mp4
7. Curate.mp4
8. Presentation.mp4
9. Examples.mp4
9a. Stylescapes Examples.pdf
10. Exercises.mp4
11. Resources.mp4
02. Stylescape Design from Scratch Documented Process
1. Collecting Images and Finding Insipiration.mp4
2. Getting Started.mp4
3. Color Correcting.mp4
4. User Image.mp4
5. Type.mp4
6. Color Palette.mp4
7. Breaking up The Grid.mp4
8. Revision Round 1 Taking Shape.mp4
9. Revision Round 2 Final Stylescape.mp4
03. Critiquing Your Stylescapes
1. Intro.mp4
2. Stylescape Critique Matthew.mp4
2. Stylescape Critique Willhelm.mp4
4. Stylescape Critique Kyle.mp4
5. Stylescape Critique Dave.mp4
6. Stylescape Critique Suchet.mp4
7. Stylescape Critique Andrew.mp4
8. Stylescape Critique William.mp4
9. Stylescape Critique Chelsea.mp4
10. Stylescape Critique Abrian.mp4
11. Stylescape Critique Yeng Shen.mp4
12. Stylescape Critique Jacob.mp4
13. Conclusion.mp4
04. Presenting Your Stylescape - Watch Chris!
1. Presenting The Stylescape.mp4
2. Clients Response Part 1 User Image.mp4
3. Clients Response Part 2 Humor.mp4
4. Summary of Feedback.mp4
05. Critiquing Your Stylescape Presentation
1. Intro .mp4
2. Chelsea.mp4
3. Abi.mp4
4. Ty.mp4
5. William.mp4
6. Sabrina.mp4
7. Yacoub.mp4
8. Yinpin.mp4
9. Conclusion.mp4
06. Stylescape Workbook
07. Photoshop Tips _ Tricks
1. PS Cutout Demo.mp4
2. Color Correction Tutorials.mp4
3. Color Correction Tutorials.mp4
4. Color Correction Tutorials.mp4
5. Color Correction Tutorials.mp4
6. Illustrator Auto Trace Tutorial.mp4
08. Bonus
3. Stylescape Template
2. Stylescape Lecture.pdf
4. Email Template.txt
4. Full Question _ Answers.csv
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Finally say goodbye to never-ending revisions & last-minute changes.



  Stop Guessing


Speak the same language. By translating words into images, you will get alignment with your clients before you ever design anything. ‍
Present Confidently


Lose the rapid heart rate and sweaty palms. Present ideas early and collaboratively to help “scaffold” clients to the end result. ‍
Get Approval Fast


This collaborative and easy to use process will help your clients sign off on your work quickly: many times without any changes.



  What You Get:


  Build a reference library to easily source imagery from


If you’ve been in the creative field long enough, you know how difficult it can be to source inspiration for a project. In several video lessons, Chris walks you through his approach to building deep resource libraries. You’ll learn how to quickly curate and save imagery from multiple sources.


  Design beautiful Stylescapes that get client buy-in


Stylescapes are not your average moodboards. There is a science to this composition that lends itself to incredible presentations. By focusing on The Three C’s—Curation, Composition, and Consistency—you will be able to craft a stylescape that inspires your next steps and allows your client to collaborate at an early stage.


  Learn how to critique your own work like Chris Do


Ever wonder what it would be like to have Chris Do as your Creative Director? Want to know how he critiques work? You’ll get all that and more with several student critique recordings. Chris will help you identify how to improve your stylescapes before the presentation.


  Learn how to present Stylescapes to your clients


One of the most important parts of the stylescape process is the presentation. Crafting a narrative around your work will help your clients understand and remember what they see. Chris not only explains how to do this, but also shares real-world video recordings of him presenting to clients. You’ll also get to watch other students present their work and get critiqued by Chris.


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