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Last Updated Date: 04-01-2021

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Clint Butler - What Ranks Schema Course
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Schema: Basic to Advanced Implementation

While schema is definitely part of On-Page optimization, there are some tips and tricks you can discover to take your schema game to the next level. Schema has been an on-again/off-again topic for a couple of years now because of the changes that Google is making to the search results in a way that all but requires webmaster implementation. And within the digital marketing world, and SEO Company worth your hard-earned money is preaching the importance of schema implementation across your entire website. History has shown us, during the early days of schema implementation, that it actually helps with rankings. Today, however, since almost everyone is using plugins, or basic minimum level templates, the ranking power has gone away. After all, if the algorithm is supposed to use values to rank a web page and every webpage has similar values, then what is it supposed to do? In this course, you’ll learn the main types of schema that are most common on the web today. You’ll learn how to write the schema yourself, getting away from plugins, and how to implement it on any web platform you wish. You’ll also get some great understanding of schema hierarchy and how to use @graph to build great schemas. Finally, I’ll give you the template examples to help you get started without having to create your own from scratch.



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