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Last Updated Date: 04-05-2022

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CryptoBusy Academy - Pro Trader Course
1-What You Will Learn.mp4
3-Essential + Suggested Tools.mp4
4-Favoured BrokersExchanges.mp4
5-Spot, Margin, Futures (What to Trade).mp4
6-Order Types.mp4
7-Stop Losses.mp4
9-Basic Terminology.mp4
10-Candlestick Patterns.mp4
11-The Trend is Your Friend.mp4
12-Timeframes (Which One(s) Should You Use).mp4
13-Getting a Higher Time Frame Bias.mp4
14-Building Evidence-Confluence.mp4
16-Realistic Expectations.mp4
17-Risk Management.mp4
19-A-Moving Averages.mp4
19-B-Moving Averages.mp4
20-A-Relative Strength Index (RSI) + Divergence.mp4
20-B-Relative Strength Index (RSI) + Divergence.mp4
21-Fibonacci (Retracement + Extension).mp4
22-Our Favourite Indicator.mp4
24-SupportResistance (Basic).mp4
25-SupportResistance (Key Levels).mp4
26-Trendlines + Trendline Breaks.mp4
30-Supply and Demand.mp4
31-Order Blocks.mp4
32-Break of Structure.mp4
34-Moving Average Strategy.mp4
35-Key Levels Strategy.mp4
36-Breakout Strategy.mp4
37-Smart Money Strategy.mp4
38-Final Thoughts.mp4
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Josh and Tom have a combined 10 years experience trading the Forex and Crypto Markets. Together with their experience will take you on a Crypto Trading journey to develop your trading game to take it to the next level!

We have been involved in cryptocurrency for over 3 years now as active investors and traders. We have also been trading the Forex market for over 5 years. We specialise in technical and fundamental analysis and through this we have successfully navigated our way through the volatile climates of cryptocurrency. We share many tips, tricks, predictions and more on our YouTube channel, CryptoBusy, and through this course we aim to take you from not knowing anything in trading all the way to being a proficient trader utilising top strategies that we use on a day to day basis to make consistent profit. Now as anyone who has been in the space for a while can tell you, nothing is guaranteed in cryptocurrency and trading, and it should be noted that 95% of people actually lose money whilst trying to trade. This course aims to put you in that top 5% and with enough dedication and hard work as well as the 6 + hours of content we provide.


Taking it from the start. This will cover all the necessary basics to get you a head start in the world of crypto.

Mindset and Psychology

Mindset is key, and without it you won’t have the competitive edge. CryptoBusy will teach you expectations, mindset and psychology that is required.


This course will cover the exact winning strategies both Josh and Tom use at CryptoBusy that have consistently made profits over the past few years across multiple markets.

CryptoBusy Academy – Pro Trader Course
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