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I’ve earned over 3 Million+ Dollars 💰 from SEO in my career.
My sites received 6 million monthly visitors from Google, Bing, and other referrals.

I’ll show you how to leverage SEO to grow your blog, website, or business in this book. I’ll show you actionable steps in the following topics:

How to do keyword research in 2022 with Free and Paid tools.
How to create and structure content that Google and your visitors will like
How to do on-page and off-page optimization in 2022
How to reverse engineer your competitors.
How to structure your site navigation so search engines and visitors will like it.
How to leverage side projects to gain backlinks and increase your credibility
Link building strategies
SEO Tools you can leverage to speed up the process.
How to use social media (Youtube, Instagram, Twitter) to increase traffic.
What tools to use to build your website, and how to optimize it for speed.
Where (and why) to host your website.
How to monetize your content with Ads, Affiliates, Sponsored content, etc.

Who is this ebook for?
Anybody who wants to get high quality, highly targeted, and sustainable traffic for their website/blog/business.

In this ebook, you’ll find specific tactics based on my ideas and experience.

Csaba Kissi – SEO Tactics 2022
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