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Dan Lok - Unlock the Millionaire Within (10.16 GB)

Last Updated Date: 04-01-2021

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Dan Lok - Unlock the Millionaire Within
01-Week Zero - Prepping for the Course
02-Week One Mindset
03-Week Two Communication
04-Week Three Diagnosing
05-Week Four Overcoming Objections
06-Week Five Pricing
07-Week Six Onboarding
08-Week Seven Delegation
09-Bonus Lead Generation
01-Week Zero - Prepping for the Course
02-recommended reading _ the futur.pdf
03-homework u2013 initial meetings _ the futur.pdf
02-Week One Mindset
01-Context - The Futur.mp4
02-Free Association Exercise - The Futur.mp4
03-E R = O - The Futur.mp4
04-Otto _ Latin - The Futur.mp4
05-Beliefs - The Futur.mp4
06-Chris_ Limiting Beliefs - The Futur.mp4
07-Going Deep - The Futur.mp4
08-Ben_s Limiting Belief - The Futur.mp4
09-Matt_s Limiting Belief - The Futur.mp4
10-Practice Example- Matt - The Futur.mp4
11-Absurdity of Thought - The Futur.mp4
12-Homework - The Futur.mp4
15-lesson 01_ mindset recap what we covered_if you could only take away one thing today it_s this_up next_ _ the fu.pdf
03-Week Two Communication
01-Intro to Communication - The Futur.mp4
02-Communication - The Futur.mp4
03-Assertive Bill of Rights - The Futur.mp4
04-Chris_ Story - The Futur.mp4
05-Why- - The Futur.mp4
06-The Stories of Kier and Ben - The Futur.mp4
07-Warm Up Exercise- Budget Parameters - The Futur.mp4
08-Warm Up Exercise- Raising Your Rates w - and Existing Client.mp4
09-Warm Up Exercise- Contradictory Feedback.mp4
11-Example- Ben and Star Wars.mp4
13-Train of Thought.mp4
16-Exercise- Last Minute Cancelled Plans .mp4
17-Exercise- Slackers in Group Projects.mp4
18-Exercise- Given More Work With Little Instruction.mp4
21-Homework 02- The Art of Communication Exercise.mp4
22-Additional Resources.pdf
24-lesson 02_ recap _ celeste headleehow to speak so that people want to listen.pdf
24.0-Lesson 02 - Recap.pdf
24.1-Lesson 02 - Recap.pdf
24.2-Lesson 02 - Recap.pdf
04-Week Three Diagnosing
01-Intro .mp4
02-Diagnostic Mindset.mp4
03-Book Reference.mp4
04-Immutable Laws.mp4
06-Step 1- Build Rapport.mp4
07-Story- Sales Clerk.mp4
08-The Long Game VS The Quick Win.mp4
09-Step 2- Role-Play.mp4
11-Step 3- The Money Conversation.mp4
12-Role Play- Budget.mp4
13-Step 4- Be Last.mp4
15-Desired Future State.mp4
16-Pitching Fundamentals.mp4
18-Concessions- Ask Questions.mp4
19-Story- Scott.mp4
21-Homework 03 - Diagnosing _ Surfacing Insights Exercise.mp4
22.0-Lesson 03 - Recap.pdf
22.1-Lesson 03 - Recap.pdf
22.2-Lesson 03 - Recap.pdf
24-Bonus Resource- _30k ft View_ First Meeting Worksheet First-Meeting-DLC.pdf
25-Lesson 03- PDF Biz-Bootcamp-wk-03.pdf
26-Additional Resources.pdf
05-Week Four Overcoming Objections
01-BONUS- Week 03 Review.mp4
02-Overcoming Objections.mp4
04-From Desire to Future State.mp4
06-Socratic Six - The Futur.mp4
07-Response Strategies - The Futur.mp4
08-Raging Bull - The Futur.mp4
09-Role-Play- Raging Bull - The Futur.mp4
10-Hall of Mirrors - The Futur.mp4
11-Role-Play- Hall of Mirrors - The Futur.mp4
12-Story- Chris - The Futur.mp4
13-Double Down - The Futur.mp4
14-Role-Play- Questions - The Futur.mp4
15-Role-Play- Double Down - The Futur.mp4
16-Objection Matrix (Writable).pdf
18-lesson 04_ recap _ the futur.pdf
06-Week Five Pricing
01-BONUS- Week 04 Review - The Futur.mp4
02-Pricing Strategies - The Futur.mp4
03-Intro - The Futur.mp4
04-Breakthrough - The Futur.mp4
04-Staffing Tip - The Futur.mp4
05-Bidding Overview - The Futur.mp4
06-Pricing Inputs - The Futur.mp4
07-Master Input Estimate - The Futur.mp4
08-Estimating Time Resources - The Futur.mp4
09-Calendar Bid - The Futur.mp4
10-Bullet Points- Awards - The Futur.mp4
11-Bullet Points- Milestones - The Futur.mp4
12-Scheduling Tip 01 - The Futur.mp4
13-Scheduling Tip 02 - The Futur.mp4
14-Example 01 - The Futur.mp4
15-Dealing With Cost Consultants - The Futur.mp4
16-Pricing Outputs - The Futur.mp4
17-Master Output Bid - The Futur.mp4
18-The Approach 01 - The Futur.mp4
19-Tips - The Futur.mp4
20-Tools - The Futur.mp4
21-Example 02 - The Futur.mp4
22-Value Based Pricing - The Futur.mp4
24-3 Examples - The Futur.mp4
25-Master Value Based Pricing - The Futur.mp4
26-The Approach 02 - The Futur.mp4
27-Role-Play- Isaac - The Futur.mp4
28-Role-Play- Ashley - The Futur.mp4
29-Role-Play- Review - The Futur.mp4
30-Pricing Guidelines - The Futur.mp4
31-Resources - The Futur.mp4
32-Summary - The Futur.mp4
33-Q_A - The Futur.mp4
34-Homework Download- Bid Templates For the Homework- Download these bid templates then customize one for your needs. - The Futur.mp4
35-Basic Business Finances.xlsx
35-Bonus- Basic Business Finances (Minimums) Click the link below, and follow the video above- - The Futur.mp4
07-Week Six Onboarding
01-Closing _ Onboarding - The Futur.mp4
02-Intro - The Futur.mp4
03-Roadmap - The Futur.mp4
04-Value Conversation Recap - The Futur.mp4
05-Pam Green Recap - The Futur.mp4
06-Overview - The Futur.mp4
07-Contract - The Futur.mp4
08-Story- Claire - The Futur.mp4
09-Goal - The Futur.mp4
10-Proposal Examples - The Futur.mp4
11-Contract (MSA) - The Futur.mp4
12-Review - The Futur.mp4
13-Contract Summary Checklist - The Futur.mp4
14-Checklists - The Futur.mp4
15-Delivery - The Futur.mp4
16-Summary - The Futur.mp4
17-Resources - The Futur.mp4
19-Lesson 06_ Recap - .pdf
19-Lesson 06_ Recap 02.pdf
08-Week Seven Delegation
01-Intro - The Futur.mp4
02-Belief - The Futur.mp4
03-Affording Delegation - The Futur.mp4
04-Uncertainty_Scarcity Mindset - The Futur.mp4
05-Benefits - The Futur.mp4
06-Example01 - The Futur.mp4
07-Why Delegate- - The Futur.mp4
08-Tasks to Retain - The Futur.mp4
09-Freelance Roster - The Futur.mp4
10-Freelance Database - The Futur.mp4
11-Questions for Hiring - The Futur.mp4
12-The Brief - The Futur.mp4
13-Checklist VS Parameters - The Futur.mp4
14-Example 02 - The Futur.mp4
15-Giving Feeback - The Futur.mp4
16-Goldilocks Syndrome - The Futur.mp4
17-Broken - Restart - The Futur.mp4
18-Tweak _ Refine - The Futur.mp4
19-Feedback Checklist.mp4
20-Hiring _ Firing.mp4
21-Try Before You Buy.mp4
22-Freelance-Independent Contractors.mp4
27-01 Indepndt Contrctr Agreement FINAL.docx
29-Bonus_ Feeelance Database Sample LINK TO GOOGLE SHEET (Click to Acce.pdf
30-Bonus_ Sample Trello Board LINK TO SAMPLE TRELLO BOARD.pdf
31-TA Session with Ben.mp4
09-Bonus Lead Generation
01-How to Get New Clients- Positioning u2013 Raw Lecture.mp4
02-How to Get New Clients - Positioning PDF Homework-BB4-Positioning-Ben-002 copy.pdf
03-How to Get New Clients- Lead Gen u2013 Raw Lecture.mp4
04- How to Get New Clients - Lead Gen u2013 PDF Homework-03_Lead-Gen-Homework.pdf
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  What You Get:

  Module #1: The Foundation Millionaire Mindset


You may be a fan of mindset-work.

You may not be.

But when a millionaire loses their money, have you ever noticed they can often get it all back – fast? Why?

It’s because they have a millionaire mindset.

Once someone has a millionaire mindset, they can benefit financially for life.



  Module #2: Transform Your Relationship With Money


Believe it or not, wealth first comes from within.

Then when you make the small shifts within, that’s when you finally unlock your true financial potential.



  Module #3: The 9 Laws of Money


You’ve probably heard making money is all about – what?

It’s about giving value.

Yes it’s true – but that advice isn’t always helpful. Now what is helpful is knowing EXACTLY what the laws of money are.

These are the laws that every wealthy person obeys – either consciously or unconsciously.

When you know these laws consciously, you’ll experience abundance faster and easier than you ever thought possible.



  Module #4: Plant and Grow Rich


You and I live in a distracted world.

There is so much conflicting advice on different ways to start a business, get clients, and get marketshare.

However, not all advice is good advice. In this module, you’ll discover the “80/20” of advice you need to take action on to get real results – FAST.



  Module #5: Develop Your High-Income Skills


One of the fastest ways to increase your income is to increase your skill.

In this module, you’ll discover how to develop what I call: “High-Income Skills”. In other words very specific skills where people are earning $10K a month within 6-12 months.



  Module #6: 7 Types Of Income Streams Millionaire Have


Did you know 65% of millionaires have at least three streams of income or more?

In this module, you’ll discover the 7 types of income most millionaires (and even non-millionaires) consider “low-hanging fruit”.



  Module #7: Manage Money Like The Rich


Believe it or not, rich people have the best money managing strategies in the world.

The thing is most people you talk to think you need a lot of money to do these strategies – WRONG!

In this module, you’ll discover how to grow and invest your money exactly like the richest families in the world do.



  Module #8: Leverage A Scalable Business


If you look around, a lot business owners don’t own their businesses…

Their business owns them! In fact, 91% of small business owners work 7 days a week and make less than $250k a year.

So how do you get into the 9% who actually make some decent money?

You’ll discover the business models the fastest and easiest to start.



  Module #9: Invest In High-Return Investments


In this module, we’re not talking about stocks, mutual funds, index funds or cryptocurrency.

We’re talking about what high-return investments actually look like and how to pick the best one to match your goals.



  Module #10: Levels Of Investors



Not all investments are right for all investors. In this module, you’ll discover what secret asset classes and uncommon options you have when you’re at different levels of investing.


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