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Daniel Throssell - Campaign Conqueror (1.76 GB)

Last Updated Date: 04-28-2022

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Daniel Throssell - Campaign Conqueror
00-The Imperial Welcome
01-Part I - My 'Conquering Campaign' Blueprint
02-Part II - Advanced Email Warfare Strategies
03-Part III - Head-To-Head Battle Tactics
04-Part IV - Annals of Email Conquest
00-The Imperial Welcome
01-Ave Imperator!.mp4
02-Caesar's Cheat Sheet.pdf
01-Part I - My 'Conquering Campaign' Blueprint
01-Part I - Watch This First.mp4
02-Become An Instant 'Street Expert' On Launches.mp4
03-The 3 Laws of 'New Email Warfare'.mp4
04-My Secret Campaign Blueprint.mp4
05-The Intel You'll Need To Write A Campaign.mp4
06-How Long To Open Your Cart.mp4
07-The Best Day & Hour To Close Your Cart.mp4
08-Email Strategy, Phase I.mp4
09-Pre-Launch Email Swipe File.pdf
10-Email Strategy, Phase II.mp4
11-'Cart Open Email' Swipe File.pdf
12-Email Strategy, Phase III.mp4
13-'Last Call Email' Swipe File.pdf
14-How To Write A Campaign Sales Email.mp4
15-Email Ideas Report & Swipe Index.pdf
16-Live or Pre-Written.mp4
17-Should You Suppress Buyers.mp4
18-Dealing With Unsubscribes.mp4
19-The Magic Tech Tool For Automating Your Sales Window.mp4
20-Reusing A Campaign.mp4
21-Writing Your Campaign's Sales Page.mp4
02-Part II - Advanced Email Warfare Strategies
01-Part II - Watch This First.mp4
02-The 6 Iron-Clad Rules Of Offers.mp4
03-The Worldu2019s Most Underrated Trick For Juicing Up Your Offer.mp4
04-The Stars Aligned Secret Of Sales Narratives.mp4
05-Turn Your Campaign Into A Cause.mp4
06-How To Smother Your Email Campaigns In 'Eyeball Glue'.mp4
07-How To Add Value By Removing Value.mp4
08-Why Fast-Action Bonuses Can Be A Terrible Idea!.mp4
09-The 'Trump x Hitler' Strategy.mp4
10-How To Profit Handily.mp4
11-How To Sell Hard.mp4
12-How To Use These Strategies To Win Contests, etc.mp4
13-[BONUS] The 'Referral Magnet' Strategy.mp4
03-Part III - Head-To-Head Battle Tactics
01-Part III - Watch This First.mp4
02-How To Beat People Who Have Far Bigger Lists & Reputations.mp4
03-Two 'Captain Obvious' Email Strategies.mp4
04-Render People Incapable Of Giving Money To Anyone But You!.mp4
05-Instantly Position Yourself As The Most Attractive Affiliate.mp4
06-Create Value Out Of Thin Air With 'Offer Framing'.mp4
07-How To Get A 100% Upsell Conversion Rate!.mp4
08-Go Forth And CONQUER!.mp4
04-Part IV - Annals of Email Conquest
01-Black Friday 2021.pdf
02-Black Friday 2021 Sales Page.pdf
03-CopyJunto Launch (2021).pdf
04-Email Celebrity Launch (2021).pdf
05-'3rd Baby Sale' (2021).pdf
06-'What's Working Now In Copywriting' Affiliate Promo (2021).pdf
07-'Growth Copywriting Bundle' Affiliate Promo (2021).pdf
08-Upwork in One Hour Launch (2021).pdf
09-Market Detective Launch (2020).pdf
10-Email Copywriting Compendium Launch (2020).pdf
11-Black Friday 2020.pdf
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Part I: My ‘Conquering Campaign’ Blueprint
In this section — which you can get through in a little over an hour — I give you my ENTIRE end-to-end blueprint for writing email campaigns for myself OR any client.

I’ve put it at the start to give you a ‘quick win’…

Because by the end of it, you will know almost everything I do about writing an effective email campaign.

You’ll know:

How to calculate your cart-open duration for any sale
The best day and even time to close your cart
EXACTLY how many emails to send on each day of the campaign (based on two factors I’ll tell you how to measure)
The 4 things you need to find out from your client before you write a campaign
When to suppress buyers from sales emails — and when not to
How “launch” emails should differ from the “regular” emails you send your list (trust me, you will NOT work this out just by watching what I do and trying to ‘deconstruct’ it — you’ll see when I tell you)
What to write in your launch emails — and how they should change over the course of the campaign
How to get away with sending 8 emails in a day — and have people LOVE you for it
How to ‘recycle’ previously-written campaigns without burning out your list
How to predict ahead of time how many sales you’ll get on each day of a campaign — and how to bend the “sales curve” at will
How to write a sales page for your campaign (and how to work out if you even need one at all!)
And a LOT more!
Part II: Advanced Email Warfare Strategies
In Part II, I get more advanced, and assume you have total control not just over the copy … but also over the offer, and how you package, frame & present it.

I also give you some more controversial (but DEVASTATINGLY effective 😈) techniques for massively jacking up your response & sales. You do not HAVE to use these (and if you’re squeamish about a little online hate, I recommend you don’t) … but BOY are they effective.

You’ll know:

How to adapt my framework for promoting websites … winning contests … launching bestselling books … or anything where it would help to have a huge mob of people doing your bidding
The 6 iron-clad rules of offers that BLOW the barn doors off
The UNBELIEVABLE selling power of a “star-aligned” offer << This might just be the most powerful lesson in this course…
How to make buying from you a virtuous “cause” your customers RALLY behind
Two simple ways to make your campaign more entertaining than NETFLIX!
How to ADD value to your offer by literally REMOVING value
Why adding ‘fast-action’ bonuses can be a TERRIBLE idea…
How to make your campaign go VIRAL with the “Trump x Hitler” strategy << I nearly did NOT include this lesson in the course, because it’s one of my most powerful secrets for getting free attention — and no, it’s not just “be controversial”
How to profit even from people who DON’T buy your offer…
And more!
Part III: Head-To-Head Battle Tactics
In Part III I reveal my strategies that are specifically adapted to going head-to-head with other affiliates in affiliate sales contests … and outselling them.

Admittedly, you may never participate in an affiliate contest like this.

But some of these techniques are so powerful (like my “offer framing” secret), I can almost guarantee you’ll use them elsewhere.

You’ll discover:

How to beat people with FAR bigger lists & reputations…
Two “Captain Obvious” strategies for making MORE sales than anyone else…
How to render people physically incapable of giving money to anyone but YOU…
Three ways to INSTANTLY position yourself as the best affiliate to buy from…
How to literally create value out of THIN AIR with “offer framing”…
How to get a 100% upsell conversion rate…
And more!
Part IV: The “Annals of Email Conquest”
I’ve saved the best for last…

Because included in Campaign Conqueror is a FULL library of ALL the successful email campaigns I’ve written for my own business.

But you don’t just get a “swipe file”…

Every single campaign comes with a full “Campaign Report” where I give you my commentary … subscriber data … full open & click rates for every email … sales chart … a breakdown of the campaign structure … send times & dates … and MORE!

And I gotta tell ya … ThIs PaRt ALoNe CouLd Be WoRtH ThE EnTiRe CoSt Of ThE CoUrSe!!! 🤪

Seriously though … when you see it, you’ll be blown away at having such a fully-stocked library of proven campaigns at your fingertips.

Even if there were something I had forgotten to teach you in the course … well, with the Annals of Email Conquest, you don’t even NEED me.

You can study some of the industry’s most successful email campaigns “from the inside” for yourself!

Daniel Throssell – Campaign Conqueror
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