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Last Updated Date: 11-21-2021

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Diana Ratliff - Google News Sites 4 Profit
0 Introduction to the Course, Including How to Monetize!.mp4
1 - Course Introduction.mp4
2 - Decisions you will make before setting up your Google News site, including hosting and themes..mp4
3 - Walk-through of a Google News Site built in WordPress.mp4
3.5 - RSS Feeds - what they are, how to find them.mp4
4 - Submitting to Google Publisher Center.mp4
4.5 - Handling Site Rejections.mp4
5 - What to do AFTER Google approves your site.mp4
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“In case you are seeking to bounce on the (*4*) News revenue practice, then this coaching is for you! Diana is aware of what works and what would not. This can prevent a ton of time and complications.

These websites will be monetized other ways so do not hesitate to get began NOW.

Actually, this can be a gold rush that (*4*) has made obtainable. Free site visitors on demand from a (*4*) News web site in your area of interest. Close to-prompt indexing and SERP outcomes. And Diana makes it tremendous easy.” – Marcus Cudd

(*4*) News Sites 4:Profit
Constructing websites that (*4*) TRUSTS
will pay large dividends for your online business.

Learn to Construct – and Monetize! – a (*4*) News Web site

On this NEW course, you may Study:

What (*4*) News Sites are
How one can generate income from them, together with the quickest method I do know to show a $9 area into $150
What (*4*) seems to be for to approve your web site
How one can use completely different web site-constructing instruments for (*4*) News, comparable to WordPress (together with YTE) and YIVE Sites
How one can submit your web site to (*4*) Writer Heart
What to do in case your publication is rejected
What to do AFTER your web site is permitted
Concepts and methods that will help you generate income along with your new web site(s)


“Diana’s course will present you the right way to get a web site permitted as a (*4*) News web site. I like that it’s straight to the purpose with little or no fluff. I paid about $500 for an additional course on this matter, however desire Diana’s! I’d positively advocate this if you wish to get began with (*4*) information websites.” – John Rodriguez

“Wow. My first information web site is LIVE! 2 days to create and one other 2 days to get permitted. Thanks , Diana Ratliff, for this superior information and all of the assist you present. Time to construct extra of those.” – Rudy Papsik

“Diana’s course offers you a really robust basis on what you should do to get your websites permitted in (*4*) News. For those who observe the video directions, you should have no issues getting your websites permitted. I’ve obtained dozens of websites permitted doing precisely what she teaches in her straightforward to observe video coaching.” – Roy Hendershot

Diana Ratliff – Google News Sites 4 Profit
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