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Last Updated Date: 04-25-2022

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Digital Marketer - Digital Marketing Mastery 2022
01-Digital Marketing Mastery
02-Predictable Selling System- The Ultimate Funnel Building Swipe File
01-Digital Marketing Mastery
01-Core Concepts of Digital Marketing
02-Knowing Your Customer
03-The Customer Value Journey
04-Content Marketing
05-Social Media Marketing
06-Digital Advertising
07-Search Marketing
08-Email Marketing
09-Community Management
10-Data & Optimization
02-Predictable Selling System- The Ultimate Funnel Building Swipe File
01-Core Concepts
02-Architecting Your Ideal Sales Conversation
03-Identifying The Triggering Event
04-Building Your Entry-Point Offers
05-Constructing Your Predictable Selling System
06-Launching and Scaling Your Selling System
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This course is hands down, the most comprehensive digital marketing training in the industry today.

We start by making sure you get crystal clear on the most important part of any digital marketing plan:

Your customers.

And to do that, we kick things off by mastering 3 foundational topics:

The Customer Avatar Canvas – WHO your ideal customers are
The Core Message Canvas – WHAT your business offers to your customers
The Customer Value Journey – HOW your customers interact with your message
Then, with instructors who are T-shaped marketers themselves, we’ll take an in-depth look at the core digital marketing competencies, including:

Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Community Management
Digital Advertising
Data & Optimization
Search Marketing
Furthermore, the instructors relate each specialty back to the stages of the Customer Value Journey so that you can see how all areas of digital marketing do their job of attracting, converting, and ascending customers.

Not just once, but as a machine that turns your prospects into leads, and leads into customers.

After earning your Digital Marketing Specialist Certificate you’ll have the tools to effectively reach your (or your clients’) target audience through a full-scope marketing strategy.

Your Path to Becoming a Marketing MVP

Up to now, our newest and most comprehensive marketing course was only offered for a limited time to new DigitalMarketer Lab subscribers.

But now, we’re making it available to purchase on its own for the lowest price it will ever be.

Meaning there will never be a better time to become a T-shaped marketer who can confidently:

Create a marketing strategy from A-Z for yourself and your clients
Lead a team of marketing professionals who understand how their roles work together
Collaborate with colleagues to create winning strategies that form a cohesive marketing plan
The Digital Marketing Mastery Certification is your competitive edge, and the pathway to bigger and better opportunities.


With our engaging and instructional approach to marketing training, a newly-minted T-shaped marketer like you might be tempted to quit your day job for the greener pastures of SEO or Community Management.

But even if you don’t, you’ll know precisely how to implement those respective skills into your existing or desired marketing profession.

Course Details
The Digital Marketing Mastery Course is the most comprehensive digital marketing training in the industry. In this 16-hour course, you’ll learn the foundation of DigitalMarketer’s curriculum and get certified as a Digital Marketing Specialist.

Core Concepts of Digital Marketing
Learn the role of digital marketing and how to leverage it in today’s business world.

Knowing Your Customer
Build out a Core Message Canvas and Customer Avatar Canvas and finally get clear on who you’re selling to.

Customer Value Journey
Discover the steps in your marketing plan that seamlessly moves a person from lead, to paying customer, to raving fan.

Content Marketing
Learn which types of content to use to attract your audience and leverage content marketing strategies to grow your business.

Social Media
Gain a basic, clear understanding of how to use social media to build real relationships with your audience.

Digital Advertising
Dive into paid traffic strategies, landing pages, copy and ad design elements, and how these functions work together to bring prospects to your pages.

Search Marketing
Use SEO strategies to generate better rankings on search engines, and free organic traffic to your site.

Email Marketing
Learn how to create email campaigns that get opened, get clicked, and convert passive list subscribers into active customers.

Community Management
Go in depth into how to build a thriving online community that positively impacts your business’ bottom line.

Data & Optimization
Discover the data and optimization tactics to find which marketing techniques work best for your business and customers.

Digital Marketer – Digital Marketing Mastery 2022
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