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Last Updated Date: 04-19-2022

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Digital Marketer - Paid Traffic Mastery 2022
01-Core Concepts of Paid Traffic
02-Your Tech Stack
03-Crafting Your Campaign Assets
04-Google Ads
05-YouTube Ads
06-Facebook Ad Network
07-Scaling Your Ads
01-Core Concepts of Paid Traffic
00-Customer Avatar Canvas Worksheet.pdf
00-Customer Value Journey Worksheet.pdf
00-Paid Traffic Mastery - Certification Study Guide.pdf
00-Paid Traffic Mastery - Pacing Calendar.pdf
00-Paid Traffic Mastery - Workbook.pdf
01-The Goal.mp4
02-The What & Why.mp4
03-The Benefits of Paid Traffic.mp4
04-The Disadvantages of Paid Traffic.mp4
05-The Core Concepts of Paid Traffic.mp4
06-The Jargon Script.mp4
07-Paid Traffic vs Organic Traffic.mp4
08-Before You Run Traffic.mp4
09-Machine Learning.mp4
02-Your Tech Stack
01-Your Tech Stack.mp4
02-Your Website.mp4
03-Conversion Actions.mp4
04-Customer Relationship Management (CRM).mp4
05-Tracking and Analytics.mp4
06-The Traffic Store.mp4
07-Google Ads.mp4
08-Facebook Ads.mp4
09-Other Channels.mp4
10-Call to Action.mp4
03-Crafting Your Campaign Assets
01-The Goal.mp4
02-Ads Along the Customer Value Journey.mp4
03-Customer Avatar Canvas.mp4
04-Offer Attributes.mp4
05-High Converting Ad Copy.mp4
06-Ad Creatives.mp4
08-Call to Action.mp4
04-Google Ads
01-Getting Started With Google Ads.mp4
02-Google Setup.mp4
03-Conversion Tracking in Ads.mp4
04-Conversion Tracking in Tag Manager.mp4
05-Google Ads Structure.mp4
06-Keyword Strategy.mp4
07-Keyword Match Type.mp4
08-Google Ads Campaign Setup.mp4
11-Bid Strategy.mp4
12-Management & Optimization.mp4
13-Call to Action.mp4
05-YouTube Ads
01-The Goal.mp4
02-Why YouTube Works.mp4
03-Getting Started With YouTube Ads.mp4
04-Funnels & Websites.mp4
05-Metrics & Conversion.mp4
06-Creatives & Audiences.mp4
07-Bid Strategy.mp4
08-Optimizations & Management.mp4
09-Call to Action.mp4
06-Facebook Ad Network
01-The Goal.mp4
02-Your Business on Facebook.mp4
03-Getting Started with Facebook Ads.mp4
04-Understanding Facebook Compliance.mp4
05-Campaign Structure.mp4
06-Creating an Ad Campaign.mp4
07-Choosing Your Budget.mp4
08-Creating an Ad Set.mp4
09-Creating Ads.mp4
10-The Facebook Pixel.mp4
11-Tracking with New Privacy Changes.mp4
13-Daily Optimization.mp4
14-Scaling Your Ads.mp4
15-Call to Action.mp4
07-Scaling Your Ads
01-Understanding Your Numbers.mp4
04-Data Analysis.mp4
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7 Core Modules
72 Video Lessons
Paid Traffic Mastery Workbook that includes notes, tools, templates, and worksheets.
Traffic System Planning Canvas to plan campaigns for every “temperature” of lead
A Tech Stack checklist
Customer Avatar Worksheet to ideate your ideal customers
Customer Value Journey Worksheet for designing a marketing plan that turns cold traffic into customers & brand advocates
Paid Traffic Mastery Pacing Calendar for bite-sized lesson planning that fits into your busy schedule
Paid Traffic Mastery Study Guide to ensure you pass the course with flying colors
Module 1 – Core Concepts of Paid Traffic
Module 2 – Your Tech Stack
Module 3 – Crafting Your Campaign Assets
Module 4 – Google Ads
Module 5 – YouTube Ads
Module 6 – Facebook Ad Network
Module 7 – Scaling Your Ads

Digital Marketer – Paid Traffic Mastery 2022
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