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Ed Leake - God Tier Agency Scaling (1.37 GB)

Last Updated Date: 04-20-2022

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Ed Leake - God Tier Agency Scaling
01-Financial Planning
02-Inbound Prospecting
03-Outbound Prospecting
04-Sales Conversion
06-Client Retention
00-Quick intro, please watch!.mp4
01-Financial Planning
01-Introduction to the 'Backwards Business Plan'.mp4
02-Working Through the Plan.mp4
03-Tracking Progress.mp4
04-The Backwards Business Plan Template File.xlsx
02-Inbound Prospecting
01-Introduction to the Inbound Funnel.mp4
02-Framework, Ads & Audience.mp4
03-Landing Page, VSL & Calls.mp4
03-Outbound Prospecting
01-Outbound Prospecting Introduction.mp4
02-Prospecting Philosphy (Important).mp4
03-List Building.mp4
04-Your Outreach Messaging.mp4
05-Results Based Email Template.pdf
06-Results Based Email.mp4
07-PPC Ad Lab Outreach Email.pdf
08-Market Report Outreach.mp4
09-Free Help Offer Email Prospecting Sequence.pdf
10-Another Example.mp4
11-Setting-up the Tech.mp4
12-The Email Warm-up.mp4
13-Importing Your Prospects.mp4
14-Creating & Sending Your Campaign.mp4
15-Cold Email Technical Sign-off.pdf
16-BONUS - PPC Ad Lab Step-by-Step.mp4
04-Sales Conversion
01-Introduction & Red Flags.mp4
02-Step 1 - The Discovery & Audit.mp4
03-Step 2 - The Review & Close.mp4
04-100 Percent Close Rate Script.pdf
05-2-page Agreement Template.docx
01-Client Onboarding Overview.mp4
02-Part 1 - Asana Import.mp4
03-Asana Customisations.mp4
04-Client Onboarding Checklist - Asana.csv
05-Part 1 - ClickUp Import.mp4
06-Part 2 - ClickUp Import.mp4
07-ClickUp Customisations.mp4
06-Client Retention
01-100-day Communication Schedule.pdf
02-6-Month Rentention Roadmap.pdf
03-Your u2018Sleep Wellu2019 Guide to Performance Concerns.docx
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A no nonsense training series for freelancers and agency owners – to get more leads, consistently close the sale, onboard your new clients – successfully and without confusion – and retain them for longer, by using tried and tested processes.

I guarantee that if you put just some of this material to use, you will see the reward.

Ed Leake – God Tier Agency Scaling
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