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Flowium - Life Cycle Course (1.88 GB)

Last Updated Date: 07-30-2021

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Flowium - Life Cycle Course
0 Era Of Relevance
0 Overview
1 Strategy
2 Copy
3 Design
4 Implementation
5 Evaluate & Optimize
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#6089 - 'Optin methods I Flowium'.pdf
#6090 - 'Email guidelines explanation I Flowium'.pdf
#6091 - 'Footer message I Flowium'.pdf
#6092 - 'Opt in forms I Flowium'.pdf
#6093 - 'Surveys I Flowium'.pdf
#6094 - 'Share it with copywriter I Flowium'.pdf
#6095 - 'Checklist I Flowium'.pdf
01 _ Pre-Purchase (aka Welcome) V2.5.docx
02 _ Exit Intent - V2.5.docx
03 _ Abandonment Cart V2.5.docx
04 _ Post Purchase [New Customer] V2.5.docx
05 _ Bounce Back V2.5.docx
06 _ 2X Buyer [Repeat Customer] V2.5.docx
07 _ Win Back V2.5.docx
08 _ Browse Abandonment V2.5.docx
09 _ Sunset V2.5.docx
0 Era Of Relevance
1-We are living in the u2018Era of Relevanceu2019 - Flowium.mp4
2-The downside of email irrelevance - Flowium.mp4
3-Customer life cycle - Flowium.mp4
4-Your customers feel valued and You feel in control - Flowium.mp4
5-Better numbers, more revenue - Flowium.mp4
6-Benchmark - Flowium.ts
0 Overview
1-Andriy Boychuk - Flowium.mp4
2-Course in 5 modules - Flowium.mp4
3-How to take this course - Flowium.mp4
4-Video length up to 15 minutes - Flowium.mp4
5-Closed Community - Flowium.mp4
6-Technology is overrated - Flowium.ts
1 Strategy
1-Strategy overview - Flowium.mp4
2-Optin methods - Flowium.mp4
4-Exit intent flow - Flowium.mp4
5-Abandonment cart flow - Flowium.mp4
6-Post purchase flow - Flowium_2.ts
7-Bounce Back - Flowium_2.ts
8-2x buyers flow - Flowium.ts
9-Browser abandonment flow - Flowium.ts
10-Win back flow - Flowium.mp4
11-Sunset flow - Flowium.mp4
2 Copy
1Module breakdown - Flowium.mp4
2-Email guidelines explanation - Flowium.mp4
3-Footer message - Flowium.mp4
4-Opt in forms - Flowium.mp4
5-Surveys - Flowium.ts
6-Share it with copywriter - Flowium.ts
3 Design
1- Module breakdown m3 - Flowium.mp4
2-Template structure - Flowium.mp4
3-Hero images - Flowium.mp4
4-Let's Design_Build it - Flowium.mp4
5-Text based emails - Flowium.ts
6-Form Design - Flowium.ts
7-Form Builder - Flowium.ts
4 Implementation
1-Checklist - Flowium.mp4
2-Email templates - Flowium.mp4
3-Forms - Flowium.mp4
4-Pre purchase aka welcome flow - Flowium.mp4
5-Exit intent flow - Flowium.mp4
6-Abandonment cart flow - Flowium.ts
7-Post purchase flow - Flowium_2.ts
8-Bounce back flow - Flowium.ts
9-2x buyers flow - Flowium.ts
10-Browser abandonment flow - Flowium.mp4
11-Win back flow - Flowium.mp4
12-Sunset flow - Flowium.mp4
5 Evaluate & Optimize
1-Split test structure - Flowium.mp4
2-Split test criteria - Flowium.mp4
3-Split test subject lines - Flowium.mp4
4-Split test offer % vs $ amount - Flowium.mp4
5-Split test time delays - Flowium.ts
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Module 1. Technique
From years of expertise, we’ve developed an method that removes the guesswork when establishing your foundational emails.

What it requires is an understanding of what stage of the client lifecycle your buyer’s in and making use of it to each e-mail sequence you arrange.

Module 2. Copy
Discover ways to create participating, vibrant copy for choose-in types, emails for flows, surveys, and every thing in between.

Try profitable shopper examples, entry useful e-mail templates, and be taught to jot down flawless footer messages (that high-quality print on the backside of each e-mail).

Work on the copy your self or simply move our tips that break down what to incorporate in every e-mail alongside to knowledgeable author.

Module 3. Design
Flowium Lead Electronic mail Designer Marcy Chu will be part of our CEO Andriy Boychuk to speak all issues design.

We’ll break down our fundamental e-mail templates and stroll you thru some actual life examples of find out how to modify a single template to work for each e-mail in a marketing campaign.

We’ll additionally get into the significance of Hero Pictures, when to make use of textual content-primarily based emails, and educate you find out how to construct types utilizing Klaviyo’s Type Builder.

Module 4. Implementation
It’s time to place your technique into motion!

This step has its justifiable share of sticking factors, so we’ve constructed a transparent path that you would be able to observe (or use to successfully outsource this important step).

We’ll offer you a downloadable Klaviyo arrange guidelines to seek the advice of earlier than implementing each stream and use element-packed movies to indicate you find out how to flip your technique, copy, and design into accomplished flows in Klaviyo.

Module 5. Consider & Optimize
It’s time to begin break up testing.

To get essentially the most out of your e-mail technique, it’s good to enhance your method iteration by iteration.

We’ll educate you find out how to use a wide range of metrics to research and enhance your efficiency. We’ll additionally cowl find out how to execute a profitable check e-mail, what information to concentrate on, and when to regulate and optimize your flows.

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