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Last Updated Date: 04-01-2021

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Frank Kern - Omnipresence
01-Let's Get Some Sales
02-High Level Fellowship
05-Beginner's Luck Facebook Ads
06-Video Black Box
01-Let's Get Some Sales
01-Week One
02-Week Two
03-Week Two Day Nine BONUS- Copy and VSL Outlines And Tutorials
04-Day Ten [FIVE VIDEOS!] (4-14-20)
05-Day Eleven (4-16-20)
06-Day Twelve (4-17-20)
07- Week Three Day 13 (4-20-20)
08-Day 14 (4-21-20)
09-Day 15 (4-22-20)
10-Day 16 (4-23-20)
11-Day 17 (4-24-20)
12-Week Four Day Eighteen
13-Day Nineteen (4-28-20)
14-Day Twenty (4-29-20)
15-Day Twenty One (4-30-20)
16-Day Twenty Two (5-1-20)
17- Week Five Day Twenty Three
18-Day Twenty Four
19-Day Twenty Five
20-Day Twenty Six
21-Day Twenty Seven
22-Week Six Day Twenty Eight
23-Day Twenty Nine
24-Day Thirty
02-High Level Fellowship
01-Week 1 - Vision
02-Week 2 - Deep Dive Into The Models
04-Week 3 - Gettin' 'er done! (Excellent News!)
05-Week 4- Positioning (And Tying It All Together!)
06-Week 5 - Automation And Traffic
07-Week 6 - Traffic
08-Week Seven - Converting Prospects Into Sales
01-DAY 1
02-DAY 2
02-The Psychological Light Switches(1).mp4
02-The Psychological Light Switches.mp4
03-Video Black Box.mp4
04-The Revenue Expander.mp4
05-Beginner's Luck Facebook Ads
06-Video Black Box
01-The Course
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One of the greatest ways to totally dominate any market is for your prospects to see you EVERYWHERE. And right now, you can access my OMNIPRESENCE training that shows you how to do just that: Create Celebrity positioning in your marketplace by being everywhere your prospects turn. This training has never been released as a standalone training before …and was previously only available as part of a $3,997 class.


01-Let’s Get Some Sales
02-High Level Fellowship
05-Beginner’s Luck Facebook Ads
06-Video Black Box

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