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Last Updated Date: 03-03-2021

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Freak Forex Fundamentals
1 Whats Inside
2 Supply _ Demand Trading
1 Whats Inside
1 GDP (Gross Domestic Product).mp4
1 GDP (Gross Domestic Product).png
2 Retail Sales.mp4
2 Retail Sales.png
3 Inflation.mp4
3 Inflation.png
4 Labour Market.mp4
4 Labour Market.png
5 Central Banks.mp4
5 Central Banks.png
6 Hawks _ Doves.mp4
6 Hawks _ Doves.png
7 Central Banks _ Monetary Policy Divergence.mp4
7 Central Banks _ Monetary Policy Divergence.png
8 Building A Picture With Central Bank Information.mp4
9 Central Bank Action Example.mp4
10 Central Bank Rate Decision Example - FOMC Cut Rates.mp4
11 Global Economic Slowdown.mp4
11 Global Economic Slowdown.png
12 Correlating Economies and Currencies.mp4
12 Correlating Economies and Currencies.png
13 Commodity Linked Currencies.mp4
13 Commodity Linked Currencies.png
14 Bond Market Correlation To Currency Market.mp4
14 Bond Market Correlation To Currency Market.png
15 Geopolitical Events.mp4
15 Geopolitical Events.png
16 Geopolitical Impact On Market (Examples).mp4
17 Safe-haven Currencies.mp4
17 Safe-haven Currencies.png
18 Safe-haven Currencies Market Example.mp4
19 Stock Market u2013 Currency Correlation.mp4
19 Stock Market u2013 Currency Correlation.png
20 Market Flash Crash.mp4
21 Economic Calendar.mp4
2 Supply _ Demand Trading
1 Introduction to Supply _ Demand Trading.png
2 Finding Demand.mp4
3 Finding Supply.mp4
4 Time Frames.mp4
5 Economic Event Example 1.mp4
6 Economic Event Example 2.mp4
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