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Last Updated Date: 04-25-2022

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Gold Minds Global - 5 Day Program
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Your Teacher: Dimitri Wallace
Dimitri is well regarded in the FOREX trading community and has helped many individuals throughout the world for free of charge. This experience showed him that there was a demand for his educational services that stretched across national boundaries and this led to the creation of Gold Minds Global Inc. (“GMG”). Even without the benefit of paid advertising, Dimitri has over 20,000 followers. He has taken his message across the world including Asia where he speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese. A countless number of students domestically and internationally have seen successful results by using his methods.

Gold Minds Global is an industry leader, providing invaluable and cutting-edge information on the FOREX market.
GMG does not provide financial advice; it simply aims to equip traders with the best assortment of informational tools to enable them to make prudent business decisions when they are navigating the turbulent liquidity of the FOREX marketplace.
Your Instructor: Dimitri Wallace
5 Live Classes with Dimitri
The 5 Day Program features one-hour online (LIVE) webinars over the course of five days.

Gold Minds Global – 5 Day Program
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