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Last Updated Date: 09-21-2021

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Grace Lever - The Kickstart Project
01-Introductory Module.mp4
01-Introductory Module.pdf
01-Setting Lifestyle Goals Worksheet.pdf
02-Bonus #2 - The Sales Consult Cure.mp4
02-Bonus #2 - The Sales Consult Cure.pdf
03-Bonus #3 - My 7-Figure Email Swipe Files.mp4
04-Day #1 - The Friendly Hello.pdf
04-Day #2 - Your Authentic Anecdote.pdf
04-Day #3 - Your Light Bulb Moment.pdf
04-Day #4 - The Secret Perks.pdf
04-Lead Magnet Nurture.mp4
05-Day #5 - Urgency & CTA.pdf
05-Pre-Consult Nurture (No App Form).mp4
05-Pre-Consult Nurture (No App Form).pdf
05-Step 1 - Email u2013 1 Hr After.pdf
05-Step 2 - Text u2013 1 Hr After.pdf
05-Step 3a - Email u2013 1 Day After - Last email reminder before cancelling consult.pdf
05-Step 3b - Email u2013 1 Day After - Email after consult has been cancelled.pdf
06-Pre-Consult Nurture (App Form).mp4
06-Pre-Consult Nurture (App Form).pdf
06-Step 1 - Text u2013 Immediately.pdf
06-Step 2 - Email u2013 1hr After.pdf
06-Step 3 - Email u2013 2 Days Before.pdf
06-Step 4 - Email u2013 1 Day Before.pdf
06-Step 5 - Text u2013 30 Mins Before.pdf
07-Bonus #4 - The Ultimate Program - Brain Dump.mp4
07-Bonus #4 - The Ultimate Program - Brain Dump.pdf
07-Stage 1a u2013 Face-to-Face 1-1.mp4
07-Stage 1b - Outsourcing.mp4
07-Stage 1b - Outsourcing.pdf
07-Stage 1c - Moving Between Milestones.mp4
07-Stage 1c - Moving Between Milestones.pdf
07-Stage 1d - Handover.mp4
07-Stage 1d - Handover.pdf
08-Stage 2a u2013 Online 1-1.mp4
08-Stage 2b - Communicating Between Sessions.mp4
08-Stage 2b - Communicating Between Sessions.pdf
08-Stage 2c - Handover.mp4
08-Stage 2c - Handover.pdf
09-Stage 3a u2013 Online 1-Many.mp4
10-Stage 3b - Content Production.mp4
10-Stage 3b - Content Production.pdf
10-Stage 3b - Content Production.xlsx
11-Stage 3c - Video Creation.mp4
11-Stage 3c - Video Creation.pdf
12-Stage 3d - Editing & Hosting Video Content.mp4
12-Stage 3d - Editing & Hosting Video Content.pdf
12-Stage 3d - Video Editing Tips.pdf
13-Canva + Fiverr.pdf
13-Stage 3e - Brain Dump.pdf
13-Stage 3e - Creating & Hosting Downloadables.mp4
13-Stage 3e - Creating & Hosting Downloadables.pdf
14-Building The Portal - Clickfunnels.mp4
15-Building The Portal - Wordpress.mp4
16-Bonus #5 - Doeru2019s Black Book.pdf
17-Bonus #6 - Facebook Advanced Workshop.mp4
17-Bonus #6 - Facebook Advanced Workshop.pdf
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The Kickstart Project
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What should you may ditch all of the complicated advertising and marketing methods…Ditch the overwhelming enterprise techniques…
And study the identical system Grace used to construct a extremely profitable teaching enterprise that is attracted over 7,000 prospects?

Now you possibly can inside The Kickstart Project!

This is What You will Get:
Discover ways to embrace the 7-determine Feminine Entrepreneur mindset and keep away from the traps, errors and roadblocks many fall into;
Outline your why, your message and your “voice”, even in a saturated market;
Uncover the three levels within the evolution of a profitable coach or marketing consultant and study the steps you might want to take to grasp your stage;
Be taught the Energy of One and uncover how easy enterprise constructing may be should you concentrate on the fitting issues in the fitting order;
Entry the last word Doers Toolkit to study and implement the identical instruments we use to construct a multi-million greenback way of life enterprise;
Plan your earnings targets and perceive the 5 easy numbers each entrepreneur MUST know

Grace Lever – The Kickstart Project
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