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Last Updated Date: 10-22-2020

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Greg Gunn - Color For Creatives
01. Welcome.mp4
02. What You'll Need.mp4
03. The Power of Color.mp4
04. The Science of Color.mp4
05. It's All Relative.mp4
06.1. Bad Value.psd
06.2. Good Value.psd
06. The Value of Value.mp4
07.1 Color For Creatives - Color Glossary.pdf
07. The ABC's of RGB (and CMYK).mp4
08. Color Harmony.mp4
09.1 Color For Creative - Sketch.png
09. A Palette With Purpose.mp4
10.1 Color For Creatives - Color
10. How To Steal Colors.mp4
11.1 Color For Creatives - Color
11. Make It Your Own.mp4
12.1 Color For Creatives - Swatches Part 1.ase
12. Save It For Later.mp4
13. Finding The Balance.mp4
14.1 Color For Creatives - Flat
14. Laying Flat Color.mp4
15. Focus and Expand.mp4
16. Rearrange and Refine.mp4
17. Rearrange and Refine (Pt. 2).mp4
18.1 Color For Creatives - Flat Color
18. Put Your Values In Check.mp4
19.1 Color For Creatives - Swatches.ase
19.2 Color For Creatives -
19. Get Shady.mp4
20. Global Colors (Adobe Illustrator).mp4
21. Recolor Artwork (Adobe Illustrator).mp4
22. Color Balance (Adobe Illustrator-Photoshop).mp4
23. Value Check (Adobe Illustrator).mp4
24. Gray and Overlay.mp4
25. A Quick Note Before You Go.mp4
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