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Jack Butcher - Design Fundamentals
0 - Context Setting
1 - Why Visuals Work
2- Visualizing Value
3 -Elements
4 - The Tools
5 - Publishing Your Work
6 - Execution
0 - Context Setting
0 - Context Setting
1 - Why Visuals Work
1 - Why Visuals Work
2- Visualizing Value
1 The Visualize Value Process.mp4
1 The Visualize Value Process.txt
2 Visualizing Value via Symbols.pdf
2.1 Visualizing Value via Symbols.jpeg
2.2 Visualizing Value via Symbols.jpeg
2.3 Visualizing Value via Symbols.jpeg
3 Visualizing Value via Comparison.jpeg
3 Visualizing Value via Comparison.pdf
4 Visualizing Value via Metaphor.jpeg
5 Visualizing Value via Scale.pdf
5.1 Visualizing Value via Scale.jpeg
5.2 Visualizing Value via Scale.jpeg
6 Visualizing the Value of a Service.mp4
6 Visualizing the Value of a Service.pdf
3 -Elements
1 Designing a Content System.mp4
1 Designing a Content System.pdf
1.1 Typography.jpeg
1.2 Restraint.jpeg
1.3 Alignment.jpeg
1.4 Image Treatment.jpeg
1.5 Negative space.jpeg
2 Typography.mp4
2.1 Typography.jpeg
2.2 Serif.jpeg
2.3 Typographic Hierarchy.jpeg
3 Restraint.jpeg
3 Restraint.pdf
4 Alignment.jpeg
4 Alignment.mp4
4 Alignment.pdf
4 Visualizing Value via Metaphor.pdf
5 Image Treatment.mp4
5 Image Treatment.pdf
6 Negative Space.jpeg
6 Negative Space.pdf
4 - The Tools
1 Figma Basics.mp4
1 Figma Basics.pdf
2 Google Fonts.mp4
2 Google Fonts.pdf
3 Consistent Content Brands.pdf
3.1 Consistent Content Brands.jpeg
3.2 Consistent Content Brands.jpeg
3.3 Consistent Content Brands.jpeg
3.4 Consistent Content Brands.jpeg
3.5 Consistent Content Brands.jpeg
3.6 Consistent Content Brands.jpeg
4 Unsplash.pdf
5 Icons.pdf
5 - Publishing Your Work
1 Publishing Mindset.pdf
1.1 Publishing Mindset.jpeg
1.2 Publishing Mindset.jpeg
1.3 Publishing Mindset.jpeg
2 Formatting and Scheduling for Social Media.pdf
2.1 Sizes.mp4
2.2 Instagram.mp4
2.3 Twitter.mp4
6 - Execution
6 - Execution
1 How to Visualize Value Office Hours.mp4
2 Proof of Work and Sawdust.mp4
3 Building Profitable Content Ecosystems.mp4
4 Proving Your Intellectual Capital.mp4

VISUALIZE VALUE The zero to one guide for simple, impactful design.

Also available as a bundle with Build Once, Sell Twice

What is it?

The playbook to creating meaningful visual communication, teaching you how to make your point in a concise, creative and compelling way.

These are the principles that built the Visualize Value brand from an idea to a platform with 100,000 followers in 12 months.

These are the principles behind the design consulting services we provide to Fortune 100 companies.

This 30 lesson workshop starts by teaching you the fundamental concepts, and ends in giving you the tools to execute.

Who is it for?

Suitable to take you from zero to one in design, or learn how to better articulate value as an already accomplished designer.

The Structure:

+ Why Visual Design?
+ How to Visualize Value
+ The Elements of Visual Design
+ The Tools to Visualize Value
+ Publishing Mindset & Tactics
+ Figma Templates
+ 3 Hours of “Office Hours” Bonus Content


What it’ll teach you:

+ How to communicate more clearly
+ How to use restraint to create consistently
+ How to build a content brand
+ How to increase your perceived value
+ How to use design to sell your product or service

No additional software required, all taught using free tools. You may also like



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