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Last Updated Date: 07-13-2021

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Jack Corsellis Bundle
01. Introduction
02. Breakout Strategy Course
03. Pro Trading Journal
04. Recession Survival Course
05. Advanced Course
01. Introduction
1. An Introducation to the Wyckoff.mp4
2. Schematics _ Trading Different Trading Environments.mp4
3a. law of supply _ demand.mp4
3b. The laws of cause _ effect Effect vs resule.mp4
4. Understanding Money Rotation.mp4
5. How to draw support _ resistance.mp4
6. Structural Phase Analysis for Accumulation _ Distribution.mp4
7. Where to Enter _ Exit Postitions.mp4
8. Practical Application of New Knowledge to Case Studies.mp4
9. Test Your New Knowledge.mp4
02. Breakout Strategy Course
1a. understanding-wyckoff-price-cycle-breakouts-session-1.mp4
2a. studying-re-accumulation-structure-breakouts-session-2.mp4
2b. studying-re-accumulation-structure-breakouts-session-3.mp4
2c. studying-re-accumulation-structure-breakouts-session-4.mp4
2d. studying-re-accumulation-structure-breakouts-session-5.mp4
3a. studying-wyckoff-wave-pattern-breakouts-session-6.mp4
3b. studying-wyckoff-wave-pattern-breakouts-session-7.mp4
3c. studying-wyckoff-wave-pattern-breakouts-session-8.mp4
3d. studying-wyckoff-wave-pattern-breakouts-session-9.mp4
3e. studying-wyckoff-wave-pattern-breakouts-session-10.mp4
3f. studying-wyckoff-wave-pattern-breakouts-session-11.mp4
03. Pro Trading Journal
1a. introduction-overview-of-the-spreadsheet.mp4
1b. how-to-conduct-daily-watchlist-analysis.mp4
1c. how-to-enter-your-trades-in-the-spreadsheet.mp4
1d. how-to-analyse-your-trading-performance.mp4
1e. how-to-use-the-kelly-criterion-to-help-optimise-your-performance.mp4
04. Recession Survival Course
1a. introduction-to-the-course.mp4
1b. wyckoff-methodology-refresher.mp4
2a. ftse-spy.mp4
2b. ewg-ewj.mp4
2c. ewy-qqq-iwm.mp4
2d. gld-slv-gdx.mp4
3a. adm-aapl-acn.mp4
3b. aal-adbe-abf-adm.mp4
3c. azn-aee-avv-amzn.mp4
3d. bab-ba-bdev-blk-brby.mp4
3e. brk-a-c-cat-crda-de.mp4
3f. dge-dis-ea.mp4
3g. ebay-el-f-fdx.mp4
3h. ferg-fslr-ge.mp4
3i. gfrd-gs-hd-hog-ibm-inch.mp4
3j. itv-jcp-jpm-k.mp4
3k. ko-lb-lgen-lly.mp4
3l. lloy-m-ma-mdc.mp4
3m. met-mks-msft-nex.mp4
3o. nflx-nee-nke-nyt-orcl.mp4
3p. ph-pson-psn-px-rl.mp4
3q. rr-sbux-slp-spg-sn.mp4
3r. spt-t-tif-twx-tpk.mp4
3s. unh-unp-ups-ulvr-utg.mp4
3t. v-viab-vod-vlo-vrsn-vz.mp4
3u. wat-wtb-wfc-wpp-wm-wmh.mp4
4a. summary.mp4
05. Advanced Course
01. Introducation to the Advanced Trading Course.mp4
02. Types of Japanese Candlesticks and how to construct blended Candlesticks.mp4
03. Combining Japanese Candlesticks with WyckoffVolume Spread Analysis Identifying Power Sticks.mp4
04a. How to Bulid Fractal Bayesian Stochastic Investment Process.mp4
04b. Understanding Optimal Risk vs Reward _ Position Sizing.mp4
04c. Understanding Position Sizing Effects Monte Carlo Simuation.mp4
05. Wyckoff Schematic Idealised Point of Entry _ How to Build Failure into your investment Strategy.mp4
06a. the-importance-of-volume.mp4
06b. understanding-the-advanced-change-of-character-concept.mp4
07a. understanding-the-law-of-effort-vs-result.mp4
07b. applying-the-law-effort-vs-result-to-structural-phase-analysis.mp4
07c. applying-the-law-of-effort-vs-result-at-pivot-points.mp4
08a. understanding-the-law-of-supply-demand.mp4
08b. applying-the-law-supply-demand-to-structural-phase-analysis.mp4
08c. applying-the-law-of-supply-demand-at-pivot-points-part-1.mp4
08d. applying-the-law-of-supply-demand-at-pivot-points-part-2.mp4
09a. understanding-the-law-of-cause-effect-and-its-application-to-price-structures.mp4
10a. the-6-different-market-environments.mp4
10b. volatility-change-of-characters.mp4
10c. the-end-of-bear-markets-historical-analysis.mp4
10d. the-end-of-bull-markets-historical-analysis.mp4
11a. introduction-to-case-studies-back-tested-data-discussed.mp4
11b. pivot-spring-strategy-examples-1-3.mp4
11c. pivot-spring-strategy-examples-4-8.mp4
11d. pivot-spring-strategy-examples-9-12.mp4
11e. pivot-spring-strategy-examples-13-16.mp4
11f. pivot-spring-strategy-examples-17-20.mp4
11g. pivot-spring-strategy-examples-21-25.mp4
11h. pivot-spring-strategy-examples-26-30.mp4
11i. pivot-spring-strategy-examples-31-34.mp4
11j. pivot-spring-strategy-examples-35-40.mp4
11k. pivot-spring-strategy-examples-41-44.mp4
11l. pivot-spring-strategy-examples-45-50.mp4
11m. pivot-spring-strategy-failure-examples-1-5.mp4
11n. pivot-spring-strategy-failure-examples-6-10.mp4
11o. pivot-spring-strategy-failure-examples-11-15.mp4
11p. pivot-spring-strategy-failure-examples-16-20.mp4
11q. sign-of-strength-breakout-strategy-examples-1-4.mp4
11r. sign-of-strength-breakout-strategy-examples-5-8.mp4
11s. sign-of-strength-breakout-strategy-examples-9-14.mp4
11t. sign-of-strength-breakout-strategy-examples-15-20.mp4
11u. sign-of-strength-breakout-strategy-examples-21-30.mp4
11v. sign-of-strength-breakout-strategy-examples-31-42.mp4
11w. backing-up-action-reversal-breakout-strategy-examples-1-15.mp4
12a. why-does-money-rotate.mp4
12b. sector-analysis-and-how-to-identify-stocks.mp4
13a. how-to-scan-for-setups-part-1.mp4
13b. how-to-scan-for-setups-part-2.mp4
13c. how-to-maintain-a-watchlist.mp4
14a. how-to-trade-mistake-free-building-systems-for-your-process-part-1.mp4
14b. how-to-trade-mistake-free-building-systems-for-your-process-part-2.mp4
14c. analysing-pivot-spring-strategy-sequences.mp4
14d. analysing-breakout-strategy-sequences-part-1.mp4
14e. analysing-breakout-strategy-sequences-part-2.mp4
15a. how-to-enter-a-trade-at-pivot-points.mp4
15b. how-to-monitor-analyse-your-performance.mp4
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Altering Folks’s Lives
“I by no means thought I’d have the ability to carry out this effectively. Earlier than I discovered you, I used to be only a misplaced college pupil who’s finding out a level I don’t like. I had no concept what I used to be going to do with my life. Merely put, I didn’t assume I had a shiny future. That’s till I discovered you.

Your movies are very straightforward to know and I used to be capable of study rapidly by way of your nice teaching. The dwell exhibits, the buying and selling plans, the group discussions – they’re all so useful. I’m making some nice income and my account is up from $32k to $100k and that’s all due to you.
I now have hope for my future for the primary time in my life. I aspire to be knowledgeable dealer such as you.

Actually although, I can’t thanks sufficient. I’m so grateful to have you ever as my mentor. Please proceed your nice work. You might be actually altering individuals’s lives.”


I’m Actually Grateful
“I simply wished to say thanks once more. I assumed it will be nice if a 12 months or two down the road I had made sufficient cash to fully repay my mortgage. Properly, six months since turning into a PTC member, I had handed that mark. Very shortly I shall be paying my mortgage off.

To chop a really lengthy story quick, that will not have been doable with out your assist Jack.
The group, each day exhibits, programs, your recommendation, and every thing else has now made it doable for me to make a life altering amount of cash that can finally imply a greater life for me and my household. I’m really grateful.”


Already Paid for my Membership
A number of Occasions Over
“The PTC merchants share every thing they know that’s made them such extremely profitable merchants.
I’ve began utilizing my newly acquired data on shares to nice impact.
I’m at the moment sat handsomely in revenue – which has already paid for my membership plan for the 12 months a number of instances over”


The Lightbulb Second
“The ‘lightbulb second’. it has taken me from a mean dealer, who was fortunate to interrupt even, to lastly turning into a persistently worthwhile dealer.
Once I study from a mentor, it’s essential that not solely are they good educators, however that they’re severe merchants too.
I actually imagine buying this PTC membership has been the very best buying and selling determination I’ve made.”


I Really feel Barely Unhealthy
“I’m terribly proud of my determination to enrol on the PTC Membership.
I anticipate to proceed my PTC membership lengthy into the long run.
I really really feel barely dangerous that I’ve had entry to such distinctive coaching and
inventory info for the price of a really modest membership charge!”


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