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Jaiya - Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course (67.79 GB)

Last Updated Date: 11-19-2021

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Jaiya - Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course
Bonus Materials
Module 0
Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
Module 4
Module 5
Module 6
Module 7
Module 8
Old Version
Bonus Materials
adventure date success system (1).pdf
Video 2_02032017_MASTER.mp4
Module 0
Module 0.1 - Overview and What to Expect.mp4
Module 0.2 - How to Use Portal.mp4
Module 0.3 - Community Guidelines.mp4
Module 1
Module 1.1 - Foundations for Sexy Success.mp4
Module 1.2 - Expectations and Your Success.mp4
Module 1.3 - Stirring the Pot and Tools for Success.mp4
Module 1.4 - Sexy Homeplay.mp4
Module 1.A - Embody It_ The Magic Wand Method and Your Saboteurs.mp4
Module 1.B - Bonus Material_ Brene Brown on Empathy.mp4
Module 1.B - Embody It_ The Power of Empathy.mp4
Module 1.C - Embody It_ Body Reveals - A Path to Freedom.mp4
Module 1.D - Embody It_ Dismantle Your Triggers and Increase Your Pleasure.mp4
Module 2
Module 2.1 - Pleasure First, Celebrations and Your Core Erotic Blueprint.mp4
Module 2.2 - Sexuality States_ Mapping Your Unique Eroticism.mp4
Module 2.3 - Blueprint Types and You.mp4
Module 2.4 - Bonus Material_ Braverman Personality www.bravermantest.com.jpg
Module 2.4 - Four Obstacles or Pathways to Sexual Health and Pleasure.mp4
Module 2.5 - Sexy Homeplay.mp4
Module 2.5 - Sexy Homeplay.txt
Worksheet #1 - The Erotic Map.pdf
Worksheet #2 - Four Obstacles-Pathways to Sexual Health and Pleasure.pdf
Worksheet #3 - Your Core Erotic Blueprint.pdf
Module 3
Module 3.1 - Pleasure First and Celebrations.mp4
Module 3.2 - Determining Your Erotic Blueprint to Access Your Path to Arousal.mp4
Module 3.3 -Determining Someone Elseu2019s Blueprint and Becoming a Sexual Superhero.mp4
Module 3.4 - Troubleshooting Your Journey of Erotic Discovery.mp4
Module 3.5 - Sexy Homeplay.mp4
Module 3.A - Embody It_ Consent Conversation.mp4
Module 3.A - Embody It_ Consent Conversation.txt
Module 3.B - Embody It_ A-B Game to Determine What Turns You On.mp4
Module 3.C - Embody It_ Body Mapping - A Map to Your Endless Pleasure.mp4
Module 3.D - Bonus Video - Introduction to A-B Game.mp4
Module 3.E - Bonus Video_ A-B Game - Solo.mp4
Module 3.F - Bonus Video_ A-B Game - Partnered.mp4
Module 3.G - Bonus Video_ A-B Sensation Play Items.mp4
Worksheet #1 - Sexual Communications Checklist.pdf
Worksheet #2 - A-B Touch Preferences.pdf
Worksheet #3 - Body Mapping Worksheet.pdf
Worksheet #4 - Sensation Play Items.pdf
Module 4
Module 4.1 - Pleasure First and Celebrations.mp4
Module 4.2 - Feeding the Turn Ons of the Erotic Blueprints.mp4
Module 4.3 - Feeding Yourself in Your Blueprint.mp4
Module 4.4 - Confidently Feeding Your Partneru2019s Blueprint.mp4
Module 4.5 - Sexy Homeplay.mp4
Module 4.A_ Embody It - Feeding the Energetic - Solo.mp4
Module 4.B_ Embody It - Feeding the Energetic - Hetero Partnered.mp4
Module 4.C_ Embody It - Feeding the Sensual - Solo.mp4
Module 4.D_ Embody It - Feeding the Sensual - Hetero Partnered.mp4
Module 4.E_ Embody It - Feeding the Sexual - Solo.mp4
Module 4.F_ Embody It - Feeding the Sexual - Hetero Partnered.mp4
Module 4.G_ Embody It - Feeding the Sexual - Queer Partnered.mp4
Module 4.H_ Embody It - Feeding the Kinky - Solo.mp4
Module 4.I_ Embody It - Feeding the Kinky - Hetero Partnered.mp4
Module 4.J_ Embody It - Feeding the Shapeshifter - Solo.mp4
Module 4.K_ Embody It - Feeding the Shapeshifter - Partnered.mp4
Module 5
Module 5.1 - Pleasure First and Celebrations.mp4
Module 5.2 - Speaking the Blueprints - Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication.mp4
Module 5.3 - An Intro to Aural Sex Games.mp4
Module 5.4 - When and Where to Use Aural Sex.mp4
Module 5.5 - Aural Sex and Vocal Tone.mp4
Module 5.6 - Aural Sex and Body Congruency.mp4
Module 5.7 - Sexy Homeplay.mp4
Module 5.A - Embody It_ Aural Sex Games - Naming Your Body Parts for Maximum Turn On (Audio).m4a
Module 5.B - Embody It_ Aural Sex Game - Blueprints (Audio).m4a
Module 5.C - Embody It_ Putting it All Together.mp4
Worksheet #1 - Aural Sex Game_ Naming Your Body Parts for Maximum Turn On.pdf
Worksheet #2 - Aural Sex Game_ Blueprints.pdf
Worksheet #3 - Aural Sex Game_ Guide to Seductively Speaking the Blueprints.pdf
Module 6
Module 6.1 - Pleasure First and Celebrations.mp4
Module 6.2 - Healing Shadows to Unleash Your Authentic Sexuality.mp4
Module 6.3 - Potential Shadows of Each Blueprint.mp4
Module 6.4 - Erotic Detective Work and Going Deeper.mp4
Module 6.5 - Sexy Homeplay.mp4
Module 6.A - Embody It_ Erotic Detective Work to Put You on Your Path to Sexual Health and Pleasure.mp4
Module 6.B - Embody It_ Healing the Shadow Meditation (Audio).mp3
Module 6.C - Embody It_ Polarity Integration (Audio).mp3
Module 6.D - Embody It_ Aspectics - A Tool to End Struggle (Audio).mp3
Module 6.E - Embody It_ Unhooking Your Loops and the Breath of Pleasure.mp4
Worksheet #1 - Erotic Health Detective.pdf
Module 7
Module 7.1 - Pleasure First and Celebrations.mp4
Module 7.2 - Expanding the Blueprints - Your Path to Erotic Mastery.mp4
Module 7.3 - Energetic Expansion.mp4
Module 7.4 - Sensual Expansion.mp4
Module 7.5 - Sexual Expansion.mp4
Module 7.6 - Kinky Expansion.mp4
Module 7.7 - Shapeshifter Expansion.mp4
Module 7.8 - Bonus Video_ Blueprint Stacking.mp4
Module 7.8 - Bonus Video_ Taoist Erotic Massage.mp4
Module 7.8 - Sexy Homeplay.mp4
Module 7.A - Embody It_ Expansion Exploration Dyad.mp4
Module 7.B - Embody It_ Using Sex Life Challenges and Practices to Discover Whatu2019s Possible with Your Pleasure.mp4
Worksheet #1 - Ways to Expand Each Blueprint.pdf
Module 8
Adventure Date Success System.pdf
Module 8.1 - Pleasure First and Celebrations.mp4
Module 8.2 - Hot Sex For A Lifetime.mp4
Module 8.3 - The Single Persons Path to Pleasure.mp4
Module 8.4 - Couples Path to Pleasure.mp4
Module 8.5 - Sexy Homeplay.mp4
Module 8.A - Embody It_ Create Your Story to Solidify Your Success.mp4
Module 8.B - Embody It_ Exploration and Transformation.mp4
Old Version
Module 1_v3.mp4
Module 2_v3.mp4
Module 4_Part1_v2hd.mp4
Module 4_synce_pt2_with_Ian_v3.mp4
Module 5 EBBC+Speaking+the+Blueprints++032917.mp4
Module 6_v2.mp4
Module 7_v2_Re-edit_12132016.mp4
3-22-2020 Introduction to Processes and Pleasure Practices_ Connection, Resilience and Love.mp4
3-23-2020 - Day 2.mp4
3-24-2020 PPPP_ Certain-Uncertain Guided Meditation.mp4
3-25-2020 PPPP_ Life-Death Guided Meditation.mp4
3-26-2020 PPPP_ I Am Corona Virus.mp4
3-27-2020 PPPP_ Dawn.mp4
3-28-2020 PPPP Genevieve.mp4
3-29-2020 PPPP Jeremy.mp4
3-30-2020 PPPP Anne.mp4
3-31-2020 PPPP Juliette.mp4
4-1-2020 PPPP Massage Your Body.mp4
4-2-2020 PPPP Monica.mp4
4-3-2020 PPPP Kora.mp4
4-4-2020 PPPP Dee Dee.mp4
4-5-2020 PPPP Jess R.mp4
4-6-2020 PPPP Satyen.mp4
4-7-2020 PPPP Laura.mp4
4-8-2020 PPPP Nikki.mp4
4-9-2020 PPPP John Amaral.mp4
4-10-2020 PPPP Kundalini Breathwork.mp4
4-11-2020 PPPP Kismet.mp4
4-12-2020 PPPP Ian Sensual-Energetic Dance.mp4
4-13-2020 PPPP Ian Energetic Dance.mp4
4-14-2020 PPPP Jess R.mp4
4-15-2020 PPPP Jaiya Solo.mp4
4-16-2020 PPPP Monica Jayne.mp4
4-17-2020 PPPP Dr. Ray Doctor.mp4
4-19-2020 PPPP.mp4
4-20-2020 PPPP Erotic Persona.mp4
4-21-2020 Final PPPP Wrap Up.mp4
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The Erotic Blueprints reveal a hidden, common language of expression and connection – like music.
Solely the devices are our our bodies, and the medium is pleasure.

The issue?

We’re often solely proven how one can give and obtain pleasure for one kind of instrument…

However most of us are literally working with totally DIFFERENT pleasure devices than those we’re seeing in “intercourse ed”, porn, or the media…

Ones that don’t work in the identical approach.

So similar to you don’t play a cello with the identical methods or instruments you employ to play a guitar…

Your path to pleasure – whether or not solo or shared – might merely be completely different than what you’ve seen up to now, and require a special set of abilities to take pleasure in.

That’s why so many people wrestle to succeed in absolutely orgasmic, deeply satisfying pleasure all through our lives.

We by no means realized how one can play our OWN devices in a approach that’s actually pleasurable, satisfying, and full-bodied…

… not to mention create deeply satisfying, intimate, and explosive harmonies with companions that depart us deliciously breathless, linked, and full!


As a result of we got the fallacious set of directions for our personal physique, and by no means taught something completely different.

Which means WE don’t even have the correct abilities to personal and perceive our pleasure…

… which makes it almost not possible for a lover to ever play us with the orgasmic abilities of a virtuoso that we crave!

(In any case – we will’t educate one thing that we don’t even know but!)

And that is what’s leaving us feeling disconnected, secretly ravenous, and confused about why or how one can repair it…

Then questioning deep down what’s fallacious with us, and if we’d simply be damaged.

You’re not damaged.

You’ve merely been taught to search for your pleasure within the fallacious locations, with the fallacious instruments, for you.
Along with your Erotic Blueprint you’ll uncover your entire pure vary of erotic potentialities – the Blueprints provide the map and present how one can navigate it to maximise your pleasure.
That is the important thing to lastly feeling at residence in your physique, and in your self…

To releasing any confusion, ache, or disgrace you’ve been carrying…

And now not feeling annoyed, alone, and misunderstood.

All by discovering your pure path to pleasure and embracing the best way your physique is biologically wired to offer and obtain it – free from any cultural conditioning you’ve inherited or been pressured to tackle.

When you perceive this for your self…

You’ll be capable to share it with others and reignite deep, passionate, and TRUE connection that lasts…

… since connection solely comes from actually seeing one another – and you may’t present somebody one thing you haven’t seen but your self!

That’s why figuring out your Erotic Blueprint Kind is greater than only a instrument that can assist you reignite sparks within the bed room by lastly providing you with the steerage you’ve been lacking all this time.

It’s the proof that you’re RIGHT – precisely as you’re – and also you at all times have been.

There’s nothing bizarre or fallacious with you.

You’re merely wired in a different way, and entry pleasure in numerous methods than we’ve been taught historically.

So your Erotic Blueprint is the permission you had been secretly on the lookout for to cease suppressing and hiding elements of your self…

And confidently personal them as an alternative.

Realizing your wants are totally pure and legitimate even after they don’t look the identical as another person’s…

… so you possibly can fearlessly get your pleasure wants met – each solo and with companions!

This makes figuring out your Blueprint Kind the important thing to true Erotic Freedom and Success – free from emotions of disgrace, confusion, or doubt.

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