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Last Updated Date: 06-27-2021

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Jake Larsen - YouTube Ads Playbook
1. Strategy Playbook
2. Video Ad Playbook
3. Launch Playbook
4. Optimize & Scale Playbook
#2111 - 'Video Power Marketing'.pdf
#2112 - 'Video Power Marketing'.pdf
#2113 - 'Video Power Marketing'.pdf
#2114 - 'Video Power Marketing'.pdf
1-A Message From Your Instructor.mp4
2-How To Use This Course.mp4
August 20, 2020 - REPLAY.mp4
July 23, 2020 - REPLAY.mp4
1. Strategy Playbook
1-Creating a Succesful YouTube Ad Strategy.mp4
2-The Video Ad Journey - Knowing Your Goals, Offers KPI's.mp4
3-Know Your Audience (Part 1)o.mp4
4-Know Your Audience w Online Research (Part 2)o.mp4
5-Know Your Audience wGoogle Analytics (Part 3.ts
6-Know Your Audience w Google Ads Audience Finder (Part 4.ts
7-YouTube ROAS Calculator.ts
Video Ad Script Outline _ Video Power Student Template.docx
YouTube Ad Campaign Planner _ Video Power Student Template.xlsx
YouTube Ad ROAS Calculator _ Video Power Student Resource.xlsx
2. Video Ad Playbook
1-Video Ad Playbook Overview Video.mp4
2-Creative Tips to Increase Viewer Engagement.mp4
3-Video Ad Script Outlineo.ts
4-Shoot The Video (Video Production.ts
Best Performing YouTube Ads & Why They Work _ Video Power Student Resource.docx
3. Launch Playbook
1-Understanding Audience Building & Content Targeting.mp4
2-How To Structure Your Campaigns.mp4
3-Campaign Planner - Overview.ts
4-Campaign Planner - Campaign Structure Tutorial.ts
5-How to Budget Your Campaigns.ts
6-Google Ads Account High-Level Overview.ts
7-How To Conduct Keyword Research.ts
8-How To Conduct Placement Research.ts
9-How To Create Custom Intent Audiences.ts
10-How to Build Remarketing Lists (Warm Audiences.mp4
11-How to Build Similar Audiences.mp4
12-How to Create, Add & Verify Conversion Codes.ts
13-How to Create, Add & Verify Remarketing Codes.ts
14-How to Link YouTube to Google Ads.ts
15-How to Link Google Analytics to Google Ads.ts
16-How to Create a YouTube Ad Campaign.ts
4. Optimize & Scale Playbook
1-How to Setup Your Reporting Dashboard in Google Ads.mp4
2-How to Optimize Your Video Ad Campaigns.ts
3-90 Day YouTube Ad Optimization Plan.ts
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Promoting on YouTube means promoting on America’s hottest on-line platform (take that, Fb).
73% of adults within the U.S. use YouTube, which, sure, is greater than the 69% that use Fb. Shocked?

In any given quarter Fb advertisers will spend greater than youtube advertisers will spend in an ENTIRE YEAR….Which means that you’ve a a lot larger benefit with regards to promoting on YouTube than on Fb — extra eyeballs and fewer entrepreneurs competing for these eyeballs. (Plus no overzealous fb “content material moderators” to take down your completely good advert)

To not point out every go to to YouTube includes a extra engaged viewers with out the senseless scrolling you see on different platforms.

That’s why, with the assistance of our methods and playbooks, we’ve seen our purchasers exponentially develop their companies and make hundreds of thousands utilizing YouTube adverts.

Along with your viewers already hanging on the market and the strong alternative to succeed in and convert them — can you actually afford to not be on YouTube?

How You Can Leverage The Confirmed Energy Of Our Youtube Ads Playbooks To Enhance Visitors, Generate Larger High quality Leads & Convert Them Into Paying clients

This course will train you tips on how to grasp YouTube promoting, from video creation to analytics, by exhibiting you tips on how to:
Create unskippable and worthwhile YouTube adverts
Join along with your actual viewers on the proper time
Convert viewers into paying clients

Jake Larsen – YouTube Ads Playbook
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