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John Romaniello - Captivating Copywriting (7.88 GB)

Last Updated Date: 08-03-2021

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John Romaniello - Captivating Copywriting
01-COMMENCE - Introductions, Outlines, and Essentials
02-CRASH - Captivating Copywriting Crash Course
03-CRAFT - The Captivating Copywriting Core Curriculum
04-CRUSH - Additional Resources
05-Tools & Practices
06-Bonus Trainings
07-CLOSURE - Captivating Copy Wrap Up
01-COMMENCE - Introductions, Outlines, and Essentials
01-Welcome to Captivating Copywriting.mp4
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02-Meet Your Instructors.mp4
03-Outline and Objectives.ts
02-CRASH - Captivating Copywriting Crash Course
01-18 Backbones.pdf
01-Copywriting School for Kids Who Can't Write Good (Part 1 - Theory).mp4
02-Copywriting School for Kids Who Can't Write Good (Part 2 - Practice).mp4
03-CRAFT - The Captivating Copywriting Core Curriculum
01-Module 1 - The Copywriter's Mindset
02-Module 2 - All Things Research (or, The Subtle Art of Copy Creepin)
03-Module 3 - Extra, Extra, Read All About It - How to Write Headlines that Work
04-Module 4 - Of Problems and Pain Points
05-Module 5 - Overcoming Objections
06-Module 6 - Storytelling for Salivant Salescopy
07-Module 7 - Offer Validation, Creation, and Presentation
08-Module 8 - Putting It All Together
09-Module 9 - Voice
04-CRUSH - Additional Resources
01-Headlines Upon Headlines To Study.pdf
01-Swipe These Swipe Files.png
01-The Greatest Salesletters of All Time.pdf
02-Know Your History - The Greatest Salesletters of All Time.png
03-Standing on the Shoulders of Giants - The Master Reading List.mp4
03-Standing on the Shoulders of Giants - The Master Reading List.pdf
05-Tools & Practices
01-The Copywriting Power Hour.mp4
01-The Copywriting Power Hour.pdf
06-Bonus Trainings
01-Templates Are Shit, Frameworks are Lit.mp4
07-CLOSURE - Captivating Copy Wrap Up
01-CLOSURE - Captivating Copy Wrap Up.png
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You may craft sensible phrase-artwork that does each…

What you want it to do: inform, training, and convert.
What they want it to do: encourage, entertain, and join.

That is so vital.

However most entrepreneurs (particularly coaches) gloss proper over it. Or worse, ignore it fully.

Each time I snoop across the teaching trade, I’m amazed at how many individuals are half-assing it (at finest).

We’re speaking slipshod pages with no construction, impassive emails that destroy the reader expertise, or captions telling folks what they’re getting (as an alternative of why they want it).

And I hear all the reasons:
“My webpage doesn’t matter, all my purchasers are on IG”
​“I’ve a direct outreach technique, so I barely market”
“My viewers loves me, so all the things is straightforward”
​“I let my content material do all of the work”
Oooof. Okay.

All of that’s flawed. So, so, so very flawed.

They simply can’t see how flawed it’s, as a result of it’s working.

“However,” let’s fake you requested, “how can or not it’s ‘flawed’ if it’s working?”

Simply because one thing’s working doesn’t imply it actually works. Not without end, not long run.

Again once I was teaching skilled athletes, we had a phrase within the fitness center:

“some individuals are profitable not due to what they do, however despite what they do.”

And there are loads of on-line enterprise homeowners who’re fairly profitable despite what they’re doing.

They’re doing loads of issues flawed, however they’re working, so…adequate?


There are a whole bunch upon a whole bunch of coaches, consultants, and different enterprise homeowners on the market leaving tens of 1000’s of {dollars} on the desk…

….who is aware of what number of purchasers unserved?

Folks identical to you might be retaining their companies small by doing “adequate.”

And the worst half is: they’re setting themselves up for failure.

For instance…

What occurs when IG goes from “dying” to useless and you’ll’t use it to fill your packages any extra?
That’s good for low-finish gives…for one more 6-8 months. Then it’ll simply be one other annoying advertising tactic folks roll their eyes at.
“Die-onerous” viewers? Like it. Are you going to the subsequent platform with them? Or are they gonna keep…only for you? (Aw, it is cute that you just assume so.)
​You may have essentially the most wonderful content material on the earth, however when you’re not getting them to purchase, you don’t have a enterprise, you could have a interest.
These aren’t random predictions. That is empirical, information-pushed forecasting: all the things has a life-cycle.

So when you’re focusing extra on what’s working now than what works, on a regular basis, all the time, without end, you’re messing up.

Which brings us again to phrases.

In enterprise, there are traits and there are constants. Developments come and go. Constants will make you cash without end.
Of these constants, none is extra helpful than
the flexibility to write down phrases that promote:
And that’s the place so many individuals are dropping the ball.

Statistically talking, you might be in all probability one in every of them.

After I polled my viewers, 83% flat out mentioned they didn’t really feel assured within the energy of their phrases. Solely 17% of individuals felt their copy was “good.”

Geeze. That’s 8 out of 10 individuals who assume the phrases on their pages are NOT GOOD.

That is loopy.

Even crazier?

My viewers is basically coaches and consultants—individuals who actually rely on their communication expertise to serve their purchasers, generate revenue, and alter the world.

In that group of individuals, greater than 80% of them really feel their phrases don’t do them justice, don’t precisely replicate the worth of what they do, don’t join with their viewers in the way in which they’d need.

And, actually: don’t convert the way in which they’d need.

Which brings us to, nicely, you.

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