Jose Rosado – 10 Year Shortcut

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Jose Rosado - 10 Year Shortcut (7.95 GB)

Last Updated Date: 03-01-2022

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Jose Rosado - 10 Year Shortcut
01-Getting Started
02-Built The Top Of Your Funnel
03-Middle Of The Funnel
04-Bottom Of The Funnel
05-Sell Like Crazy
06-Q&A Recordings
07-Online Biz Fundamentals
08-Grow A Personal Brand
09-Plan Zero Advanced Market Research
10-6-Figure Mindset Training
01-Getting Started
01-What Are Funnels.mp4
02-Content Creation Made Easy.mp4
03-Tech Stack.mp4
04-Buy Your Domain Name.mp4
05-Create Your Professional Email.mp4
06-Setup Your Email Marketing Platform.mp4
02-Built The Top Of Your Funnel
01-Build Your Top Of The Funnel Introduction.mp4
02-Your Lead Magnet Funnel.mp4
03-Deciding On Your Lead Magnet.mp4
04-Lead Magnet Ideas.txt
05a-Rules For Naming Your Lead Magnet.txt
05b-Namebook - 45 Bullet-proof Ebook Naming Formula.pdf
06-Create Your First Landing Page.mp4
07-Email #1 - The Greeting.docx
07-Email #2 - Establish Who You Are.docx
07-Email #3 - Authority Builder.docx
07-Email #4 - The Case Study.docx
07-Write Your Emails.txt
08-Set Up Your First Email Sequence.mp4
09-Set Up Your Automation.mp4
10-Tagging in Covertkit.mp4
03-Middle Of The Funnel
01-Middle Of The Funnel.mp4
02-Application Funnel.mp4
03-Scheduling Meetings With Calendly.mp4
04-Calendly Email Workflow Automation.mp4
04-Calendly Emails Templates.docx
05-Build your DM Funnel.mp4
06-Create Your Sales Page.mp4
04-Bottom Of The Funnel
01-Bottom Of The Funnel.mp4
02-Craft Your Sales Emails.mp4
02-Sales Email templates.pdf
03-How to send emails.mp4
04-Post-purchase Email Campaign.mp4
05-Post Purchase Email Automations With Converkit And Gumroad.mp4
05-Sell Like Crazy
01-Launch And Sell Like Crazy.mp4
02-Sales Introduction.mp4
06-Q&A Recordings
01-June 08, 2021.mp4
02-June 15, 2021.mp4
03-June 25, 2021.mp4
04-July 20, 2021.mp4
05-July 27, 2021.mp4
06-August 3, 2021.mp4
07-August 10, 2021.mp4
08-August 17, 2021.mp4
09-August 24, 2021.mp4
10-August 31, 2021.mp4
11-September 7, 2021.mp4
07-Online Biz Fundamentals
02-The System
03-Talking The Same Language
08-Grow A Personal Brand
02-Content Creation
00-Sovereign Content Worksheet.docx
01-Strategic Growth - How To Grow Your Social Media Accounts.mp4
09-Plan Zero Advanced Market Research
02-Pitfalls of Market Research.txt
03-PLAN 0 Market Research Explained.avif
03-PLAN 0 Market Research Explained.txt
04-A is for Anecdotes.txt
05-P is for Problems.txt
06-N is for Needs.txt
07-L is for Language.txt
08-Zero (0) stands for Obstacle.txt
09-Using The PLAN 0 Template.txt
10-Finding Anecdotes - Using Google.txt
11-Finding Anecdotes Using Facebook.txt
12-Finding Anecdotes - Using Amazon.txt
12-Review 1.avif
12-Review 2.avif
13-Research the competition.txt
14-How I Research The Market.mp4
15a-Researching Your Audience.txt
15b-AMA about a specific topic.avif
15c-AMA about different topics.avif
15d-AMA about anything.avif
15e-Collect Questions.avif
16-Unpack Your Research With The WWEW Framework.txt
10-6-Figure Mindset Training
01-Mindset #1 - You Choose Who Pays You.mp4
02-Mindset #2 - You Decide The Terms Of Your Services.mp4
03-Mindset #3 - You Are The Expert.mp4
04-Mindset #4 - Impostor Syndrome Is Fake.mp4
05-Mindset #5 - Money Is Not The Ultimate Resource.mp4
06-Mindset #6 - You Must Become A Shameless Self-Promoter.mp4
07-Mindset #7 - Trial And Error Is Not Your Enemy.mp4
08-Mindset #8 - Money Is Everywhere.mp4
09-MIndset #9 - Bonus Mindset Shift.mp4
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