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Last Updated Date: 03-12-2022

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Justin Simon - Content Repurposing Roadmap
3C Content Method Audit.csv
Content Tier Matrix Audit.csv
Distribution Doc - EXAMPLE.pdf
Distribution Doc - [Template].docx
Distribution Doc - [Template].pdf
Lesson 1 - Companion PDF.pdf
Lesson 1 - Course Intro.mp4
Lesson 2 - Companion PDF.pdf
Lesson 2.1 - Mindset Shift.mp4
Lesson 2.2 - Shift Away from Performance.mp4
Lesson 3.1 - 3C Content Method.mp4
Lesson 3.1 - Companion PDF.pdf
Lesson 3.2 - Breaking Down Real Life Examples.mp4
Lesson 3.2 - Companion PDF.pdf
Lesson 3.3 - 3C Content Audit.mp4
Lesson 4 - Companion PDF.pdf
Lesson 4 - Content Tier Matrix.mp4
Lesson 5.1 - How to Repurpose Blog Content.mp4
Lesson 5.2 - Turn Social Content into a Blog.mp4
Lesson 5.3 - Repurpose LinkedIn Content From a Blog.mp4
Lesson 6 - Companion PDF.pdf
Lesson 6 - Creating a Content Engine.mp4
Lesson 7 - Wrap Up.mp4
Repurpose Blog Content Guide.pdf
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Are you creating too much content with no plan to get it in front of people?
We’re all creating more content than ever. But without a plan to distribute your content…

You’ll live on the content creation hamster wheel

You’ll waste time and energy

Your best content dies on the vine

You’ll miss out on the majority of your audience

You’ll keep doing “spray and pray” distribution

You’ll keep being reactive instead of proactive

Matt Minor
Content Marketing, Koalafi
“Finished it in a day 😂. Loved it – well-thought-out and provides a ton of actionable advice (and newfound confidence to repurposing content).”

Apple Jia
Demand Marketing Manager, VDX.tv
“Content Repurposing Roadmap is the best investment I’ve made so far in 2022! It cuts out the fluff and gives detailed examples on how to approach content repurposing.”

Camille Trent
Head of Content, Dooly
“Content Repurposing Roadmap might as well be called ‘Media Company Masterclass.’ This is how the pros do it.”

LESSON 1 & 2

Mindset shift 🤯
Understand the 4 myths that are holding you back

Learn (and solve) the number one problem that keeps you running behind

Justin Simon – Content Repurposing Roadmap
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