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Justin Welsh - The Operating System-Grow, Monetize (1.31 GB)

Last Updated Date: 10-21-2021

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Justin Welsh - The Operating System-Grow, Monetize
02-The Foundation
03-Content Creation
04-Quick Intermission
05-Building Your Tribe
06-LinkedIn Lead Capture
07-Business Workflow
08-What's Next
01-Welcome & My Journey.mp4
02-The LinkedIn Operating System Resources.xlsx
03-The Full Course Slides.pdf
02-The Foundation
01-Define Your Sub-niche.mp4
01-Define Your Sub-niche Part 2.mp4
02-Your Persona Build.mp4
03-Trait #1 - Backstory.mp4
04-Trait #2 - Polarization.mp4
05-Trait #3 - Stories.mp4
06-The Foundation - Action Steps.mp4
03-Content Creation
01-Choosing Content Paths.mp4
02-Path #1 - Leading Your Tribe.mp4
03-Path #2 - Discovering for your Audience.mp4
04-Path #3 - Reporting to your Audience.mp4
05-The New & Improved Content Matrix.mp4
06-Rapid Content Iteration.mp4
07-Copywriting 101.mp4
08-Daily Content Workflow.mp4
09-4-Step Dwell Time Process.mp4
10-Listening for Customer Problems.mp4
11-Using Analytics to Repurpose.mp4
11-Using Analytics to Repurpose.pdf
12-Content Creation - Action Steps.mp4
04-Quick Intermission
01-2 Quick Notes.mp4
05-Building Your Tribe
01-Smart Audience Interaction.mp4
01-Smart Audience Interaction.pdf
02-Finding Relevant People.mp4
02-Finding Relevant People.pdf
03-Building Your Tribe - Action Steps.mp4
06-LinkedIn Lead Capture
01-The Profile Funnel.mp4
02-The Hero' Section Of Your Profile.mp4
03-Telling Prospects What You Do.mp4
04-Closing With Social Proof & CTA.mp4
05-LinkedIn Lead Capture - Action Steps.mp4
07-Business Workflow
01-Inbound Strategy.mp4
02-Outbound Strategy.mp4
03-Selling on LinkedIn.mp4
04-Business Workflow - Action Steps.mp4
08-What's Next
01-A note from me....mp4
02-BONUS - The Swipe File - My Top 50 LinkedIn Posts.pdf
03-BONUS - Create your own 'Swipe File'.mp4
04-BONUS - My full tech stack.pdf
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What’s included?
Getting began
Laying the muse
Learn to develop a worthwhile sub-area of interest so you possibly can stand out…

Perceive the three traits you could develop an viewers of raving followers…

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Getting consideration
Content material Creation
Re-program the way you create content material to crush “author’s block” endlessly…

Study to separate your content material into 2 essential elements to iterate and produce quickly…

Deal with creating nice content material which you could reuse as a substitute of a excessive quantity of subpar posts…

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Getting leads
Lead Seize
Study the primary drawback with all LinkedIn profiles and how you can get previous it…

Assist your viewers discover you and get extra leads in your inbox…

Study the one sort of CTA to make use of, to have extra prospect conversations…

🔓Unlock immediately for $150

Getting prospects
Enterprise Design
Learn to use 2 unimaginable prospecting strategies to earn revenue by Linkedin…

Use this methodology to create weekly revenue with out turning off your viewers…

Study in regards to the 80/20 rule and how you can apply it to make gross sales on LinkedIn…

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What different creators are saying…

Austin Belcak

“It is one factor to have 100,000 followers, it is one other to have 100,000 loyal followers. If my LinkedIn profile was deleted at this time and I needed to begin over from scratch, Justin is the primary individual I’d name.”

Kevin Dorsey

“Like a lot of you. I did not know what the hell I used to be doing, simply ‘submit and pray’ child. Justin grew from 2,000 followers to over 100,000 in simply over 2 years. Loopy. Purchase the course. Thank. Me. Later.”

Blake Hudson

“In case you have a LinkedIn account, buy Justin Welsh’s course. It is actually that straightforward. You’re leaving {dollars} and affect on the desk by not leveraging this platform for every little thing it is price.”

Justin Welsh – The Operating System-Grow, Monetize
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