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Kim Anderson - Just Start Podcasting (1.13 GB)

Last Updated Date: 07-18-2021

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Kim Anderson - Just Start Podcasting
01-In Case We Haven't Met!
02-Phase 1 - Get Organized!
03-Phase 2 - Content Planning
04-Phase 3 - Start Recording
05-Phase 4 - Editing & Publishing Your Show
06-Phase 5 - Growing Your Podcast
01-In Case We Haven't Met!
01-Who's The Gal Behind The Course.pdf
02-Phase 1 - Get Organized!
01-Welcome - Important Information Video.mp4
02-LISTEN AND LEARN - Why Starting a Podcast is Smart.wav
02-Lesson 1 Worksheet - Your Why.pdf
02-Why Starting a Podcast is Smart.pdf
03-LISTEN & LEARN Step 1.wav
03-Step 1 - Getting the Tools You Need to Podcast.mp4
03-Step 1 - Getting the Tools You Need to Podcast.pdf
03-Step 1 Worksheet - Tools Checklist.pdf
04-LISTEN & LEARN Step 2.wav
04-Step 2 - Audience, Niche, Name.pdf
04-Step 2 Worksheet - Audience, Niche, & Name.pdf
05-LISTEN & LEARN Step 3.wav
05-Step 3 - Determining Your Format & Production Schedule.pdf
05-Step 3 Worksheet - Format & Production Schedule.pdf
06-How to Remove the Background of Headshot in Canva.mp4
06-LISTEN & LEARN Step 4.wav
06-Step 4 - Create Your Cover Art.pdf
06-Step 4 Worksheet - Create Your Cover Art.pdf
03-Phase 2 - Content Planning
01-LISTEN AND LEARN Step 5.wav
01-Step 5 - Creating a Show Outline.png
02-LISTEN & LEARN Step 6.wav
02-Step 6 - Creating Your Content Topic Calendar.pdf
02-Step 6 Podcast Calendar and Outline.pdf
03-DEEP DIVE VIDEO - How to make a Content Calendar in Trello.mp4
04-Phase 3 - Start Recording
01-LISTEN & LEARN Step 7.wav
01-Step 7 - Setting Up Your Recording Space.pdf
01-Step 7 Recording Checklist.pdf
02-LISTEN & LEARN Step 8.wav
02-Recording A Single Track In Audacity.mp4
02-Step 8 - Recording Your Voice In Audacity.pdf
03-DEEP DIVE - Music Selection.pdf
04-DEEP DIVE VIDEO - Recording with a Co-Host.mp4
05-DEEP DIVE - Recording an Interview.pdf
05-How to Pull Audio out of Video Interviews - Tips.mp4
05-Recording a Zoom Meeting.mkv
05-Watch This Quick Welcome Video.mp4
05-Phase 4 - Editing & Publishing Your Show
01-Aligning The Parts + Mix & Render.mp4
01-Creating a Podcast Process.pdf
01-Editing Audio.mp4
01-Import Audio Into A Template.mp4
01-LISTEN & LEARN Step 9.wav
01-Step 9 - Editing Your Show & Making a Template.pdf
02-Step 10 - Saving The Files As MP3's.pdf
02-Stop. Drop. Record..mp4
03-Finding A Host For Your Podcast.mp4
03-LISTEN & LEARN Step 11.wav
03-Step 11 - Picking Your Podcast Host.pdf
04-Distributing & Publishing Your Podcast.mp4
04-LISTEN & LEARN Step 12.wav
04-Step 12 - Publishing Your Podcast.pdf
04-Uploading Content To Your Host.mp4
06-Phase 5 - Growing Your Podcast
01-How To Embed Podcast On Website.mp4
01-LISTEN & LEARN Step 13.wav
01-Step 13 - Adding Podcast to Website + Show Notes.pdf
02-LISTEN & LEARN Step 14.wav
02-Step 14 - Attract & Keep Your Listeners.pdf
03-LISTEN & LEARN Step 15.wav
03-Step 15 - Monetizing Your Podcast.pdf
01-BONUS - Keeping Your Files Organized and Handy.pdf
02-Podcast Planning in Trello [Same as Phase 2 DEEP DIVE VIDEO].mp4
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What This Course Covers:
Part 1- Get Organized

Vital Prelimanary Selections

Part 2- Content material Planning

Present Planning

Part 3- Start Recording

Modifying Fundamentals
Including Music
Including Intro/Outro
With a Co-host

Part 4- Modifying and Publishing

File formatting
Internet hosting

Part 5- Rising Your Podcast

Podcasting & Your Web site/Weblog
Attracting and Retaining Listeners

Plus Bonus Movies!

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