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Kody Knows - Native Mastery (3.94 GB)

Last Updated Date: 04-20-2022

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Kody Knows - Native Mastery
02-Setting Up Tracking
04-Landing Pages (M.A example)
05-Creating an OutBrain Campaign
06-Reading the Data - Optimizing
09-Frequently Asked Questions
01-Intro to Native Ads.mp4
02-What Software You Need.mp4
02-Setting Up Tracking
01-Integrating ClickBank and Voluum.mp4
02-Adding a ClickBank Offer.mp4
03-How to Track Order Form Impressions (OFI).mp4
04-How I Like to Organize My Columns.mp4
05-How to Add a Traffic Source to Voluum (OutBrain).mp4
01-Intro to Spying (Manual vs Paid).mp4
02-How I Do Manual Spying on Native Ads.mp4
03-How to Use AdPlexity to Spy on Native Super Affiliates.mp4
04-Landing Pages (M.A example)
01-Overview of Landing Pages.mp4
02-Download my Landing Page Template.mp4
03-Creating a Landing Page with LanderBolt.mp4
04-How to Choose a Custom Domain That Covers Multiple Verticals.mp4
05-Adding the Landing Page into Voluum.mp4
06-How to Make the Landing Page Mobile Friendly.mp4
06-Important Note.pdf
07-How to Split Test Landing Pages.mp4
05-Creating an OutBrain Campaign
01-Adding The Nervogen Offer Into Voluum.mp4
02-Creating a Landing Page for Nervogen.mp4
03-How to Create an OutBrain Conversion Action.mp4
04-How to Submit a Traffic Source Postback URL.mp4
05-Creating a Direct Tracking Link For OutBrain.mp4
06-Creating The Ads For Our Nervogen Campaign.mp4
07a-Creating an OutBrain Campaign For Nervogen.mp4
07b-Duplicating the Nervogen Campaign for Mob-Tab.mp4
07c-Duplicating the Nervogen Campaign for MSN Only.mp4
08-Adding Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Contact Us Links.mp4
06-Reading the Data - Optimizing
01-Quick Organization Tip (Campaign Names).mp4
02-My Publisher or Section Rules (Template).mp4
02-Native Ads Campaign Structure - TEMPLATE.xlsx
03-How to Exclude Publishers & Sections.mp4
04-Our 1st Conversion on Day 2!.mp4
05-Increasing Budgets.mp4
06-Daily Spend or Revenue File.mp4
07-Fixing the Traffic Source Postback URL.mp4
08-Drilling Down On The Data Pt 1 - Publishers & Sections.mp4
09-How to Bulk Exclude Section ID's (site-wide example).mp4
10-Drilling Down On The Data Pt 2 - Ad Ids.mp4
11-My Campaign Kill Ratio Template.mp4
12-Creating Ads for 'Round 2' - Testing New Headlines.mp4
13-How to Resubmit Disapproved Ads.mp4
14-My Scale Guide For Native Ads.mp4
15-Test Conversion For The TS Postback URL = SUCCESS!.mp4
16-Nervogen Campaign Wrap Up.mp4
01-How to Add RevContent as a Traffic Source.mp4
02-Integrating Voluum and RevContent.mp4
03-How to Add a RevContent Postback URL into Voluum.mp4
04-How to Create Your RevContent Tracking Link.mp4
05-Find Offers or Campaigns to Run on RevContent.mp4
06-Creating RevContent Ads (Images & Headlines).mp4
07-Creating a RevContent Campaign (Day 1 Sale!!).mp4
08-Fixing The RevContent Postback URL....mp4
09-RevContent - 'Round 2' - 5 New Images to Test.mp4
10-Creating Auto Rules For RevContent Campaigns.mp4
11-Split Testing Landing Pages.mp4
12-Data Dive - Day 2 Of Traffic!.mp4
13-Campaign Wrap Up - Back-2-Back Green Days.mp4
01-How I Come Up With Angles to Test.mp4
02-Calculating Future Profits on Past Data.mp4
03-ClickBank Account Suspensions - Allowances - Releases.mp4
04-Best Credit Card For Scaling (My Opinion).mp4
09-Frequently Asked Questions
01-Which Native Ads Traffic Sources Do You Use.png
02-For a $3K budget for a campaign how many angles should I test.png
03-Which Types of Offers Work Best on Native Ads.png
04-I ran Nervogen just like you with no success.png
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I believe the best way to teach Native Ads is to create campaigns right in front of your eyes and show you EXACTLY how I optimize & make critical decisions. I don’t just talk about what to do, I SHOW YOU!
What’s Included In The Native Ads Training Course??
How to Set Up Tracking With Native Ads
​Tracking Order Form Impressions (OFI’s)
​How to Spy on Competition Like a Pro (Free/Paid)
​How to Create High CTR Landing Pages
​A Landing Page Template For Native Ads
​How to Use PROVEN Landers With Native
​Creating The Native Campaign *(Real Examples)*
Sending Conversions Back to Traffic Source*​
How I Find Ad Images That Make BANK​
​The Structure For Native Campaigns
​Native Ads Optimization Tips!

Rules For Blocking Websites / Sections
​First Conversion Day 2 – Now What!
​Staying Organized With Daily P/L File
​Drilling Down On The Data & Optimizing
​Campaign Kill Ratio Template
​How I Structure My Ad Tests in “Rounds”
​My Native Ads Scaling Guide*
​How I Come Up With Angles to Test!
​** 2 “Follow Along” Campaign Builds w/ Results
​** My “Auto Rules” That Help Optimize For You!!
With Native Ads, I Became A ClickBank Platinum Member!
Here are some of my results with Native Ads

Kody Knows – Native Mastery
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