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Macro FX - Fundamentals Mastery Training (3.07 GB)

Last Updated Date: 09-07-2021

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Macro FX - Fundamentals Mastery Training
1. Introduction
2. Fundamental Basics
3. Central Banks
4. Politics
5. Implementation
1. Introduction
1. Training Intro.mp4
2. What is Fundamental Analysis_.mp4
3. Proficiency Timeline.mp4
2. Fundamental Basics
1. What Drives Currency Prices_.mp4
2. Fundamental Analysis Myths.mp4
3. What Factors Drive Each G8 Currency_.mp4
4. Global Capital Flows.mp4
5, Market Efficiency.mp4
6. What is a Fundamental Theme_ How to Analyze Them.mp4
7. Using Price Action as a Guide.mp4
3. Central Banks
1. Intro to Central Banks.mp4
2. How a Central Bank Makes Decisions.mp4
3. Economic Data.mp4
4. Central Bank Trade #1 Pre-Meeting.mp4
5. Central Bank Trade #2 Trading the Meeting.mp4
6. Central Bank Trade #3 Post-Meeting.mp4
4. Politics
1. How Politics Affects the FX Market.mp4
2. How to Trade Elections.mp4
3. How to Trade Fiscal Policy.mp4
5. Implementation
1. Where to Find News Headlines_ Economic Data.mp4
2. How to Sort Through the News_ Keep Track of Info.mp4
3. How a Currency Pair Functions.mp4
4. Choosing the Correct Currency Pair to Trade.mp4
5. Putting it all together (Wrap Up).mp4
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Macro FX Basic Mastery Course
A-Z coaching on conducting elementary evaluation of currencies, and methods to reap the benefits of mispricings

What abilities you are taking away from the Training:

Analyze Currencies Basically
The coaching goes into element about what to search for when taking a look at information headlines, methods to analyze their price, and decide its influence.

Kind a Bias for a Forex
You’ll discover ways to kind a bias for a foreign money by analyzing elementary themes, Central banks, and many others and know when there is a chance to purchase or promote!

Assemble Excessive Likelihood Commerce Concepts
The coaching will go into element about methods to discover which foreign money pairs to commerce given the elemental themes on the time, and the way to make sure you are buying and selling the best chance setups

Macro FX – Fundamentals Mastery Training
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