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Last Updated Date: 01-20-2022

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Make Money As A Freelancer - Cold Email Wizard
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1 - Intro.mp4
2 - Domains + G Suite.mp4
3 - Making a Landing Page.mp4
4 - Filming your VSL.mp4
5 - Skill Lead Gen with LinkedIn.mp4
6 - Skill Lead Gen with Cold Email.mp4
7 - Skill Funnel Building.mp4
8 - Shoutouts as a Service.mp4
9 - Skill Data Scraping as a Service.mp4
10 - Skill Ecommerce Email Marketing.mp4
11 - Getting Clients with linkedin.mp4
12 - Getting Clients with Cold Email.mp4
13 - Sales Calls.mp4
14 - Payments, Calls, and Contracts.mp4
15 - Outsourcing.mp4
Example Client Contract.pdf
1 - Introduction.mp4
2 - Domains.mp4
3 - DMARC & Forwarding.mp4
4 - Warming Up.mp4
5 - Writing Scripts (with case studies).mp4
6 - Writing Scripts (without case studies).mp4
7 - Writing First Lines.mp4
8 - Terrible First Lines.mp4
9 - Great first lines.mp4
10 - Scraping Ecommerce.mp4
11 - Scraping Enterprise.mp4
12 - Scraping LinkedIn.mp4
13 - Scraping LinkedIn searches.mp4
14 - Finding Owner Contact Info.mp4
15 - Automated Sending.mp4
16 - Optimizing Campaigns.mp4
Cold Email Mastery Book.pdf
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1 - Introduction.mp4
2 - Setting up software.mp4
3 - Scraping.mp4
4 - Pitching clients.mp4
5 - New Software.mp4
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Get Discount ?

Here is the trail to changing into a freelancer.

Step 1 – Be taught a ability.

Step 2 – Get shoppers.

Step 3 – Use your consumer outcomes to get extra shoppers.

However what expertise do you be taught?

How do you be taught them?

How do you get shoppers?

How do you get them outcomes?

The course will present you…
> Which expertise are promoting at this time, and which to keep away from.

> Learn how to change into an professional at these expertise.

> Pricing & supply constructions.

> Learn how to get shoppers.

> Learn how to get consumer outcomes.

My company has 6 shoppers and fees $2,000 – $4,000/mo.
It took me 27 months to get right here.

As a result of I dabbled in too many issues.

I attempted companies that by no means had potential within the first place.

Decide one ability on this course, and keep it up.

I’ve offered each ability on this course.
So I do know they work.

Whether or not it is for myself or my shoppers.

I’m actively pushing them proper now.

In the event you persist with only one, you’ll be able to construct your self a enterprise.

Who this course is for.
You might have zero expertise.

You might have zero shoppers.

You realize completely nothing, and also you need to get began in on-line enterprise.

Who this course will not be for.
You have already got a ability and have shoppers.

It is a newbie course. In case you are not a newbie, do not buy it.

It is a video course, not an book.

Make Money As A Freelancer – Cold Email Wizard
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