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Mariah Coz - The Accelerator Program
Evergreen Engines
Launch Your Signature Course
Map Your Model
Product Suite
Upsells Training
Webinar Rockstar
#14918 - 'Welcome! Read This First_ I Mariah Coz'.jpg
#14919 - 'Complete the Intake Questionnaire and Advantage Assessment I Mariah Coz'.pdf
#14920 - 'Watch This First_ Everything You Need to Know To Build a 6-7 Figure Online Course Business I Mariah Coz'.pdf
#14921 - 'The Accelerator Calls I Mariah Coz'.pdf
#14922 - 'Milestone Pins I Mariah Coz'.pdf
#14923 - 'Accelerator Referral Program - Earn while you Learn! I Mariah Coz'.pdf
#14924 - 'Make Sales Fast_ 5 Cash Injection Strategies You Can Implement Right Now 4_ Host a Webinar I Mariah Coz'.pdf
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#14927 - 'How to Run a 4-Day Flash Sale I Mariah Coz'.jpg
#14928 - 'How to Run a 4-Day Flash Sale I Mariah Coz'.pdf
#14929 - 'Download your Post-Viral Giveaway Email Sequence I Mariah Coz'.pdf
#14939 - 'Running a Live Paid Virtual Workshop - Step by Step Process I Mariah'.pdf
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#14942 - 'Watch The Replay I Mariah Coz'.pdf
#15033 - 'Deadline Funnel Tech Walkthrough I Mariah Coz'.pdf
#15034 - 'Have a question_ Check the knowledge base! How can I map out my course curriculum_Where sh.pdf
#15035 - 'Create an Evergreen Funnel to Sell Your Course Year-Round on Autopilot.pdf
#15036 - 'Work with us in the Accelerator Program Work with us in the Accelerator Program I Mariah Coz'.pdf
#15037 - 'Become an Affiliate I Mariah Coz'.pdf
#15038 - 'Customer Service Email Template for Extenuating Circumstances [BONUS] Cu.pdf
#15039 - 'Special link to get 3 months FREE of Teachable Pro I Mariah Coz'.pdf
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#15048 - 'The Accelerator Intake Questionnaire and Advantage Assessment'.pdf
#15049 - 'Accelerator Milestone Gift Form'.pdf
7-Figure Course Diagram (1).pdf
Accelerator 'Start Here' Roadmap_Final.pdf
Copia de [ACC] BONUS_ How to Run a 4-Day Flash Sale_.docx
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Copia de [BONUS] Post-Viral Giveaway Email Sequence_.docx
Re-Launching Workshop - Mariah Coz.mp4
Turtles & Hares Live Teaching.mp4
[ACC] Referral - Instagram
Evergreen Engines
1-Introduction to Evergreen Sales Funnels
2-Master The Evergreen Mindset
3-The Simplest Funnel In the World - The One-Page LTO Funne
4-Before You Create Your Full-Fledged Funnel
5-Evergreen Funnel #1 Email Funnel
6-Evergreen Funnel #2 Automated Webinar Funnel
7-How To Get People Into Your Funnel
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#14946 - 'Welcome! Read this first I Mariah Coz'.jpg
#14947 - 'Special link to get 1 month FREE of Deadline Funnel I Mariah Coz'.pdf
#14948 - 'Platforms, Systems and Tech Overview I Mariah Coz'.pdf
#14972 - 'Funnel Metric Spreadsheet I Mariah Coz'.pdf
#14973 - 'Have a question_ Check the knowledge base! Where should I buy a domain_How do I connect my domain to my Square.pdf
#14974 - 'Setting Up Your Deadline Funnel Tech I Mariah Coz'.pdf
1-Funnel Metric Spreadsheet - Mariah Coz.ts
1-Platforms, Systems and Tech Overview - Mariah Coz.mp4
Copia de [ACC] Average Metrics and Standard Conversion Rates_.docx
Copia de [ACC] Post-Launch Training - 03 - Email Funnel Email Template_.docx
Copia de [ACC] Post-Launch Training - Evergreen Funnel #1_ Simple Email Funnel_.docx
Copia de [ACC] Post-Launch Training - Introduction to Evergreen Funnels_.docx
Copia de [ACC] Post-Launch Training_ Funnel Metrics Spreadsheet (2018.11.06)_.xlsx
Copia de [ACC] Webinar Funnel 1 - Webinar Registration Page Entrypoint_ Step By Step_.docx
Copia de [ACC] Webinar Funnel Email Sequence Template_.docx
Copia de [EE]Funnel Project Plan_.docx
Copia de [EE] Lesson - Ultimate Guide to Deadline Funnel_ (1).docx
Copia de [EE] Lesson - Ultimate Guide to Deadline Funnel_.docx
Copia de [EE] Template - Evergreen Webinar Slides_ (1).pptx
Copia de [EE] Template - Evergreen Webinar Slides_.pptx
Copia de [EE] Template - Funnel One-Sheet and Testing Checklist_ (1).xlsx
Copia de [EE] Template - Funnel One-Sheet and Testing Checklist_.xlsx
[ACC] How To Record Your Evergreen Webinar.docx
[LYSC] Welcome! - Platforms, Systems, and Tech Overview.docx
Launch Your Signature Course
0 Welcome
1 Rapid Validation Webinar System
2 Market Research and Your Course Idea
3 Course Domain and Landing Page
4 Creating Your Course Sales Page and Course Pricing
5 Creating Your Course Curriculum and Content
6 Pre-Launch Strategies
7 Setting Up Your Membership Site and Welcome Emails
8 Launch, Launch, Launch
9 Your Cart Open Live Launch
10 Post-Launch Assessments
Copia de [ACC] Average Metrics and Standard Conversion Rates_.docx
Copia de [ACC] Downsell Email Templates_.docx
Copia de [BONUS] Customer Service Email Template for Extenuating Circumstance_.docx
Copia de [EE] Lesson - Ultimate Guide to Deadline Funnel_.docx
Copia de [LYSC] Launch 'Booster' Strategies_.docx
Copia de [LYSC] Launch Webinar Template - Early Bird_.pptx
Copia de [LYSC] Launch Webinar Template - Regular Price_.pptx
Copia de [LYSC] Module 03 - Course Landing Page _ Coming Soon Page_.docx
Copia de [LYSC] Module 03 - Course Name and Domain_.docx
Copia de [LYSC] Module 03 - Getting Into the Engagement Habit Groove_.docx
Copia de [LYSC] Module 03 - Pitch Scripts_.docx
Copia de [LYSC] Module 03 - Promote Your Landing Page (To Your Audience)_.docx
Copia de [LYSC] Module 03 - Your Landing Page + Grow Your VIP List_.docx
Copia de [LYSC] Module 04 - Pricing Your Course_.docx
Copia de [LYSC] Module 04 - Sales Page Copy Outline_.docx
Copia de [LYSC] Module 05 - Course Outline_.docx
Copia de [LYSC] Module 05 - Your Unique Delivery + Format_.docx
Copia de [LYSC] Module 06 - Countdown To Launch!_.docx
Copia de [LYSC] Module 06 - Pre-Launch Free Weekly Content_.docx
Copia de [LYSC] Module 07 - How to Set Up Order Fulfillment Automations_.docx
Copia de [LYSC] Module 07 - Welcome Email + Course Onboarding Emails_.docx
Copia de [LYSC] Module 08 - Facebook Live Webinar Flow + Checklist_ (1).docx
Copia de [LYSC] Module 08 - Facebook Live Webinar Flow + Checklist_.docx
Copia de [LYSC] Module 08 - Launch Calendar Spreadsheet_.xlsx
Copia de [LYSC] Module 08 - Launch Email Sequence_ (1).docx
Copia de [LYSC] Module 08 - Launch Email Sequence_.docx
Copia de [LYSC] Module 08 - Launch Overview and 3 Pillars of Launching_ (1).docx
Copia de [LYSC] Module 08 - Launch Overview and 3 Pillars of Launching_.docx
Copia de [LYSC] Module 08 - Launch Webinar Overview_.docx
Copia de [LYSC] Module 08 - Live Stream Series Outline_.docx
Copia de [LYSC] Module 08 - Put Your Website in Launch Mode_.docx
Copia de [LYSC] Module 09 - Cart Open, Early Bird, and Cart Close Checklist_.docx
Copia de [LYSC] Module 09 - Course FAQ_.docx
Copia de [LYSC] Module 09 - Customer Service Canned Responses_.docx
Copia de [LYSC] Module 1 - Rapid Validation Webinar Slide Template_.pptx
Copia de [LYSC] Module 2 - Brainstorm Your Course Idea_ (1).docx
Copia de [LYSC] Module 2 - Brainstorm Your Course Idea_.docx
Copia de [LYSC] Module 2 - Copy Stalking Spreadsheet [Example] (2018.06.01)_.xlsx
Copia de [LYSC] Module 2 - Copy Stalking Spreadsheet [Fill Me In] (2018.06.01)_.xlsx
Copia de [LYSC] Module 2 - Course Criteria Exercise _.docx
Copia de [LYSC] Module 5 - Course Curriculum 'Wedging Techniques' _.docx
Copia de [LYSC] Module 8 Update - Launch Calendar Spreadsheet_.xlsx
Copia de [LYSC] Module 10 - Course Updates and Improvement Log_ (1).docx
Copia de [LYSC] Module 10 - Course Updates and Improvement Log_.docx
Copia de [LYSC] Module 10 - Post Launch Debrief Document_.docx
Copia de [LYSC] Module 10 - Reflect on Your Launch Results_.docx
Copia de [WR] Templates - 1_ NEW WEBINAR PLANNING TEMPLATE_.docx
Copia de [WR] Templates - 2_ 3 X 3 WEBINAR EMAIL SEQUENCE TEMPLATE_.docx
Copia de [WR] Templates - 3_ SOCIAL MEDIA WEBINAR PROMOTION_.docx
Copia de [WR] Templates - 4_ 3 ESSENTIAL PAGES TEMPLATES (REG, TY, LIVE)_.docx
Copia de [WR] Templates - 5_ LIVE WEBINAR DOCUMENT TEMPLATE_.docx
Copia de [WR] Templates - 6_ WEBINAR SLIDES CONTENT TEMPLATE_.docx
Launch Email Sequence - Ashley Campo.pdf
Launch Email Sequence - Corey Willis.pdf
Launch Email Sequence - Julie Ball.pdf
Launch Email Sequence - Melanie Lea.pdf
Launch Email Sequence - Rebecca Tracey.pdf
Mindset Message from Mariah -) - Mariah Coz.mp3
Rapid Validation Webinar Calendar.pdf
Relaunching Your Course - Mariah Coz.mp4
[ACC] Client Work - Rapid Validation Webinar (Slides) - Justine Grey (2018.12.08).pdf
[ACC] Client Work - Rapid Validation Webinar SLIDES - Cami Farey (2018.13.12).pdf
[ACC] Creating Surveys For Your Course.docx
[LYSC] Module 04 - Additional Sales Page
[LYSC] Module 04 - Your MVP Sales Page.docx
[LYSC] Module 08 - Social Media Post
[LYSC] Welcome! - Platforms, Systems, and Tech Overview.docx
Map Your Model
#14930 - 'Mariah Coz'.jpg
#14931 - 'Introduction To The 3-Part Framework For Consistent Course Sales I Mar'.jpg
#14932 - 'Introduction To The #MapYourModel Process I Mar'.jpg
#14933 - 'Introduction To The #MapYourModel Process I Mar'.pdf
#14934 - 'Map Your Model Part 1_ Prioritize Your Projects With The Criteria Matrix I Mar'.pdf
#14935 - 'Map Your Model Part 2_ Revenue and Audience Map I Mar'.pdf
#14936 - 'Map Your Model Part 3_ Put It On The Calendar I Mar'.pdf
#14937 - '#MapYourModel Homework I Mar'.pdf
#14938 - 'Watch us do a _Map Your Model_ Live I Mar'.pdf
1-Introduction To The 3-Part Framework For Consistent Course Sales - Mar.ts
1-Introduction To The 3-Part Framework For Consistent Course Sales - Mar_(new).mp4
2-3-Part Framework- Monthly and Yearly Views - Mar.ts
2-3-Part Framework- Monthly and Yearly Views - Mar_(new).mp4
3-Breaking Down The Math Of Your Goals - Mar.ts
4-Introduction To The #MapYourModel Process - Mar.ts
5-Map Your Model Part 1- Prioritize Your Projects With The Criteria Matrix - Mar.mp4
6-Map Your Model Part 1- Prioritize Your Projects With The Criteria Matrix - Mar.mp4
7-Map Your Model Part 2- Revenue and Audience Map - Mar.mp4
8-Map Your Model Part 3- Put It On The Calendar - Mar.ts
9-Watch us do a -Map Your Model- Live - Mar.mp4
Copia de [MYM] Map Your Model - Part 1_ Projects + Priorities_.docx
Copia de [MYM] Map Your Model - Part 2_ Revenue + Audience Model_.docx
Copia de [MYM] Map Your Model - Part 3_ Calendar_.docx
Copia de [MYM] Project Matrix Spreadsheet_.xlsx
[MYM] Map Your Model - Part 1- Fun Sheet.pdf
Product Suite
#14926 - 'Mariah Coz'.jpg
Lesson 00- Are You Ready to Build Your Product Suite- - Mariah Coz_(new).mp4
Lesson 01- What is a Product Suite- - Mariah Coz.mp4
Lesson 01- What is a Product Suite- - Mariah Coz_(new).mp4
Lesson 02- Strategic Design - Mariah Coz.mp4
Lesson 03- Choosing Your Offers - Mariah Coz.mp4
Lesson 04- Types of Offers - Mariah Coz.mp4
Lesson 05- Pricing Product Suite - Mariah Coz.mp4
Lesson 06- Managing Multiple Products - Mariah Coz.mp4
Lesson 07- Clarity for Customers - Mariah Coz.mp4
Lesson 08- Managing Multiple Funnels - Mariah Coz.ts
Upsells Training
#14943 - 'Mariah Coz'.jpg
#14944 - 'Setting Up Your Upsells in SamCart I Mariah Coz'.pdf
Lesson 01- Intro to Upsells - Mariah Coz.ts
Lesson 01- Intro to Upsells - Mariah Coz_(new).mp4
Lesson 02- Choosing an Upsell - Mariah Coz.ts
Lesson 03- Pricing Your Upsell - Mariah Coz.ts
Lesson 04- Multiple Upsells - Mariah Coz.ts
Lesson 05- Elements of the Upsell Page - Mariah Coz.mp4
Webinar Rockstar
1 Overview and Introduction to Webinars
2 Prepare For Your Webinar
3 Promote Your Webinar Like a Rockstar
4 The Profitable Pitch Webinar Structure
5 The Post-Webinar Follow Up
6 Joint Venture and Partner Webinars
7 Repurposing and Monetizing Webinar Replays
#15041 - 'Mariah Coz'.jpg
#15042 - 'A Welcome Letter From Mariah _) I Mariah Coz'.jpg
#15043 - 'Download The Webinar Slides Templates I Mariah Coz'.pdf
#15044 - 'Click Here to Join the Webinar Rockstaru00ae Private Facebook Group! I Mariah Coz'.pdf
#15045 - 'Webinar Rockstaru00ae Private Facebook Group Rules and Guidelines I Mariah Coz'.pdf
#15046 - 'IMPORTANT_ Google Hangouts has been discontinued_ Here's our suggested alternative! I Mariah Coz'.pdf
#15047 - 'Webinars with Squarespace + ConvertKit How to create a thank you page and registration p.pdf
1-IMPORTANT- Google Hangouts has been discontinued. Heree! - Mariah Coz.ts
1-IMPORTANT- Google Hangouts has been discontinued. Heree! - Mariah Coz_(new).mp4
Copia de [WR] Template - Webinar Rockstar Slides_.pptx
How to Create a Killer Insta Strategy in 1 Hour.pdf
How to create a YouTube Live Event _ Hangout on Air - Mariah Coz.ts
How to create a YouTube Live Event _ Hangout on Air - Mariah Coz_(new).mp4
How to create a chatbox using Chatango - Mariah Coz.ts
How to create a chatbox using Chatango - Mariah Coz_(new).mp4
Money Mindset Masterclass.pdf
Webinars with Squarespace + ConvertKit How to create a thank you page and registration page on Squarespace-How to create a live page on Squarespace- - Mariah Coz.ts
Webinars with Squarespace + ConvertKit How to create a thank you page and registration page on Squarespace-How to create a live page on Squarespace- - Mariah Coz_(new).mp4
[ACC] Client Work - Webinar - Paige Brunton (2018.08.15).pdf
[GUIDE] Guide to Using Vimeo for Webinars.docx
[Slides] How to Attract Your Ideal Yoga Clients With A Website.pdf
Get Discount ?

Mariah Coz – The Accelerator Program

The finest option to Create a Full-Time Earnings with On-line Packages
👇 Distinctive Superior Workshop with Mariah Coz 👇
Watch the video below to be taught our 3-half framework for fixed, sustainably rising, 12 months-spherical on-line course product sales and get all of the small print about working with us throughout the Accelerator program!
Accelerator Q&A Session
Purchased questions regarding the Accelerator program? I reply the most typical questions we get from rapidly-to-be customers throughout the video proper right here, otherwise you presumably can merely shoot us a message using the chat function throughout the lower correct hand nook of this net web page!
(Don’t worry – we’ll get your message even after we’re offline and get once more to you ASAP!)
The Accelerator is like no completely different program you’ve expert sooner than.
We provide fill-in-the-clear templates for launch emails, webinar slides, product sales pages, evergreen webinar funnels — it’s all in proper right here. The devices, templates, and strategies on this program will stop a number of of hours and tens of 1000’s of {{dollars}} in wasted time and money.
We combine the step-by-step teaching and plug-and-play templates with an insane stage of assist by the use of various weekly educating calls, non-public ideas in your work, and even 1:1 calls if you happen to attain certain milestones. You will be surrounded by 6-7 course creators in our distinctive group, which merely helps you stage up that lots faster.
The outcome’s that you have all of the items that you need to create a continually worthwhile on-line course enterprise that allows you to serve your faculty college students and prepare what you want.
I’ve labored with a number of of people to launch their applications by way of the years. These are simply a few of them. Please bear in mind, all of them labored very onerous to alter into worthwhile and your outcomes will vary counting on many parts.
Your life sooner than the The Accelerator:
Daydreaming regarding the freedom and life-fashion that comes with an web course enterprise nevertheless on no account taking movement
Attempting to ‘Frankenstein’ collectively random strategies, hoping one factor sticks nevertheless nothing seems to maneuver the needle
Doing points out of order, which implies you are actually creating additional work to your self and dropping out on product sales
Launching with no method – you’re winging it and your outcomes replicate that
You haven’t any fixed course product sales in between launches, you are dwelling launch to launch, caught throughout the feast and famine cycle
Your viewers measurement is stagnant, which implies your earnings is simply too
Your life after The Accelerator:
You perceive exactly what to do subsequent to develop your on-line course product sales
You make giant bursts of earnings all through launches, nevertheless you even have fixed, reliable earnings coming in every single month by the use of your automated evergreen funnels
You are feeling like an entire boss in your on-line enterprise – points are occurring, you feel momentum and in addition you see common growth month to month
You’ve develop into recognized in what you are promoting in your signature course, and in addition you’re starting to be requested to be on podcasts and converse on ranges as a result of the expert in your topic!
You are dwelling your life designed for YOU – you’ve got received one or two launches a 12 months, then you definitely presumably can chill for a bit understanding your earnings is safe because you constructed the evergreen methods the suitable means, the first time
You prioritize LIFE…your hobbies, your family members, your buddies get the simplest of you and in addition you designed a enterprise that allows you to take wonderful care of your private self too (mentally, spiritually, bodily)
What’s included in The Accelerator?
The Accelerator program consists of entry to all of our premium packages, content material materials, templates and trainings together with weekly educating, non-public ideas in your work, and unbelievable assist.
Launch Your Signature Course®
Our best-selling signature course creation and launching program might be essentially the most full info to creating and selling your private applications – taking you from no experience to launching your private signature, premium, {{and professional}} course. First you’ll validate and pre-promote your course, then you definitely definately’ll create course content material materials and curriculum that may get faculty college students outcomes, then you definitely’ll study to launch your course with the most well liked strategies working now. You’ll use these templates, devices and trainings repeatedly as you launch future applications and improve your re-launches over time.
Evergreen Engines™
Correct after you launch your signature course, it’s time to point out it on evergreen with an computerized product sales funnel so that you presumably can usher in product sales on each day foundation, 12 months spherical, on autopilot. I’ll current you’re taking the property you’ve already created (like your emails, product sales pages, and so forth) and assemble the evergreen funnel methods for fixed course product sales, even if you happen to’re not launching.
Webinar Rockstar®
Webinars are the quickest methodology to develop your e mail itemizing and your earnings. You’ll study to create ‘course product sales on demand’ and a cash injection anytime you want by web internet hosting extreme-value, environment friendly webinars. Grasp the art work and science of three means partnership affiliate webinars to develop your on-line enterprise faster than ever with the power of affiliate webinars.
Plus the assistance, educating, and superior teaching you gained’t get ANYWHERE else!
Weekly Group Q&A Calls with Mariah
Get educating and get your questions answered by Mariah instantly in these weekly distinctive Group Instructing Calls solely obtainable to Accelerator customers. Ship your questions or struggles and we’ll strategize, talk about mindset, and overcome any challenges you are experiencing.
Weekly Critique Calls with our Coaches
Get admission to weekly Group Critique Calls the place you presumably can submit one factor for 1:1 ideas in a bunch setting – paying homage to your product sales net web page, webinar, e mail copy, regisration net web page, content material materials ideas, funnel pages, and so forth.! These are insanely useful and one of many easiest methods to get non-public ideas in your work.
Map Your Model Planning System
That’s our signature Annual and Quarterly Planning System for Course Creators. Design your earnings and earnings streams, plan out your course product sales and viewers growth, and get most important readability on exactly what attempt to be engaged on and when, with our system for choosing solely Extreme-ROI actions.
Good Product Suite
This superior teaching is barely obtainable in The Accelerator. Making a strategic, intentional product suite is the vital factor to scaling your course enterprise. You will design your ideally suited Product Suite of affords, understand how they be a part of and work collectively, and leverage utterly completely different affords for max profitability whereas serving your best faculty college students on the very best stage. We work intently with our Accelerator customers to make sure their product suite is strategic for his or her distinctive enterprise.
Distinctive Upsells Teaching
Uncover methods to reinforce your Lifetime Purchaser Price and your bottom line with an upsell, so you too can make additional earnings with out additional web site guests or shoppers! I stroll you through The ‘Good’ Upsell Net web page breakdown, and current you implement environment friendly upsells into your launches and funnels.
Giveaway Product sales Promo E mail Sequence Template
Desire a Cash Injection? Uncover methods to Flip Your Giveaway proper right into a Worthwhile Promotion with this phrase for phrase E mail Sequence Template. This template displays you flip a giveaway (which grows your viewers) proper right into a worthwhile flash sale for a little bit of enhance everytime you need!
Product sales Net web page Copy Template
The ultimate script and template for writing an unbelievable product sales pages in your applications and funnels. That’s 26 pages of copy ideas, scripts, and descriptions for all of the items that you need to say on a product sales net web page in a easy to utilize Google Doc so that you presumably can kind correct into it. This may occasionally stop loads of time when writing your product sales net web page!
Early Entry to Keep Event Tickets
That’s your invitation to fulfill your subsequent-stage self and experience the kind of transformation that solely comes from being in a extreme-vibe room with others resembling you! Over two days collectively, we’ll current you create a worthwhile, actionable plan in your launches, your funnels, and further. These events are so fulfilling!
*Dates are TBD
The most curated group actually creators on the internet.
The Accelerator group is the place probably the greatest course creators on the planet grasp round. And in addition you’re cordially invited into the membership!
You’ll be surrounded by course creators who’re incomes 6-7 figures so that you presumably will be taught from them and stage up fast. Even if you happen to’re merely starting from scratch, the quickest methodology to stage up is to embody your self with success.
On each day foundation, customers are sharing their wins and the behind the scenes of how they achieved these milstones, so that you simply get a behind the scenes check out what others are doing to realize success in your related state of affairs.
You’ll see tons of detailed launch recaps and full funnel breakdowns, so that you presumably can see exactly what others are doing, the numbers, conversion costs, the strategies they’re using and further.
You’ll be in a curated group of extreme-caliber, formidable course creators who’ve all invested to be there…which suggests the group is insanely vigorous, generous, inspiring and supportive.
You’ll be able to do The Accelerator from residence,
from anyplace on the planet.
We have a vibrant, worldwide group in The Accelerator. You are going to be surrounded by people in all utterly completely different niches (from crystal therapeutic to engineering and aviation and all of the items in between). A whole lot of our customers prepare applications of their native language!
You can full this method from the comfort of your couch or kitchen desk, as long as you’ve got received an Net connection! The program is digital so that you presumably can entry it from anyplace by the use of our private course portal.
You’ve got gotten entry to the packages as rapidly as you enroll, and we’ll present assist to create a custom-made movement plan if you happen to be part of so that you acknowledge exactly what steps to take first.
What’s the time dedication?
How prolonged does it take to create and launch a course?
The reliable reply is, it’s dependent upon you and your current state of affairs. Most of our customers are ready to go from zero to course launch in about 3 months. You’ll spend about 1 month validating and pre-selling your course, one different 4-6 weeks creating the content material materials, then one different 4 weeks for the entire launch.
Take into account, some people take longer and that is optimistic! There isn’t any such factor as a rush and no correct or unsuitable time period!
How prolonged does it take to rearrange my evergreen funnel?
The first ‘Part 1’ funnel you may create will take about 1 day to rearrange. It’s super straightforward nevertheless ridiculously environment friendly. Close to setting up your full evergreen webinar funnel, that can probably take you 2-6 weeks complete to rearrange. A whole lot of our customers start seeing evergreen product sales merely days after setting it reside.
How prolonged does it take to implement all of the items on this excellent, life-altering program?
In any case, all of it’s dependent upon your dedication and the best way you are employed, nevertheless let me offer you an thought based mostly totally on our customers. You would presumably implement all of the items throughout the bundle and be successfully in your methodology to a bonafide course empire in about 12 months.
3 months for creating and launching your course…
One different month or 2 for going evergreen…
Just some months to provide consideration to webinars…
And naturally you’ll be itemizing setting up in between all of it…
We see our customers make huge strides within the route of 6 figures (or 7 figures if you already have a longtime course enterprise) in 12 months time as soon as they’ve this steering, these strategies and the suitable assist. Paige went from zero to six-decide course enterprise in beneath a 12 months. Abbey grew her enterprise from 6 to 7 figures in about 18 months. Becca added $100k to her bottom line in 12 months collectively together with her evergreen present and new funnel.
There has on no account been a better time to begin out and scale your on-line course enterprise.
The experience obtainable as we converse makes it super straightforward. Your ideally suited shoppers and faculty college students are in the marketplace actively on the lookout for strategies to be taught what you already know, from residence in a useful means.
Starting now will imply you may:
Get ahead of your ‘opponents’ and arrange your self and your signature course as a result of the market chief.
Get the ‘early adopter’ profit and start implementing these strategies now, making product sales, and rising your viewers.
Put the evergreen methods in place that provide the outcomes you need (even if you aren’t actively working!) so that you presumably can truly leverage your time.
Within the occasion you wait, you’ll be within the equivalent place you’re truly. 6 months from now, you’ll need you had started as we converse!
I do know you possibly can be contemplating,
“I’m undecided if that’s ‘too beginner’ or ‘too superior’ for me”…
“I’m merely starting out as a newbie, is that this correct for me?”
YES! We have tons of customers come to us with no course thought, a small viewers and having on no account purchased a product sooner than ever, after which utterly crush their goals for his or her course enterprise.
In case you’re starting from scratch, we now have now a very explicit plan so to adjust to throughout the first few months to create your course, launch it, and get it prepare on evergreen. You’re not “too beginner” for this, you found us at merely the suitable time, because of it’s worth it to begin out setting up your course enterprise from the inspiration the RIGHT WAY, THE FIRST TIME.
There’s no should wrestle by your self. Start off with the endgame in ideas, and in addition you’ll be shifting faster correct from the get go.
“I already have a longtime (even perhaps 6 or 7 decide) course enterprise, is that this correct for me?”
YES! Fully. A whole lot of our customers come to us as soon as they already have a worthwhile course enterprise that they want to SCALE. Maybe you’ve had success with launches, nevertheless you acknowledge that you need to get your course on anautomated evergreen product sales funnel STAT! We have helped customers scale from, and as a lot as 7 figures.
Even in case you’ve gotten already launched sooner than, or even have a funnel – we’ll merely take all of the items to the next stage and improve your launches, your funnels, your webinars, and your product suite.
This program is sweet for people attempting to scale to the next stage and in addition you’ll be in good agency throughout the group, surrounded by completely different 6-7 decide course creators.
The Accelerator is good whether or not or not you’re merely starting out or aleady a longtime course creator.
Who’s that this for?
Likelihood is you may be a newbie to on-line applications, nevertheless you acknowledge that’s what you are known as to do – help others with what you acknowledge!
You’ve got gotten an present course nevertheless the promoting and advertising and marketing and product sales (ahem, your outcomes) are lackluster in any other case you want to scale. You need subsequent-stage promoting and advertising and marketing help!
You already know your space of curiosity (you don’t have to be clear in your course thought however, nevertheless you need a primary considered your space of curiosity and who you serve).
You are devoted to success. Within the occasion you fall down, you stand up as soon as extra and protect going. You already know there will not be any silver bullets – merely onerous work and a constructive angle!
You take full and complete non-public responsibility in your outcomes. No coach or course goes at hand you outcomes, you are solely chargeable for the way you make the most of these unbelievable devices.
You want to take your present enterprise or work (educating, freelancing, firms, brick and mortar, merchandise, and so forth) and shift throughout the on-line course model.
Who’s that this NOT for?
You blame circumstances and uncover excuses for why you presumably can’t do one factor.
You’ve got gotten ZERO thought who your customers are or who you serve. You don’t know your space of curiosity. You haven’t any platform, site or one thing the least bit.
You are looking out for a hail mary or a silver bullet. Please do not be part of – there are none of those in life or enterprise.
You are looking out for a quick restore. Each little factor takes time, notably for it to primarily start working it’s magic.
You’ve got gotten a foul angle and suppose you already know all of the items even supposing you don’t implement one thing.
There’s no should piece this collectively by your self, merely adjust to our 4-half framework for fixed, sustainable product sales.
We’ll coach you through exactly methodology this journey and enable you your complete means.
Course Curriculum & Creation
We’ll present assist to zero in on an irresistible thought and create killer course content material materials. You’ll actually really feel assured that what you’re delivering is efficient and can get your faculty college students precise outcomes.
Keep Launches
We’ll present assist to launch your new or present course with most likely essentially the most up-to-date, progressive strategies that are working now, and it’s possible you’ll launch with out the stress.
Webinars That Work
Using our tmlates and strategies, you’ll assemble a webinar that your viewers loves, and converts like crazy, then automate it for 12 months-spherical product sales.
Automated Evergreen Funnels
We’ll assemble out an computerized evergreen funnel system to advertise your applications continually, on autopilot, so that you presumably can escape the feast & famine.
Our Dream Buyers:
The self-motivated entrepreneur who must transition to an web course model, or add a course earnings stream to an present enterprise.
Enterprise householders with brick + mortar, e-commerce, firm, or firms model who want to add an additional earnings stream to their agency.
Coaches who want to shift from 1:1 model to serving many faculty college students instantly and reaching additional people with a course (and stop shopping for and promoting {{dollars}} for hours.)
Worthwhile course creators who’re caught throughout the launch ‘feast or famine’ cycle and want an evergreen funnel yesterday.
Course creators who know they might very nicely be additional worthwhile in the event that they merely had the promoting and advertising and marketing strategies and devices to reach the next stage of their enterprise.
Assured creators who’re eager to do the work and do irrespective of it takes to get their course in the marketplace to the people who need it.
It’s time to make additional impression educating what you want.
You already have an web course inside you…we merely should unlock it and get what’s in your head and your coronary coronary heart into the fingers of the people who need it!
With a course, you presumably can help people all world wide, from the coziness of your non-public residence office (or couch!).
You’ve obtained two selections proper right here…
You can carry on the wrestle bus, making an attempt to find out all of the items out by your self with no steering, teaching or assist. Hoping and praying that it will work. (How’s that been working for ya?)
You can merely get the confirmed step-by-step system that myself and many actually creators sooner than you’ve got received used to launch wildly worthwhile applications, automate their product sales with evergreen funnels, and assemble 6+ decide course firms.
Think about your goals for 2020.
Have you ever learnt exactly the best way you’re going to get there? Do you’ve got received a plan?
Stop guessing and stop messing spherical. Let me present assist to alter your earnings with an web course enterprise that lights you up and serves additional people.
No additional excuses … you’ll be able to do that.
“I don’t have ample time.”
Guess what, the one means you’ll get the time freedom you so deeply need is by prioritizing creating your on-line course and the methods we prepare you for selling it. That is the solely means. Persevering with doing what you do now is not going to magically lead to additional free time!
“I don’t have a finalized course thought however.”
You don’t should have the best course thought however. We prepare you do environment friendly market evaluation and validate your course thought previous a doubt. Even if you happen to’re starting from scratch with a smaller viewers, it’s best to use.
“I am scared, what if I can’t try this?”
You wanna know a secret? The most worthwhile people you look as a lot as all felt scared sooner than they took movement. The confidence comes from ACTION. The additional tiny steps you take, the less complicated and less complicated it’s going to get – until sooner or later you gained’t even acknowledge your self since you’re such a badass.
Hi there I’m Mariah and I’m obsessive about all points on-line applications, webinars and evergreen funnels.
I’m an introvert who moreover decided I wanted to make a world impression educating people all of the items I do know, and applications are one of many easiest methods to do that!
I’ve been creating and selling applications for 5 years now, and it is the solely enterprise model that I’ve caught with by way of the years that continues to develop my earnings, impression and achievement.
My agency has helped a number of of people create and promote applications about all of the items from watercolor painting, programming, decluttering, soccer, and all of the items in between.
I’ve develop into recognized for my no-BS sort and creating insanely extraordinarily altering webinars, funnels, and launches for myself and my customers using revolutionary, progressive strategies that no person else is educating.
Neglect all of the items you suppose you acknowledge about selling applications on-line. You’re about to be taught my up to date-squeezed strategies for making extra cash educating what you want.
I created The Accelerator because of I am devoted to creating optimistic you’ve got received EVERYTHING that you need to assemble a thriving, worthwhile 6 or 7 decide course enterprise (and I indicate EVERYTHING!).
I’m excited to see what you create with these devices, trainings and templates – all designed to make implementing as easy and fast as attainable. I am excited to see your title amongst our fantastic success tales!

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