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Marketplace Superheroes - Invasion 2.0 (10.16 GB)

Last Updated Date: 04-01-2021

Google Drive Proof

Marketplace Superheroes - Invasion 2.0
01-Week Zero - Prepping for the Course
02-Week One Mindset
03-Week Two Communication
04-Week Three Diagnosing
05-Week Four Overcoming Objections
06-Week Five Pricing
07-Week Six Onboarding
08-Week Seven Delegation
09-Bonus Lead Generation
01-Week Zero - Prepping for the Course
02-recommended reading _ the futur.pdf
03-homework u2013 initial meetings _ the futur.pdf
02-Week One Mindset
01-Context - The Futur.mp4
02-Free Association Exercise - The Futur.mp4
03-E R = O - The Futur.mp4
04-Otto _ Latin - The Futur.mp4
05-Beliefs - The Futur.mp4
06-Chris_ Limiting Beliefs - The Futur.mp4
07-Going Deep - The Futur.mp4
08-Ben_s Limiting Belief - The Futur.mp4
09-Matt_s Limiting Belief - The Futur.mp4
10-Practice Example- Matt - The Futur.mp4
11-Absurdity of Thought - The Futur.mp4
12-Homework - The Futur.mp4
15-lesson 01_ mindset recap what we covered_if you could only take away one thing today it_s this_up next_ _ the fu.pdf
03-Week Two Communication
01-Intro to Communication - The Futur.mp4
02-Communication - The Futur.mp4
03-Assertive Bill of Rights - The Futur.mp4
04-Chris_ Story - The Futur.mp4
05-Why- - The Futur.mp4
06-The Stories of Kier and Ben - The Futur.mp4
07-Warm Up Exercise- Budget Parameters - The Futur.mp4
08-Warm Up Exercise- Raising Your Rates w - and Existing Client.mp4
09-Warm Up Exercise- Contradictory Feedback.mp4
11-Example- Ben and Star Wars.mp4
13-Train of Thought.mp4
16-Exercise- Last Minute Cancelled Plans .mp4
17-Exercise- Slackers in Group Projects.mp4
18-Exercise- Given More Work With Little Instruction.mp4
21-Homework 02- The Art of Communication Exercise.mp4
22-Additional Resources.pdf
24-lesson 02_ recap _ celeste headleehow to speak so that people want to listen.pdf
24.0-Lesson 02 - Recap.pdf
24.1-Lesson 02 - Recap.pdf
24.2-Lesson 02 - Recap.pdf
04-Week Three Diagnosing
01-Intro .mp4
02-Diagnostic Mindset.mp4
03-Book Reference.mp4
04-Immutable Laws.mp4
06-Step 1- Build Rapport.mp4
07-Story- Sales Clerk.mp4
08-The Long Game VS The Quick Win.mp4
09-Step 2- Role-Play.mp4
11-Step 3- The Money Conversation.mp4
12-Role Play- Budget.mp4
13-Step 4- Be Last.mp4
15-Desired Future State.mp4
16-Pitching Fundamentals.mp4
18-Concessions- Ask Questions.mp4
19-Story- Scott.mp4
21-Homework 03 - Diagnosing _ Surfacing Insights Exercise.mp4
22.0-Lesson 03 - Recap.pdf
22.1-Lesson 03 - Recap.pdf
22.2-Lesson 03 - Recap.pdf
24-Bonus Resource- _30k ft View_ First Meeting Worksheet First-Meeting-DLC.pdf
25-Lesson 03- PDF Biz-Bootcamp-wk-03.pdf
26-Additional Resources.pdf
05-Week Four Overcoming Objections
01-BONUS- Week 03 Review.mp4
02-Overcoming Objections.mp4
04-From Desire to Future State.mp4
06-Socratic Six - The Futur.mp4
07-Response Strategies - The Futur.mp4
08-Raging Bull - The Futur.mp4
09-Role-Play- Raging Bull - The Futur.mp4
10-Hall of Mirrors - The Futur.mp4
11-Role-Play- Hall of Mirrors - The Futur.mp4
12-Story- Chris - The Futur.mp4
13-Double Down - The Futur.mp4
14-Role-Play- Questions - The Futur.mp4
15-Role-Play- Double Down - The Futur.mp4
16-Objection Matrix (Writable).pdf
18-lesson 04_ recap _ the futur.pdf
06-Week Five Pricing
01-BONUS- Week 04 Review - The Futur.mp4
02-Pricing Strategies - The Futur.mp4
03-Intro - The Futur.mp4
04-Breakthrough - The Futur.mp4
04-Staffing Tip - The Futur.mp4
05-Bidding Overview - The Futur.mp4
06-Pricing Inputs - The Futur.mp4
07-Master Input Estimate - The Futur.mp4
08-Estimating Time Resources - The Futur.mp4
09-Calendar Bid - The Futur.mp4
10-Bullet Points- Awards - The Futur.mp4
11-Bullet Points- Milestones - The Futur.mp4
12-Scheduling Tip 01 - The Futur.mp4
13-Scheduling Tip 02 - The Futur.mp4
14-Example 01 - The Futur.mp4
15-Dealing With Cost Consultants - The Futur.mp4
16-Pricing Outputs - The Futur.mp4
17-Master Output Bid - The Futur.mp4
18-The Approach 01 - The Futur.mp4
19-Tips - The Futur.mp4
20-Tools - The Futur.mp4
21-Example 02 - The Futur.mp4
22-Value Based Pricing - The Futur.mp4
24-3 Examples - The Futur.mp4
25-Master Value Based Pricing - The Futur.mp4
26-The Approach 02 - The Futur.mp4
27-Role-Play- Isaac - The Futur.mp4
28-Role-Play- Ashley - The Futur.mp4
29-Role-Play- Review - The Futur.mp4
30-Pricing Guidelines - The Futur.mp4
31-Resources - The Futur.mp4
32-Summary - The Futur.mp4
33-Q_A - The Futur.mp4
34-Homework Download- Bid Templates For the Homework- Download these bid templates then customize one for your needs. - The Futur.mp4
35-Basic Business Finances.xlsx
35-Bonus- Basic Business Finances (Minimums) Click the link below, and follow the video above- - The Futur.mp4
07-Week Six Onboarding
01-Closing _ Onboarding - The Futur.mp4
02-Intro - The Futur.mp4
03-Roadmap - The Futur.mp4
04-Value Conversation Recap - The Futur.mp4
05-Pam Green Recap - The Futur.mp4
06-Overview - The Futur.mp4
07-Contract - The Futur.mp4
08-Story- Claire - The Futur.mp4
09-Goal - The Futur.mp4
10-Proposal Examples - The Futur.mp4
11-Contract (MSA) - The Futur.mp4
12-Review - The Futur.mp4
13-Contract Summary Checklist - The Futur.mp4
14-Checklists - The Futur.mp4
15-Delivery - The Futur.mp4
16-Summary - The Futur.mp4
17-Resources - The Futur.mp4
19-Lesson 06_ Recap - .pdf
19-Lesson 06_ Recap 02.pdf
08-Week Seven Delegation
01-Intro - The Futur.mp4
02-Belief - The Futur.mp4
03-Affording Delegation - The Futur.mp4
04-Uncertainty_Scarcity Mindset - The Futur.mp4
05-Benefits - The Futur.mp4
06-Example01 - The Futur.mp4
07-Why Delegate- - The Futur.mp4
08-Tasks to Retain - The Futur.mp4
09-Freelance Roster - The Futur.mp4
10-Freelance Database - The Futur.mp4
11-Questions for Hiring - The Futur.mp4
12-The Brief - The Futur.mp4
13-Checklist VS Parameters - The Futur.mp4
14-Example 02 - The Futur.mp4
15-Giving Feeback - The Futur.mp4
16-Goldilocks Syndrome - The Futur.mp4
17-Broken - Restart - The Futur.mp4
18-Tweak _ Refine - The Futur.mp4
19-Feedback Checklist.mp4
20-Hiring _ Firing.mp4
21-Try Before You Buy.mp4
22-Freelance-Independent Contractors.mp4
27-01 Indepndt Contrctr Agreement FINAL.docx
29-Bonus_ Feeelance Database Sample LINK TO GOOGLE SHEET (Click to Acce.pdf
30-Bonus_ Sample Trello Board LINK TO SAMPLE TRELLO BOARD.pdf
31-TA Session with Ben.mp4
09-Bonus Lead Generation
01-How to Get New Clients- Positioning u2013 Raw Lecture.mp4
02-How to Get New Clients - Positioning PDF Homework-BB4-Positioning-Ben-002 copy.pdf
03-How to Get New Clients- Lead Gen u2013 Raw Lecture.mp4
04- How to Get New Clients - Lead Gen u2013 PDF Homework-03_Lead-Gen-Homework.pdf
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