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Michael Zipursky - Momentum (Consulting Success) (7.47 GB)

Last Updated Date: 06-11-2021

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Michael Zipursky - Momentum (Consulting Success)
Lesson 01
Lesson 02
Lesson 03
Lesson 04
Lesson 05
Lesson 06
Lesson 07
Lesson 08
Lesson 09
Lesson 10
Lesson 11
Momentum Tour.mp4
Bonus 1 - How to Productize Consulting Services
Bonus 2 - How to Boost Your Productivity Training
Bonus 3 - Guide to Transition from Employee to Consultant
Bonus 4 - Extra Resources
Lesson 01
Action Steps.png
Lesson 1-1.docx
Lesson 1-1.mp4
Lesson 1-1.png
Lesson 1-2.docx
Lesson 1-2.mp4
Lesson 1-2.png
Lesson 1-3.docx
Lesson 1-3.mp4
Lesson 1-3.png
Lesson 1-4.docx
Lesson 1-4.mp4
Lesson 1-4.png
[L1-M4] Consulting Fees Calculator _ Consulting Success.html
[L1-M4] Elite Consultant Daily Schedule Checklist.docx
Lesson 02
Action Steps.png
Lesson 2-1.docx
Lesson 2-1.mp4
Lesson 2-1.png
[L2-M1] Elite Consultant Business Requirement Checklist.docx
[L2-M1] Elite Consultant Voicemail Script.docx
[L2-M1] Guide to Choosing an Accountant_Lawyer.docx
Lesson 03
Action Steps.png
Lesson 3-1.docx
Lesson 3-1.mp4
Lesson 3-1.png
Lesson 3-2.docx
Lesson 3-2.mp4
Lesson 3-2.png
Lesson 3-3.docx
Lesson 3-3.mp4
Lesson 3-3.png
Lesson 3-4.docx
Lesson 3-4.mp4
Lesson 3-4.png
Lesson 3-5.docx
Lesson 3-5.mp4
Lesson 3-5.png
Lesson 3-6.docx
Lesson 3-6.mp4
Lesson 3-6.png
Specialization Exercise.mp4
Specialization and Niche Scoring.xlsx
[L3-M3] Elite Consultant Specialization Formula + Examples.docx
[L3-M6] Booking a Research Interview Phone_Email Script_.docx
Lesson 04
Action Steps.png
Lesson 4-1.docx
Lesson 4-1.mp4
Lesson 4-1.png
Lesson 4-2.docx
Lesson 4-2.mp4
Lesson 4-2.png
Lesson 4-3.docx
Lesson 4-3.mp4
Lesson 4-3.png
Lesson 4-4.docx
Lesson 4-4.mp4
Lesson 4-4.png
[L4-M3] LinkedIn Profile Checklist.docx
[L4-M4] Elite Consultant Brand Examples_.docx
Lesson 05
Action Steps.png
Lesson 5-1.docx
Lesson 5-1.mp4
Lesson 5-1.png
Lesson 5-2.docx
Lesson 5-2.mp4
Lesson 5-2.png
Lesson 5-3.docx
Lesson 5-3.mp4
Lesson 5-3.png
Lesson 5-4.docx
Lesson 5-4.mp4
Lesson 5-4.png
Lesson 5-5.docx
Lesson 5-5.mp4
Lesson 5-5.png
Lesson 5-6.docx
Lesson 5-6.mp4
Lesson 5-6.png
Lesson 5-7.docx
Lesson 5-7.mp4
Lesson 5-7.png
Lesson 5-8.docx
Lesson 5-8.mp4
Lesson 5-8.png
Lesson 5-9.docx
Lesson 5-9.mp4
Lesson 5-9.png
[L5-M4] Value Conversation Script.docx
[L5-M6] Discovery_Productized Offer Examples.docx
[L5-M8] Raising Your Consulting Fees Script.docx
Lesson 06
Action Steps.png
Lesson 6.docx
Lesson 6.mp4
Lesson 6.png
[L6-M1] Proposal-ConsultingAgreement-Template.docx
Lesson 07
Action Steps.png
Lesson 7-1.docx
Lesson 7-1.mp4
Lesson 7-1.png
Lesson 7-2.docx
Lesson 7-2.mp4
Lesson 7-2.png
Lesson 7-3.docx
Lesson 7-3.mp4
Lesson 7-3.png
Lesson 7-4.docx
Lesson 7-4.mp4
Lesson 7-4.png
Lesson 7-5.docx
Lesson 7-5.mp4
Lesson 7-5.png
Lesson 7-6.docx
Lesson 7-6.mp4
Lesson 7-6.png
Lesson 7-7.docx
Lesson 7-7.mp4
Lesson 7-7.png
[L7-M6] Elite Consultant Business Development Cheatsheet.docx
Lesson 08
Action Steps.png
Lesson 8-1.docx
Lesson 8-1.mp4
Lesson 8-1.png
Lesson 8-2.docx
Lesson 8-2.mp4
Lesson 8-2.png
Lesson 8-3.docx
Lesson 8-3.mp4
Lesson 8-3.png
Lesson 8-4.mp4
Lesson 8-4.png
Lesson 8-4a Finding Clients on LinkedIn.mp4
Lesson 8-4b LI-Messaging.mp4
Lesson 8-5.docx
Lesson 8-5.mp4
Lesson 8-5.png
Lesson 8-6.docx
Lesson 8-6.mp4
Lesson 8-6.png
Lesson 8-7.docx
Lesson 8-7.mp4
Lesson 8-7.png
Lesson 8-8.docx
Lesson 8-8.mp4
Lesson 8-8.png
Lesson 8-9.docx
Lesson 8-9.mp4
Lesson 8-9.png
Lesson 8-9a 3MaximizeEvents.mp4
Lesson 8-10.docx
Lesson 8-10.mp4
Lesson 8-10.png
[L8-M3] Ideal Client List Spreadsheet.xlsx
[L8-M4] LinkedIn Relationship Building Script.docx
[L8-M5] Elite Consultant Speaking Engagement Best Practices.docx
[L8-M5] Speaking Engagement Pitch Script.docx
Lesson 09
Lesson 9.docx
Lesson 9.mp4
Lesson 9.png
[L9-M1] Elite Consultant Article Template.docx
[L9-M1] Guest Post Pitch Script.docx
[L9-M1] Podcast Outreach Email Script.docx
Lesson 10
Action Steps.png
Lesson 10-1.docx
Lesson 10-1.mp4
Lesson 10-1.png
Lesson 10-2.docx
Lesson 10-2.mp4
Lesson 10-2.png
Lesson 10-3.docx
Lesson 10-3.mp4
Lesson 10-3.png
Lesson 10-4.docx
Lesson 10-4.mp4
Lesson 10-4.png
Lesson 10-5.docx
Lesson 10-5.mp4
Lesson 10-5.png
Lesson 10-6.docx
Lesson 10-6.mp4
Lesson 10-6.png
Lesson 10-7.docx
Lesson 10-7.mp4
Lesson 10-7.png
[L10-M5] Stopping Scope Creep Script.docx
[L10-M7] Progress Report Script.docx
Lesson 11
Action Steps.png
Elite Consultant Software List.docx
Lesson 11.docx
Lesson 11.mp4
Lesson 11.png
[L11-M1] Outsourcing Chart.xlsx
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