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Last Updated Date: 12-26-2020

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Mike Pearson - Niche Site Academy
Module 0. NSA Foundations
Module 01. The Niche Site Model
Module 02. Finding A Niche (Part I)
Module 03. Finding A Niche (Part 02)
Module 04. Finding A Niche (Part 03)
Module 05. Setting Up Your Niche Site
Module 06. Creating Your Site Structure
Module 07. Keyword Research
Module 08. Content Creation
Niche Site Link Building
Module 0. NSA Foundations
1. How This Works.mp4
2. The Site Builder_s Mindset.mp4
3. Your Two-Year Timeline.mp4
4. Forecasting Your Budget.mp4
5. The NSA Community (2).mp4
Module 01. The Niche Site Model
1. The Niche Site Framework.mp4
2. Niche Sites vs. Blogging.mp4
3. How Niche Sites Get Traffic.mp4
4. How Niche Sites Make Money.mp4
5. Two Types Of Content.mp4
Module 02. Finding A Niche (Part I)
1. 3 Elements Of A Good Niche.mp4
2. What About Pinterest.mp4
3. Pinterest-Friendly Niches.mp4
4. E-A-T _ Experience Niches.mp4
5. The Competitive Research Strategy.mp4
6. Signing Up For Ahrefs.mp4
7. Installing Ahrefs Toolbar _ Ghostery.mp4
8. Ahrefs Lessons In The Course.mp4
9. Content Explorer Walkthrough.mp4
10. Understanding Domain Rating.mp4
Module 03. Finding A Niche (Part 02)
1. Finding A Niche- Introduction.mp4
2. Niche Research Spreadsheet Walkthrough.mp4
3. How To Validate Your Niche Ideas.mp4
4. Example Niche- Calligraphy.mp4
5. Example Niche- Knitting.mp4
6. Example Niche- Bullet Journaling.mp4
7. Example Nich- Mental Health.mp4
8. How To Find More Niche Ideas.mp4
9. How To Reverse-Engineer More Niche Ideas.mp4
Module 04. Finding A Niche (Part 03)
1. Checking E-A-T Niches.mp4
2. Checking For Experience Niches.mp4
3. Finding More Competitors.mp4
4. Finding Products To Promote.mp4
5. Checking Ad Network Sites.mp4
6. Choosing Your FINAL Niche.mp4
Module 05. Setting Up Your Niche Site
1. A Quick Note Before Getting Started.mp4
2. Choosing A Domain Name.mp4
3. Registering Your Domain Name.mp4
4. WordPress Plugins.mp4
5. Google Analytics _ Search Console.pdf
6. Hosting _ WordPress.mp4
7. Basic WordPress Settings.mp4
8. Choosing Colors _ Fonts.mp4
9. Creating Your Logo.mp4
10. Picking A WordPress Theme.mp4
11. Setting Up Astra Theme.mp4
12. Adding Your Logo.mp4
Module 06. Creating Your Site Structure
1. An Intro To Elementor Pro.mp4
2. Creating Your Categories.mp4
3. Creating Your Category Pages.mp4
4.Creating Your Menu.mp4
5. Creating Your Homepage (2).mp4
6. Editing Your Homepage With Elementor Pro.mp4
7. Creating Your About Page.mp4
8. Creating Your Contact Page.mp4
9. Creating Your Privacy Policy.mp4
10. Creating Your Footer.mp4
Module 07. Keyword Research
1. Intro To Keyword Research.mp4
2. Finding More Competitors.mp4
3. Finding Competitor Keywords.mp4
4. [Merge CSV Tool].txt
5. Merging Your Keywords.mp4
6. Organizing Your Keywords.mp4
7. Finding Money Keywords.mp4
8. Finding Info Keywords.mp4
9. Your First 25 Pieces Of Content.mp4
10. Finding Non-Amazon Affiliates.mp4
Module 08. Content Creation
1. Intro To Creating Content.mp4
2. How Much Content Do You Need.mp4
3. How Long Should Your Posts Be.mp4
4. Best Articles- An Overview.mp4
5. Best Articles- The Intro.mp4
6. Best Articles- The Products.mp4
7. Best Articles- The Value Section.mp4
8. How-To Articles- An Overview.mp4
9. How-To Articles- The Intro.mp4
10. How-To Articles- The Step-By-Step.mp4
11. How-To Articles- Related Questions.mp4
12. Q_A Articles- An Overview.mp4
13. Q_A Articles- The Answer.mp4
14. Q_A Articles- Related Questions.mp4
15. Publishing Content- Best Practices.mp4
16. Formatting Affiliate Content For Conversions.mp4
17. AAWP Plugin Walkthrough.mp4
Niche Site Link Building
1. Link Building Framework.mp4
2. Researching Content Ideas.mp4
3. Publishing Link Bait.mp4
4. Finding Link Prospects.mp4
5. Organizing Link Prospects.mp4
6. Finding Email Addresses.mp4
7. Cleaning _ Uploading Your List.mp4
8. Sending Your Emails.mp4
9. Responding _ Tracking.mp4
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