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Last Updated Date: 04-19-2022

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Miles Beckler - All Courses Bundle
01-The Conversion Monster
02-Email List Growth Mastery
03-Ban Proof Ad Template
04-Million Dollar OTO Blueprint
05-The Opt In Template Book
06-150+ Subject Lines That Get The Click!
07-One-Click Upsell Template
08-Social Ad Class
09-The Sales Letter Template
10-Email Autoresponder Templates
11-The Bump Offer Swipe File
12-Million Dollar Copywriting Course
13-Hiring and Outsourcing Crash Course
14-Facebook Ads Swipe File
01-The Conversion Monster
01-The Conversion Monster.pdf
02-Email List Growth Mastery
02-Your Irresistible Lead Magnet 1.0.mp4
03-Your Irresistible Lead Magnet 2.0.mp4
04-Opt-In Page Design.mp4
04-Opt-In Page Templates.pdf
05-Opt-In Page Tech.mp4
06-Build A High Converting Opt-In Page In Under 15 Minutes.mp4
03-Ban Proof Ad Template
01-Ban Proof Ad Templates.mp4
01-Presentation Notes.pdf
02-4 Hooks Behind Millions In Revenue.mp4
03-Perfect Picture Training.mp4
04-Million Dollar OTO Blueprint
00a-OTO Component Worksheet.pdf
00b-Your OTO Product.pdf
01-Conversion Component #1 - Acknowledgement.pdf
02-Conversion Component #2 - The Headline.pdf
03-Conversion Component #3 - Identify the Problem.pdf
04-Conversion Component #4 - Why Is Your Offer The Only Viable Solution.pdf
05-Conversion Component #5 - Proof.pdf
06-Conversion Component #6 - An Offer They Canu2019t Refuse.pdf
07-Conversion Component #7 - Create Urgency.pdf
08-Conversion Component #8 - Button & Call to Action.pdf
09-Conversion Component #9 - Risk Reversal.pdf
10-Conversion Component #10 - Images.pdf
05-The Opt In Template Book
01-The Opt In Template Book.pdf
06-150+ Subject Lines That Get The Click!
01-150+ Subject Lines That Get The Click!.pdf
07-One-Click Upsell Template
01-One-Click Upsell Template.pdf
02-Text-Based One-Click Upsell Template.pdf
03-Slides Keynote.key
03-Slides Powerpoint.pptx
03-Watch Me Create An Upsell Video.pdf
03a-RAW Process.mp4
03b-Social Ad Class Upsell Video.mp4.mp4
08-Social Ad Class
01-Introduction - Start Here!
02-Your Best Sales Process
03-Facebook Ads Do's and Don'ts
04-The Basic Tech Setup - FB Accounts & The FB Pixel
05-Producing Kick-Ass Facebook Videos
06-Publishing Your First Facebook Ads
07-Building Your Ever-Growing Engaged Audience
08-Building Trust With Your Engaged Audience
09-Tracking Conversions
10-Creating Conversion Ads & Successful Ad Examples
11-Know Your Numbers & KPIs!
09-The Sales Letter Template
01-Sales Letter Worksheet.pdf
01-The Sales Letter Template (Fillable).pdf
10-Email Autoresponder Templates
01-Email Autoresponder Template.pdf
11-The Bump Offer Swipe File
01-The Bump Offer Swipe File.pdf
12-Million Dollar Copywriting Course
02-X-ray Your Audience.mp4
03-The Golden Glove.mp4
04-Your BIG Story.mp4
05-Mouth Watering Bullets.mp4
06-InfoCopy Template.mp4
07-Copywriting Software & Hyper Funnels.mp4
07-Copywriting Software & Hyper Funnels.pdf
08-Bonus - Facebook Ads Swipe File.pdf
09-Bonus - One Click upsell Template.pdf
13-Hiring and Outsourcing Crash Course
01-Why Outsourcing is the Key to Scaling Your Business.mp4
02-An Overview of the 4 Hiring Platforms.mp4
03-How to Find the Right People for Each Job.mp4
04-Working with your Teammates & Managing Your Teams.mp4
05-Bonus #1 - Outsourcing Job Templates.pdf
06-Bonus #2 - 101+ tasks to outsource.pdf
14-Facebook Ads Swipe File
01-Facebook Ads Swipe File.pdf
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Get ALL of My Templates, Trainings, and Swipe Files!
The High Converting Opt-In Page Template
The exact template I’ve used to create opt in pages that convert at 60% or more.

You’ll gain a thorough understanding of the 7 key components of a successful Opt-In page, along with tips and formulas to help you complete every step.

Simply fill in the blanks and watch your email list explode!

The Million Dollar One-Time-Offer Template
Adding a one time offer (OTO) directly after my opt-in page completely revolutionized my business.

This simple page has paid off my student loans and paid for my dream house…

I’ll show you how to build an OTO page using my proven template, so you can get this set up in a single afternoon.

The One-Click Upsell Template
If you’re not running an upsell offer after your customers place an order you’re leaving money on the table!

Learn how to write a high converting video sales letter script for your upsell page in 30 minutes or less!

You’ll also get a text based version of the template if you’d prefer to type it out!

The Email Autoresponder Template
You’ll get 7 “fill in the blank” email templates that I’ve constantly been refining over the past 6 years…

So you can save countless hours of testing and brainstorming.

Eliminate the guesswork and quickly and easily build out your email follow up sequence in as little as 30 minutes.

150+ Subject Lines That Get the Click
My private swipe file of 152 proven email subject lines will help you boost your revenue with higher open rates.

This collection includes my best performing subject lines from over 4 years of testing!

Learn to confidently write subject lines that influence your reader to click, read and act on your email.

The Sales Letter Template
Convert more customers & boost your cashflow fast with my proven template that’s made me millions on autopilot!

This workshop provides you with all the tools you need to craft a high converting sales letter that grabs attention, builds trust and increases conversion rates.

Write sales letters that can generate income for years!

The Facebook Ads Swipe File
This comprehensive swipe file of 101+ proven Facebook ads will remove the guesswork when it comes to crafting profitable ads on Facebook.

Discover winning ad formulas and patterns that bring in sales while avoiding years of trial and error and thousands of dollars in wasted ad spend.

Banproof Ad Blueprint and Templates
My team analyzed over 1,000 Facebook ads and created a 7-template system that helps you write ads faster, launch with confidence, and drive more leads and sales.

Includes over 2 hours of video content breaking down some of the most successful ads on Facebook, PLUS a companion PDF!

The Social Ad Class
My plug-&-play Facebook Ads blueprint that generated 15x more qualified customers while reducing costs by 70%.

This 7-hour knowledge bomb will help you set up your ad account, produce kick-ass video content, and build an ever-growing engaged audience for your offers.

The Hiring and Outsourcing Crash Course
Learn all of my tricks to finding the best value on ROCKSTAR designers, coders, writers and virtual assistants who can help you increase your profits faster than doing all the work yourself.

You’ll get my job listing templates, my exact processes and the specific sites where I hire talent from… Plus a few outsourcing secrets I’ve never shared before.

These products will help you:

✔️ Build out an ATM Sales Funnel based on my proven sales funnel templates that have made me millions.

✔️ Drive qualified traffic to your new funnel using Facebook ads.

✔️ Create a high converting email follow up sequence drive additional sales and cashflow!

You’ll also get:
The Bump Offer Template and Blueprint
The Conversion Monster Template
The Million Dollar Copywriting Course
Email List Growth Mastery

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