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Last Updated Date: 11-21-2021

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MintedSeed - Order Action
Archive notes
Section 1 - Winter
Section 2 - Spring
Section 3 - Summer
Section 4 - Autumn
Archive notes
Archive - MINTEDSEED.mp4
Archive - MINTEDSEED4.mp4
Members - MINTEDSEED.mp4
Members - MINTEDSEED1.mp4
Members - MINTEDSEED2.mp4
Members - MINTEDSEED3.mp4
Section 1 - Winter
1.Introduction - MINTEDSEED.mp4
2.Sowing Seeds - MINTEDSEED.mp4
3.Sprouting - MINTEDSEED.mp4
4.Seedling - MINTEDSEED.mp4
5.Budding - MINTEDSEED.mp4
6.Off Shoot - MINTEDSEED.mp4
7. Ripening.png
Section 2 - Spring
1.Technical Analysis _ Price Action - MINTEDSEED.mp4
2.The Roots - MINTEDSEED.mp4
3.Trunk - MINTEDSEED.mp4
4.Branches - MINTEDSEED.mp4
5.Twigs - MINTEDSEED.mp4
6.Leaves - MINTEDSEED.mp4
7.Flower - MINTEDSEED.mp4
8.Seed Dispersal - MINTEDSEED.mp4
Section 3 - Summer
2. Charting Theories
1.Theories in a Nutshell - MINTEDSEED.mp4
3.Mainstream Theories - MINTEDSEED.mp4
4.Supply and Demand - MINTEDSEED.mp4
Section 4 - Autumn
1. Series 1
2. Series 2
3. Series 3
4. Series 4
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FOREX buying and selling at its most interesting, superseding value motion. We now have constructed a self studying course(s) with structured syllabus, designed to be more practical and environment friendly than mentors
The primary ever Order Action course! Making this probably the most and solely complete FOREX buying and selling content material.
With greater than 600+ pages of interactive content material,
4 thoughtfully positioned 4 sections with upcoming content material,
Complimentary movies for designated subjects**

If value motion is the go to methodology of studying value, then order motion is the final word methodology of studying the orders inside value.
​It’s a foreign exchange technical evaluation methodology design and written by MINTEDSEED with it is core based mostly on orders & liquidity, thus it not solely supersedes value motion however replaces it altogether. The objective is to create a single customary to outline technical, sentiment, and basic evaluation into one type of buying and selling. Many have tried to take action however failed, as a result of the one method to take action is to outline order move in technicals. This in itself makes “your cease-loss, our entry. Your entry, our take revenue”. Lastly, no extra of these imaginary constructions, zones, and so-referred to as value motion patterns.

Order Action & value motion variations. The distinction is fairly easy – buying and selling what you see and buying and selling what you do not see. Worth motion is all about buying and selling what you see and studying costs, which is able to finally lead you into manipulation. Order motion is all about studying the hidden orders inside value – searching for liquidity and studying past the traces of frequent methodologies. Much like value motion merchants, we don’t use indicators, however, we all know how most merchants are in denial that they’re being manipulated. Indicators and even value motion is a joke to us. ​You see, the worth motion you realize about is merely to determine motion and route, however not the sniper entries that we introduce in Part 4. There are merchants on the market that also suppose excellent entries do not exist, sniper entries. By sniper entries, we imply your draw-down is so low that at occasions, the unfold is actually the cease-loss. So there’s much less psychology discuss how you bought to tank your positions and putting belief in trades you can’t rectify.

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