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Last Updated Date: 09-15-2021

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Moneyball Trading Program
0. Course Introduction
1. Week 1 - Supply _ Demand
2. Week 2 - Supply _ Demand
3. Week 3 - Supply _ Demand
4. Week 4 - Extra - Meetings
0. Course Introduction
Welcome to MBT.mp4
1. Week 1 - Supply _ Demand
1. Supply And Demand Basics.mp4
2. Lesson 1 - Recap.mp4
2. Week 2 - Supply _ Demand
1. Multiple Timeframe Analysis, Newtons Law, Trend, Momentum lines, Confirmation _ Set Forget.mp4
2. Lesson 2 - Recap.mp4
3. Week 3 - Supply _ Demand
1. Trading With Probability _ Top Down Analysis.mp4
2. Lesson 3 - Recap.mp4
3. Lesson 3 Recap (2).mp4
4. Week 4 - Extra - Meetings
1. Sunday Meeting _TDA_.mp4
2. Trade Reviews.mp4
3. Reading Price Action _ Trends Part 1.mp4
4. Trading Psychology.mp4
5. Trading Plan.mp4
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Change into The Dealer You have All the time Wished!
The Moneyball Trading Program
System, Guided Mentorship, And Neighborhood Community From Struggling Dealer To Persistently Worthwhile In The 4 week Traning 90-day Transformation Program.

Confirmed System
Lastly have 100% readability on precisely what sort of system and set as much as commerce, why it really works, and Determine the place the large cash is shopping for and promoting and really feel assured in your trades.
Our System Takes Out All The Guesswork!

Guided Mentorship
Guided Mentorship with 2x Weekly Pre-Market and Commerce Assessment Conferences and Day by day recap movies with the Mentor with All Questions Answered And Staying on prime of the newest tendencies.
Proceed The Studying Fingers-On With Somebody Who Is Truly There To Assist!

Neighborhood Community
Your greatest asset to your Trading is your Community. We created a neighborhood of merchants who’re critical about buying and selling and rising collectively. Your Community Is Your Networth!

The 4 Week Traning 90-Day Transformation Confirmed Roadmap to Success

Trading Fundamentals: New merchants begin from the bottom up, A-Z buying and selling fundamentals.
​Provide & Demand: Study the place the large cash is shopping for and promoting and the way we are able to be a part of them.
Developments & Newtons Legislation Setups: Perceive A number of timeframe evaluation and the way pattern adjustments utilizing Newton Legislation.
​Excessive Likelihood Trades: Have the flexibility to identify and commerce at excessive likelihood primarily based trades and keep away from the low high quality trades.
High Down Evaluation: Commerce with a full TDA, entries, exits, targets, psychology, threat administration and journal. Every thing You have to develop into a worthwhile dealer.
Guided Mentorship: Proceed the schooling with a mentor on a regular basis in chat, every day conferences and Q&A.
Community & Neighborhood: Be surrounded by different like minded merchants

Moneyball Trading Program
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