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Mushfiq Sarker - Website Flipping (4.49 GB)

Last Updated Date: 04-23-2022

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Mushfiq Sarker - Website Flipping
00-Getting Started
01-Module 1 - The Introduction
02-Module 2 - Website Flip Lifecycle
03-Module 3 - Finding Sites To Buy
04-Module 4 - Website Valuations
05-Module 5 - Due Diligence
06-Module 6 - Growing The Site
07-Module 7 - Positioning for Sale
08-Module 8 - Executing The Sale
09-Wrap Up
00-Getting Started
01-Course Expectations.mp4
02-My Qualifications.mp4
01-Module 1 - The Introduction
01-What's Covered.mp4
02-Website Flipping Concept.mp4
03-Terminology & Abbreviations.mp4
04-Setting Your Investment Criteria.mp4
05-Data from 39 Website Flips.mp4
05-Website Flipping Newsletter - Closed Sales.xlsx
06a-Building vs Buying Niche Sites Part 1.mp4
06b-Building vs Buying Niche Sites Part 2.mp4
07-The Required Skillsets.mp4
08-Content Site Portfolio Model.xlsx
08-Website Portfolio Model.mp4
02-Module 2 - Website Flip Lifecycle
01-What's Covered.mp4
02-Stage 1 - Buying a Site.mp4
03-Stage 2 - Stabilizing The Site.mp4
04-Stage 3 - Growth.mp4
05-Stage 4 - Exit Optimization.mp4
06-Stage 5 - Exit Execution.mp4
07a-2 Case Studies of Website Flips Part 1.mp4
07b-2 Case Studies of Website Flips Part 2.mp4
03-Module 3 - Finding Sites To Buy
01-Using Brokers.mp4
02-Using Marketplaces.mp4
03-Using Non Conventional Places.mp4
04-Off Market Deal Tactics.mp4
04-Resource.png Overview.mp4
04-Module 4 - Website Valuations
01-What's Covered.mp4
02-Valuation Methodology.mp4
03-Monthly Multiple.mp4
04-P&L - Template.xlsx
04-Revenues & Cost Calculation.mp4
05-Bonus Live Walkthrough of P&Ls.mp4
05-P&L - Site 1.xlsx
05-P&L - Site 2.xlsx
06-Negotiation Tactics.mp4
05-Module 5 - Due Diligence
01-What's Covered.mp4
02-Arsenal of Tools Needed.mp4
03-Due Diligence Framework.mp4
04-Resource.txt Review.mp4 Review.mp4 Review.mp4 Review.mp4 Review.mp4 Review.mp4 Review.mp4
06-Module 6 - Growing The Site
01-What's Covered.mp4
02-High-Level Tactics.mp4
03-Easy Growth Levers.mp4
04-High Difficulty Growth Levers.mp4 Overview.mp4
05-Resource.txt Teardown.mp4 Teardown.mp4 Teardown.mp4 Teardown.mp4 Teardown.mp4
07-Module 7 - Positioning for Sale
01-What's Covered.mp4
02-Why Position.mp4
03-Create a Mini Prospectus.mp4
04-Advanced Tactics to Maximize Exit.mp4
05-Keep Easy Wins for Buyer.mp4
08-Module 8 - Executing The Sale
01-What's Covered.mp4
02-Why Sell a Niche Site.mp4
03-When to Sell a Niche Site.mp4
04-Valuation as a Seller.mp4
05-Listing Site For Sale.mp4
06-Escrow Process.mp4
07-Website Transfer Process.mp4
09-Wrap Up
01-Additional Resources.pdf
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Detailed videos covering the concept, due diligence, valuations, where to find sites, and much more

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Why do I need it?
Are you spending time piecing together how to do a website flip successfully?

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Concept of website flipping

5-stage lifecycle from purchase to exit

How and where to find websites to buy

How to perform website valuations

How to perform due diligence to catch red flags

Tactics to grow the site you purchased

Tactics to position a site for maximum exit

How to sell your site

How to hire a website operator to manage sites

Bonus #1: live due diligence reviews on 7 sites

Bonus #2: live growth teardowns on 5 sites

Bonus #3: downloadable templates and spreadsheets

Bonus #4: access to the Website Flip Club Facebook community

The course is organized into 8 modules. There are 51 lessons total with over 6+ hours of recordings. It’s jam-packed!

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