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Onyx Forex Platinum 3.0 (6.39 GB)

Last Updated Date: 03-15-2022

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Onyx Forex Platinum 3.0
0. Step One_ Housekeeping _ Onyx Mindset (Do Not Skip)
1. Phase One_ The Pillars Of Trading Success
2. Phase Two - The Keys To Consistency
3. Phase Three_ Smart Money Concepts
0. Step One_ Housekeeping _ Onyx Mindset (Do Not Skip)
1. Mindset 1_ Onyx Time _ How To Fit Trading Into Full Time Job.mp4
2. Lesson 1_ How To Ensure Success.mp4
3. Lesson 3_ Onyx Focus.mp4
4. Lesson 4_ Onyx Purpose.mp4
1. Phase One_ The Pillars Of Trading Success
1. Lesson 1_ What is Forex _ Setting Up TradingView.mp4
2. Lesson 2_ Technical Analysis Mechanics.pdf
3. Lesson 3_ Technical Analysis Basics.mp4
4.2 Lesson 4.2_ Technical Analysis Fundamentals Part Two.mp4
4. Lesson 4_ Technical Analysis Foundations Part 1.mp4
5.2 Lesson 5.2_ Technical Analysis Deep Dive Pt 2.mp4
5. Lesson 5_ Technical Analysis Deep Dive.mp4
6.2 Lesson 6.2 Technical Analysis Deep Dive 2_ Part Two.mp4
6. Lesson 6_ Technical Analysis Deep Dive 2.0 - Part One.mp4
Risk Management Position Sizing.pdf
Setting Up MT4 _ MT5.pdf
TradingView Tools.pdf
Understanding Margin Leverage.pdf
2. Phase Two - The Keys To Consistency
1. Lesson 1_ Trading Psychology.mp4
2. Lesson 2_ Technical Analysis Intermediate.mp4
3. Phase Two_ Market Structure Advanced.mp4
4. Lesson 4_ Live Market Breakdown - Finding Trade Set Ups With Edge.mp4
3. Phase Three_ Smart Money Concepts
1. Lesson 1_ Supply _ Demand.mp4
2. Lesson 2_ Orderblocks (S_D Refinement).mp4
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The Course Consists of 3 Phases.
The Goal Of Phase One:
Maximise Your Understanding Of Crucial Elements To Making Money Trading
Setting You Up For Phase Two
To Transform You From A Complete Beginner To Expert Knowledge Within Days
The Goal Of Phase Two:
To Understand Your Win Rate & Find Your Style Of Trading
Setting Up For Phase Three
To Completely Optimise & Give Yourself A Strategy
Have You Confident With Trading Journaling And Trading Psychology
The Goal Of Phase Three:
To Understand Smart Money Concepts (SMC)
To Truly Become An Expert Of Trading
To Optimise & Create Your Own Strategy
To Have A Plan Of Attack To Become Profitable Or Funded

Onyx Forex Platinum 3.0
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