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Naughty Fingering Techniques to Give Her Sizzling Orgasms
Module 1: Take Matters Into Your Own Hands
Here’s where Lloyd will “set the table” and help you build a foundation of skills…
… to give any woman toe-curling pleasure she’ll BEG for!
Why 21st Century men simply can’t rely on the “same old” moves your dad and grandpa used… and how Lloyd’s “Shivering Strokes” will make you the man any woman craves (page 12)…
The SINGLE worst thing you can do in the bedroom that guarantees your sheets are as cold as the frozen Tundra… (page 9)…
One single “Pleasure Hack” that takes everything you do that actually works… and jacks it into the STRATOSPHERE… giving her intense, earth-moving pleasure every time! (page 10)…
Lloyd’s patented “Clitoral Quake” method to deliver more body-tingling pleasure with just your fingers than any vibrator in the world (page 10)…
A simple exercise Lloyd calls “The Doc Holliday” to make your fingers as nimble as a hummingbird in just 5 minutes a day! Plus 6 other simple exercises to have her climbing the walls every night (pages 20 – 24)…
Use this “Casual Caress” strategy during your downtime to heat things up and get her wet in between her legs… (pages 29 – 30)…
By the time you’re done with this module…
You’ll have a solid foundation to give her pleasure she’s never imagined before!
Module 2: Hot Handiwork for Beginners and Beyond
Now that you’ve got a base of techniques and the “digital agility” to bring them to life…
You’re ready to unleash the next level of orgasmic delight!
In this module you’ll discover…
The “Outside-In” method for stimulating her to heights she’s never felt before. Best part… you don’t need any special finger skills to make this work (pages 9 – 11)…
A sneaky way to use toys in the bedroom to not just increase her pleasure… but get her to give YOU credit for it. Her “solo sessions” will never satisfy her the same way after you apply this unique technique (pages 11- 13)…
The “Dither and Thrust” technique to use fingering and penetration at the same time! Get ready for her to quiver like she’s possessed (page 19)…
What’s better? One finger… two fingers… more? The answer will surprise you… and her! (page 8)…
The “Wrinkled Wrangler” method to introduce anal fingering in a way that won’t turn her off. Get ready for her to BEG for “backdoor penetration” and COME like a well-trained puppy (page 27)…
A nifty method Lloyd calls “The 3 Amigos” to give her intense clitoral, vaginal and anal stimulation at the same time… and all with one hand tied behind your back! (page 28)…
“Finger Frenzy” – The signature technique that gives her more hair-raising pleasure in mere minutes than she’s probably felt in months! (Pages 31 – 33)
And we’re still just getting started…
Now that you have the “fluttering fingers” to make her stain her panties…
You’re ready to kick things up another notch with…
Module 3: Advanced Techniques For Manual Masters
Now that you’ve got skilled hands and a head full of potent methods to make her moan like crazy…
You’re ready for Jedi Knight level orgasmic powers…
Here’s a sample of what awaits you in this module:
“Archimedes’ Arch” a potent pleasure lever that will send her to the moon. Her clit, g-spot, and every erogenous zone on her body will thank you for discovering this (pages 15 – 16)…
The “Surf and Turf” technique to use both your tongue and fingers to give her dizzying orgasmic pleasure she never knew existed! (pages 10 – 13)…
The “Three Wise Men” method to make her climb the walls with a trilogy of toe-curling delights (pages 16 – 17)…
Lloyd’s “Shivering Stub” technique to get her to ride your thumb into an eye-crossing orgasmic release. She’s never experienced anything like this before… guaranteed! (pages 19 – 20)…
Get ready for the “Palm Springs” method to make her gush out in full-body squirting orgasms that will soak your bedsheets (page 20)…
“Heaven’s Hook” – A never-before seen G-spot stimulating method that puts any curved vibrator to shame! This works FAST– just a few seconds and you’ll have her seeing stars (page 23)…
A suite of jaw-dropped methods Lloyd calls “Trembling Tremors” to make her lady bits buzz (pages 10 – 13)…
And so much more…
If I were to list them all… we’d be here all day!

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