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Phantom Trading FX - Complete (38.1 GB)

Last Updated Date: 02-07-2022

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Phantom Trading FX - Complete
0. Welcome to Phantom
1. Phantom FX Course
2. Phantom FX Refined Course
3. Backtesting + Live Sessions
4. Trade Recaps
5. Weekly Market Commentaries
6. Audio Content _ Podcasts
7. Mindset Coaching With Pat Bailouni
0. Welcome to Phantom
1. Welcome to Phantom ud83eudd1d.docx
2. Achieving Superhuman Level Productivity.docx
3. The Phantom Member Roadmap.docx
1. Phantom FX Course
1. Market Structure
2. Understanding Supply _ Demand
3. Liquidity Concepts
4. Expectational Orderflow
5. Entries _ Management
6. Putting It All Together
7. Trading Sessions
8. Trading Software _ Other Tutorials
9. Team Feature Topics
2. Phantom FX Refined Course
1. Introduction
2. Supply _ Demand
3. Market Structure
4. Liquidity
5. Refined Supply _ Demand
6. Refined Team Feature Topics
3. Backtesting + Live Sessions
1. Live Meetup Recordings
2. Backtesting
4. Trade Recaps
1. EURUSD September 14 2021 [Sketchy].mp4
2. EURUSD September 13 2021 [Albie].mp4
3. EURUSD September 6 2021 [Sketchy].mp4
4. EURUSD September 6 2021 [Albie].mp4
5. EURUSD August 31 2021 [Albie].mp4
6. AUDUSD August 25 2021 [Eli].mp4
7. EURUSD August 24 2021 [Albie].mp4
8. EURUSD August 16 2021 [Albie].mp4
9. EURUSD July 28 2021 FOMC LONG [Blackwatch].mp4
10. EURUSD May 31 [Phantom].mp4
11. EURUSD April 21 2021 [R O B E R T O].mp4
12. GBPUSD March 30 2021 [R O B E R T O].mp4
13. EURUSD March 18 2021 [Phantom].mp4
14. EURUSD March 18 2021 [WyseFx].mp4
15. AUDUSD March 16 2021 [R O B E R T O].mp4
16. EURUSD March 16 2021 [Eli].mp4
17. EURGBP March 15 2021 [Phantom].mp4
18-AUDUSD March 15 2021 [Eli].mp4
19. AUDUSD February 10 2021 Follow Up [WyseFx].mp4
20. AUDUSD January 25 Price Action Breakdown [WyseFx].mp4
21. EURUSD Short (Sell) [Coldwater].mp4
22. GBPUSD Long (Buy) [WyseFx].mp4
23. USDCHF Short (Sell) [Albert].mp4
24. GBPUSD Longs + OB Filtering Mini Lesson [WyseFx].mp4
25. GBPUSD Long (Buy) [Albert].mp4
26. GBPUSD Long (Buy) [Sketchy].mp4
27. GBPUSD Scalps Long (Buy) [Eli].mp4
28. AUDUSD Buys _ Liquidity Mini Lesson [Blackwatch].mp4
29. EURGBP Long (Buy) [Phantom].mp4
30. GBPJPY Short (Sell) [WyseFx].mp4
31. EURUSD Longs (Buy) [WyseFx].mp4
5. Weekly Market Commentaries
1. Weekly Market Commentaries
2. 2021 Archive
3. 2020 Archives
6. Audio Content _ Podcasts
1. Expectations.mp3
2. Developing Confidence in your Trading.mp3
3. 1_ Improvements.mp3
7. Mindset Coaching With Pat Bailouni
1. Working with Pat ud83eudde0
2. Mastering Your Trading Psychology - Feature Topics
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Provide & Demand Trading Simplified
Serving to Merchants Obtain Confidence, Consistency And Funding Inside 12 Months
The intention of Phantom Trading is to simplify buying and selling by serving to you UNDERSTAND what is going on when value strikes the best way it does.
We do that utilizing a provide & demand + institutional buying and selling methodology… designed that can assist you actually perceive value motion so you understand how to become involved in setups precisely and successfully… repeatedly.
Confidence IN & consistency WITH your technique is the important thing to unlock your success in buying and selling.
The Phantom Technique and content material covers ideas resembling Provide & Demand, Market Construction, Liquidity, Expectational Orderflow and many extra… in addition to in depth buying and selling psychology materials as we all know that mindset performs a MAJOR function in your success as a dealer.
In brief, we enable you develop the mandatory buying and selling skillsets, information you in buying funding and help you in scaling that capital to the degrees wanted for no matter your monetary objectives could also be.
Collectively, our workforce of funded buying and selling coaches has over 50+ years of expertise within the markets.
Relaxation assured, we’ve made each potential mistake on the charts and discovered from them in order that our college students don’t need to.
When you see how we commerce and also you understand the chance obtainable right here buying and selling this manner… you received’t wish to go elsewhere.

Phantom Trading FX – Complete
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