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1. Webinar.mp4
2. Top Down Analysis Webinar.mp4
3. Trend Webinar.mp4
4. Webinar 5-21-2020.mp4
5. Webinar 5-23-2020.mp4
6. Webinar 5-27-2020.mp4
7. Webinar 6-1-2020.mp4
8. Webinar 12-14-1019.mp4
9. Webinar 16th March 2020.mp4
10. Webinar 28-Jan-20.mp4
11. Webinar Jan-25-2020 PT 2.mp4
12. Webinar Jan-25-2020.mp4
13. Webinar March 6.mp4
14. CADJPY Breakdown 27-05-2020.mp4
15. EURUSD EURNZD Breakdown 25-06-2020.mp4
16. CADJPY Re Entry.mp4
17. EURAUD Short Trade 23-6-2020.mp4
18. GBPUSD Short Trade 23-5-2020.mp4
19. USDCAD Dec 2020.mp4
20. Webinar 02-07-2020.mp4
21. GBPAUD Breakdown 23-6-2020.mp4
22. USDCAD Breakdown 5-15-2020.mp4
23. Webinar 02-07-2020.mp4
24. Webinar 30-06-2020.mp4
25. XAUUSD Top Down 24-03-2020.mp4
26. XAUUSD Breakdown 5-22-2020.mp4
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Inventor of Worth Elimination & the Regular, New & Hidden Invalidation Factors in tendencies
Monetary markets development buying and selling R&D, dealer & investor

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