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Ryan Lee - Micro-Business Workshop (5.49 GB)

Last Updated Date: 07-08-2021

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Ryan Lee - Micro-Business Workshop
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Is my market too saturated? Too small? Too large? How am I going to face out?

Ought to I create a course? How lengthy ought to or not it’s? How a lot ought to I cost? Ought to or not it’s simply video? Ought to the content material be dripped?

What platform do I exploit? Kajabi? ClickFunnels? Shopify? What about electronic mail? Energetic Marketing campaign? Aweber?

Ought to I create a membership website? In that case, ought to there be a Fb group? Ought to I exploit WordPress? What number of instances ought to or not it’s up to date?

Ought to I construct an inventory first or go for the sale? Ought to I do a webinar? Or a video gross sales letter? Or a problem?

Ought to I do Fb advertisements? In that case, how do I do this? What about YouTube advertisements? Or Instagram advertisements? Do I would like to rent a media purchaser? How a lot do they value?

How typically ought to I create new social media content material? What about movies? Is running a blog nonetheless a factor? Ought to I get on Clubhouse? What about TikTok?

And that is only a tiny pattern.. I might go on for days.

Plus every one in all these questions leads you down the rabbit gap.

For instance, if I do a webinar, how lengthy ought to or not it’s? Which platform ought to I exploit? Can I do it on Zoom? Ought to or not it’s reside or evergreen?

Uggg…. no marvel you’re feeling overwhelmed and it isn’t shocking why so many stop.

As a result of it is IMPOSSIBLE to do the whole lot.

I have been watching all of the group feedback. I have been studying all of the messages. I have been listening to all of the questions.

And I’ve taken ALL my enterprise “wins” and distelled it all the way down to ONE system.

In different phrases, you are going to FINALLY get ALL the solutions in a single easy system that is been confirmed over many years…

Small Enterprise with Huge Income
Constructing a low-trouble, excessive-revenue and extremely-predictable enterprise producing between $1-$3 million per 12 months.

Gurus like to promote what’s “horny” and there is nothing sexier than speaking about making $15 million whereas posting Instagram selfies.

However the reality is, when you have got the reply, constructing worthwhile, niched enterprise that generates as much as $3 million per 12 months with out all of the stress whereas nonetheless working from house is completely achievable.

Okay, now that I am studying it, this feels like a tacky 90s “do business from home” informercial. I can guarantee it, i’s not.

With a smaller enterprise (and low overhead), there is a ton of PROFIT. And on the finish of the day, it is what you “hold” that issues.

Plus, as a result of a Micro-Enterprise is way simpler to run, you may create MULTIPLE “micro” companies. That is the place the actual enjoyable begins. That is the place you may play!

The “micro” methodology embraces simplicity, technique, resourcesfullness, ethics and pace.

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