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Ryan Serhant - Sell It Like SERHANT (1.85 GB)

Last Updated Date: 07-11-2021

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Ryan Serhant - Sell It Like SERHANT
Part 1 Building an Unbreakable Foundation
Part 2 The Wow Moment and Five Other Serhant Secrets That Will Arm You for Success
Part 3 Ready, Set, Go! Putting Everything Into Practice
Part 1 Building an Unbreakable Foundation
Chapter 1 - How I Became a $1 Billion Broker.mp4
Chapter 2 - Before You Start- Master Your Four Tenets of Work.mp4
Chapter 3 - Ready, Set, Go- Your Mantra Matters_1.mp4
Chapter 4 - 60-Second Exercise- Craft Your Own Mantra_1.mp4
Chapter 5 - Help! I Need More Clients_1.mp4
Chapter 6 - Improv- Train Your Brain to Fire Yes, Yes, Yes_1.mp4
Chapter 7 - 70-Second Exercise- The Question Game_1.mp4
Chapter 8 - Get FKD! Finder, Keeper, Doer_1.mp4
Chapter 9 - I'm FKD- Peek Into a Day in Ryan's Calendar_1.mp4
Chapter 10 - You Need to Be an Information Machine (It's free!)_1.mp4
Chapter 11 - If You Learn Just One Thing- Be the Master of Follow-Up_1.mp4
Chapter 12 - 60-Second Exercise- The Follow-Up Challenge.mp4
Chapter 13 - Want to Stand Out- Become the One Who.mp4
Chapter 14 - So, You Want to Make a Million Dollars.mp4
Chapter 15 - Live Demo- How to Set Sales Goals.mp4
WORKSHEET- FKD How to Schedule Your Ideal Day.pdf
WORKSHEET- How to Become 'The One Who.'.pdf
WORKSHEET- How to Build Your Relationship Action Plan.pdf
WORKSHEET- How to Create Your Own Mantra.pdf
WORKSHEET- How to Discover Your Own Four Ws.pdf
WORKSHEET Personal CRM Template.xlsx
Part 2 The Wow Moment and Five Other Serhant Secrets That Will Arm You for Success
Chapter 16 - Serhant Secret 1- The Box.mp4
Chapter 17 - Serhant Secret 2- The Wow Moment.mp4
Chapter 18 - Live Demo- How to Use The Wow Moment With a Real Client.mp4
Chapter 19 - Serhant Secret 3- The Flip.mp4
Chapter 20 - 60-Second Exercise- The Fast Flip Challenge.mp4
Chapter 21 - Serhant Secret 4- The Good News Sandwich.mp4
Chapter 22 - Live Demo- Serving the Good News Sandwich.mp4
Chapter 23 - Serhant Secret 5- Push, Pull, Persist.mp4
Chapter 24 - Live Demo- The Push.mp4
Chapter 25 - Live Demo- The Pull.mp4
Chapter 26 - Live Demo- Persist.mp4
Chapter 27 - Serhant Secret 6- Facts Tell, Stories Sell.mp4
WORKSHEET- How to Assemble Your Good News Sandwich.pdf
WORKSHEET- How to Flip Your Property's Negatives.pdf
WORKSHEET- How to Make Your Own Box.pdf
WORKSHEET- How to Write Compelling Real Estate Stories.pdf
Part 3 Ready, Set, Go! Putting Everything Into Practice
Chapter 28 - The Art of Working with Clients.mp4
Chapter 29 - How to Work with Sellers.mp4
Chapter 30 - Live Demo- Ryan Pitches a 16.5 Million Townhouse_1.mp4
Chapter 31 - The Serhant Way to Host an Open House_1.mp4
Chapter 32 - Live Demo- Mastering a Private Showing with Vanessa from the Serhant Team_1.mp4
Chapter 33 - Live Demo- The Serhant Way to Give a Private Showing_1.mp4
Chapter 34 - Private Showing- Best Practices_1.mp4
Chapter 35 - How to Work with Buyers.mp4
Chapter 36 - Live Demo- Ryan Qualifies a Real Buyer_1.mp4
Chapter 37 - Live Demo- Mastering a Buyer Tour with Sonia from the Serhant Team_1.mp4
Chapter 38 - Live Demo- The Serhant Way to Give a Showing to a Buyer_1.mp4
Chapter 39 - Buyer Tour- Best Practices.mp4
Chapter 40 - The Serhant Way to Negotiate a Deal.mp4
Chapter 41 - Live Demo- Ryan Negotiates a $1.5 Million Listing.mp4
Chapter 42 - Ready, Set, Go! Say Hello to Future You.mp4
GUIDE- Serhant Buyers Guide.pdf
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How To Sell More, Earn More, And Become The Ultimate Sales Machine




This is the only real estate sales course you will ever need, created for you by the #1 real estate agent in New York City. This is the ultimate guide to getting more clients, making more money, closing more deals, building your own team, structuring your day for success, and more. I want you to live a better lifestyle by becoming the best salesperson you can be. So, I’m giving you all my strategies, tricks, and templates my team and I personally use every day to sell nearly $100 million in homes per MONTH.



What You Get:

5+ Hours Of Video


Watch Ryan break down his sales techniques and then use them with real clients.


42 Chapters


Move from sales foundation into real-life application over 42 self-paced modules.


10 Worksheets And Guides


Apply what you learn to your own sales practice with interactive exercises.


Sales and Marketing Templates


THIS is the big one. I’m giving you 20 of the actual emails and templates my team and I use EVERY DAY to close deals, follow up, and share critical information with clients. I’ve designed these to be plug-and-play, so all you have to do is fill in your details.


Exclusive Monthly Newsletter


The #1 real estate agent’s #1 newsletter, exclusive for YOU. I share my insight and analysis on the latest real estate news/trends; provide case studies of recently-completed multi-million-dollar deals so that YOU can use them and learn from them in real time.


Monthly Live Video Q&A


I host a private Facebook Live every month where you can ask me literally anything: Advice on a deal, feedback on a strategy, or my latest workout routine. I’ll also give you the same training I do each month at my weekly Serhant Team staff meetings.


Serhant Team Agent Training Guide


This is the actual guide I give new agents the first day they join my team. Learn what they learn to CRUSH IT starting Day 1, no matter what market you’re in.


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